GDPR, CCPA compliance & FTC disclosure

WebsiteBuilderLy GDPR, CCPA Compliance & FTC Disclosure

WebsiteBuilderLy is one of the popular review website. We guide people which website builder and email marketing is the best for their requirements and budget.

WebsiteBuilderLy started in 2015 with 3 goals

1- Website Building tutorials with different methods. So people can choose which method fit for their needs & dreams

2 – Best website builder reviews, ratings & comparison by WebsiteBuilderLy team, users & premium customers.

3 – To publish all reviews & guides for free. Because Our goal is to help small business, start ups & individuals to compete with big companies. If we give for free, It will definitely help them. (however, we have a paid tutorial for advanced website creation & online marketing.)

This type of work takes a lot of time & premium tools, that’s why similar websites to this site usually integrate subscription plans to access their content. But we decided to give free to access all contents. Only one tutorial paid content.

How WebsiteBuilderLy Funded?

We have always believed in being honest and transparent with our audience. Running a popular website like WebsiteBuilderLy needs significant investments. If more people visit a website, then we need to make a standard website. This involves upgrading for more bandwidth & server capacity, higher security, Fast loading technologies (like Content delivery network, caching, the web optimizing & more) SEO, Cloud hosting, design, A lot of untold work, employee salaries etc.

So we have to make money otherwise we would have to shut down this website.

Below are the primary sources that fund WebsitebuilderLy.

Our Services : 

Website Builder Doctor – We started a new type of service called Website Builder Doctor.  This is a paid service. In our free tutorials, we gave this service link on the relevant topic. So some free users will turn as our customers. This money will use to create more free review & tutorials.

Consultations: Some businesses will approach us to review their business websites and we help them to optimize their website. This is how our much of the income is generating. This money is also using to run WebsitebuilderLy efficiently.

Our Products :

Amazing Website Creation Guide – We created a premium tutorial. In that tutorial, I leaked all our secrets to building an amazing website with latest standards. We earn money by selling This Amazing Website Creation Guide.

Referral Fees :

We earn referral fees when you buy services or products that we recommend. But there is no chance to promote a service or product to you just for its commission. Because If you lose our trust, then you will never come back again here. So it will decreases our returning visitors ratio and Google de-rank our website. So we want trust in the first place. Besides that, we never want to cheat & promote that has no value. Also, it is impossible to show a comparison chart in favor for low-quality products over the best ones.

All opinions are published with our detailed reviews & experiences from real customers. We only recommend products that we believe will add value to our readers.

We will not get referral fees for all out links. Some of our out-links included affiliate links. We earn commission from affiliate links. Most of the website will not disclose it, but we do.

The referral fees vary for each product. For a WordPress book that you may buy at Amazon, we might earn $1. For a premium WordPress theme, we might earn $10.

However, our affiliate marketing income is very less. We make 90% of our profits by giving support & taking website projects from various industries. Our clients are all over the world. We help people to make & grow their websites & apps.

Question #1 – Will Referral Link Cost Me More Money?

No, absolutely not. In most cases, our deals will actually save you money.

If you click & buy services or products from any of our affiliate links & continue with that services without closing in a month, then only we will get some commissions after 2 or 3 months of your purchase. It will not affect you in any sense. Our commissions do not come from you but the companies will directly give the commissions if and only if you continue with their services. If you quit before a month, then we will not get any commissions.

Sometimes they offer exclusive discounts for popular websites like WebsiteBuilderLy. When you click through our referral link, the discount coupon automatically applies. But if you go directly, you need to pay for the regular price. That is higher than our reader’s price.

So if you buy through our link, it will not cost you more, instead, it will save your money.

Question #2 – Do You See My Personal Details?

Nope. We don’t see any personal information i.e name, email, address, credit card, etc.

The only thing we see is that an anonymous user made a purchase on date/time and which product they bought.


Sometimes we get requests from companies or individuals to put their ad banner on our website. If more people visit our banner added page, then its value increases more. But it depends on our agreements with that particular business. It will not cost anything to you. Even you clicked on the banner, we will not get anything. It purely depends on how many visits or impressions will get a page.

We Will Not Sell Your Information (Like the name, email when you subscribed us) To Third Parties.

This website is secured and we never sell or make public about our user’s information. You can sign up or subscribe with your personal email or with your any important email. All emails will be secured
WebsiteBuilderLy marketing manager only can send you emails of latest news, offers, guides etc.

What If You Are Not Satisfied With Our Tutorials, Recommended Services & Products?

Here you can learn everything easily. But we do not guarantee just reading our guides you will change become a lucky person. Your hard work is needed. All our guides are just a roadmap. We never claimed as automatically you will get millions just reading our guides.

All our guides are prepared by team experts, lead by Nick Ultimus. We never guarantee our tutorials & top reviewed products or services are the easiest & best ones in the world. We attempted to prepare tutorials with easiest ways in the world. If you find another easy method, we are not responsible. However, you can notify us about your idea. If your ideas are really good, you will get rewards according to your topic valuation on our website. Valuations purely depend on a number of visitors to the pages of your topic on our website and how much time users will spend on those pages. We get all these data from Google Analytics.

All our recommendations are the result of our reviews & premium users opinions. If you are not satisfied with our recommended services or products, we are not responsible.

If you have any further question, you can contact through our contact page or email to If you want to know our privacy policy, we have a separate page with a detailed explanation.  To know our policies & CCPA Compliance,  please visit our Privacy Policy Page. Also, know our Terms Of Use.

Thank You.