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Starter Plan


  • Blog SEO
  • Speed Optimized
  • Managed Website
  • 10-hour Free support
  • Graphic Design
  • Basic Content development

Business Plan


  • Business SEO
  • 2X web speed
  • Managed OnSite Business
  • 20-hour Free support
  • 3D Graphic Design
  • Business Content development
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Unmetered bandwidth & Storage
  • 20 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth

Enterprise Plan

$3k – $20k

  • Enterprise SEO
  • 5X Performance
  • Corporate Optimization
  • Unlimited Free Support
  • Interactive web 3D
  • Researched Content development
  • Unmetered bandwidth & Storage
  • Google Cloud Hosting
  • Auto Scale Bandwidth
  • No Crash Guarantee

We Make Great Websites That Make WOW-effect!

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Our Website Builder Support Included Not Just Creating a Great Website,  But The Following Services Also!

  • Marketing automation
  • Speed Optimization
  • SEO
  • Any random support related to web design & development
  • We remove Malware or Virus from your website.
  • Hack & Security Monitoring.
  • Complete Website Checkup
  • User Interface
  • Repair
  • Migration to other hosting or site builders.
  • Dedicated support assistance for you.

Today most people build their websites using different types of website builders. Is The Most Transparent company. Because we already published all the tutorials, best website builders reviews, comparison charts, how we create amazing website ebook, how you can build a website yourself and how we make websites for our customers etc.
You can create it without any skill.
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Why & When You Should Give Your Website Project To Us?

Why Us?
We Host Your Website On Google’s Serverless Auto Scalable Cloud Hosting. So Your Website Will Never Ever Get Down..! & We install 5 different website builders on the same website. So that you can use any website creator you want! Still, your website loads faster. We have special techniques, using those we make many website makers works on the same website as well as the same page!
All the Best website builders or WordPress hosting companies including Bluehost, SiteGround uses their own old fashioned servers And 99% of local companies host on even worst servers. This limits the concurrent number of users at a time. If your website gets 50 or more concurrent users per hour, then your site slowing down for the basic plans..!

Even for the higher plan, the concurrent visitor capacity is very less like 100/hour to 200/hour. They say 30,000 visitors/month. That is 30,000/30 days =1000 visitor/day.

That is 1000 visitors /24 hours = 42 visitors/hour.

SiteGroud or most of the hosting companies or website builders usually use 2 hours block.

That means 42X2=84 concurrent visitors per 2 hours.

Only 84 concurrent users can able to view your website at any given time on 30k visitors/month plan that cost you around $20 per month.

If the limit exceeds, your website will not load until concurrent users count below 84 or you need to upgrade manually. That plan may be 1,00,000/month. Some companies say unlimited, But there is NO unlimited service in the world..! Then how they say unlimited? They mean, the number of visits is unlimited or not counted or not approximated. But they limit the concurrent user capacity and other key elements like Bandwidth or RAM..! This is impossible to get unlimited visits while limiting other key resources. If you see anything unlimited for a cheap price, then don’t believe it. We already have 15 years of experience.

Unlimited hosting not exist in the world. No hosting gives you true unlimited. We also don’t give you unlimited, But We never ever make your website down…!  How? -> Because we host your website on Google’s Serverless Auto-Scalable Cloud Hosting With Blazing Fast LXD Container, CDN & NGINX Server and the total number of internet users is 4 Billion. Google can handle 4 billion users at any given moment. It is not unlimited, but we guarantee you that your website never going to down at any given time at any amount of traffic spikes even if your website is loaded with a lot of functions, UHD photos, videos and heavy applications!!!!

Let’s compare different hosting, then you will understand.
Shared SSD Server Hosting – When concurrent visitor capacity exceeds, your website gets slowed down. Then shut down.
Cloud Auto-Scale Hosting – When concurrent visitor capacity exceeds, then your website gets down for 5 minutes until the hosting is scaled up. It takes 5 minutes to add That means, during the sudden peak visits, your website is usually down…!
Google’s Serverless Auto Scalable Cloud Function Hosting – Never Ever Your Website Get Down..! Take a seat back and enjoy your drinks..!
But you cannot directly host your website on Google’s Serverless Cloud Hosting. It needed a lot of technical knowledge.
Don’t worry. If you give your website project to us, We will do it.

Let’s Compare The Website Hosting Cost

Let’s take a scenario

  • If you or any celebrity shared your website on social media with a huge followers
  • If your website gets a link from any popular websites blogs or news
  • Sudden increases in SEO or Google rank
  • Any local news mentions your website
  • when your website share count increases dramatically

In all the above scenarios, your website may get 1000 – 10,000 concurrent visitors per hour depending on the topic traffic volume on the internet

If your plan is 30,0000 visitors/month, then what happens?  When you get the link from a big website, then you get sudden traffic like 10k visitors/hours. But after a few hours, it may go down to 0!. Visiting distribution is highly variable. Certain hours, your website gets 1000 visitors and sometimes no visitors. Let’s compare costs
In Shared SSD Server Hosting – $3 – $7/month 25-50/ hour
When you got a huge visitors, then nobody can see your website. Because your website will down. Users will blame your website. & you lose the most important lifetime traffic!.
If you want 1000 visitor/hour capacity in traditional hosting, then you need to buy the hosting capacity of appx. 1m visitors/month plan. (1000 visitors X 24 hours X 30 days =7,20,000 visitors/month)  then you need to pay around $1000/month
But If you hosted with us, you just pay $50/month & never ever get down even 1000, 5000, 10,000 or 1 Million visitors per hour..!
If your website exceeds the limit (30,000/month), You can pay it after, ($1 per 1000 visits)  But your website never ever goes down or crash. If down, money back.
For example, if you purchased $50/month plan
January 1 – 0
day 2 – 0 visitors
day 3 -4 visitors
4- 15 visitors
5 – 2 visitors
6 -0 visitors
7 – 26,468 visitors in between 9pm -10pm. Because your website name is published on a news channel or got the link from a big website.
8 – 812 visitors
9 – 18 visitors
10 -0
Rest of the day 0 visitors
11- 31 – 0 visitors
Total visitors 27,319

But you pay only $50/month

In any Best Website Builder or any WordPress hosting, Your website goes down on the 7th day & you lose around 26,400 visitors & receive only 25 – 50 visitors on the 7th day..!!!!!!!!
All Shared Hosting – Same thing
All cloud auto-scale hosting – Once the maximum visitor threshold is reached, it will down for 5-minute and increases the capacity from 50 to 100 visitors/hour. Then again down for 5 minutes. Then increases its capacity from 100 to 150 visitors/hour. Then again down for 5 minutes. Then it increases its capacity from 150 to 200 visitors/hour. This is exactly what happens during the peak traffic on Cloud Auto Scale Hosting.

But if you give your website project to us, then your website will never ever go down just for $50!
We host on Google’s Serverless Cloud Function Hosting.
It is not just cloud hosting, it is a Cloud function, which means, It has the capacity to charge you at the level of scripts or code snippet execution..!
It is not even just Cloud Function hosting, But it is serverless cloud function hosting..!
(Serverless doesn’t mean, no servers. It will store your website on the millions of connected servers and it will not confines you within the server instead your website scripts are distributed and saturated all over the millions of servers randomly. So you own a million servers (With others But it is not a shared type) for just $50/month..!! )

Let’s take scenario 2
If your website gets 31,000 visitors in a month, then you need to pay just $1. That is $51/month. You pay after the month…!
We charge $1 for an extra 1000 visitors. Just $1/1000 extra visitors after the 30,000 visitors plan over. If your website gets every month 60,000 visitors, then you can upgrade to $90 plan or you can rely on the same plan..!

  • Systematic web development using the latest technologies
  • The cost will reduce up to 10 times…!
  • Security – We Secure your website 24X7X365.
  • We are responsible if your website gets hacked.
  • Protect from spammers and stop possible negative impacts on your website.
  • Website Page Speed – Even if your website is included so many heavy applications and a lot of functions, your website loads faster. We use 23 different techniques to boost your web page speed. Whenever users click, your website will appear faster.
  • Never ever go Down your website Even if your Website Gets Unexpected Million Visitors Suddenly – Your website appeared on any newspapers or national tv channels. Most websites will crash if the number of visitor limitations exceeds your purchased plan.
  • Even the best website builders or hosting like Wix or SiteGround will make your website down.
    But, if you give a project to us. Your website runs forever with extremely cheap prices compared to the current pricing.
  • Report – We report all the things we do on your websites. Reports will automatically generate and send to your email.
  • Ultimate Marketing – We extracted huge data and We know when and how people buy or interact on the website.
  • Complete Marketing automation

After Your Website Become Popular, What If We Don’t Give You Control Of Your Website?

  • Impossible To Cheat You. Because We Give You SFTP User-Name, Password, Port & All Information. So Even if We Cheat You, You Can Contact Other Web Programmers & They Will Migrate Your Website To Other Web Hosting Using SFTP Info & Points To Your Domain Name.
  • Besides That, When You Are Purchasing Our Plan, The Agreement Allows You To Sue Us Immediately, If We Ever Take Control Against Your Will.
  • You Can Also Sue Us If We Make Any Changes Without Your Permission. Or You Can Migrate Your Website By Taking Help From Other Web Programmers Without Knowing Us!

When You Should Give Your Website Project To Us

  • Even after reading those tutorials if you can’t make a great website
  • You don’t have time to create an amazingly WOW website
  • You are not satisfied with your work
  • If you are a busy professional or a lazy dog or you don’t have time

Then contact us.

We will do it for you very systematically using the latest technologies with our 15 years of experience.

Note: Most busy people never try website builders to build their websites. Many people tried and they are not happy with their website. For example, they may feel, they made mistakes in color combination or something invisible mistakes or making future problems etc.

We are getting requests from all our the world. So we decided to give the above services to those who contact us & discuss their project. We will give them the right information quickly. They save a lot of time.
If you are not satisfied with your website, contact us, we will build, run and manage if for you at an affordable price. Because we use the latest techniques. So the cost will reduce more than tenfold..! at the same time the quality like website speed, UI effects, and marketing automation are highly effective than in the present tense!

How To Make Awesome Heavy Websites Without Slowing The Page Load Speed?

There are 100’s of factor that influences the website speed. Here are a few things we do

  • We host on Google’s Serverless Auto-Scalable Cloud function Hosting
  • We use HTTP/2.0
  • We inbuilt both browser & server caching at the object level!
  • We use CloudFlare Premium agency plan (So you will get 20x cheaper with us than buying it individually) with 100+ server points all over the world.
  • Gzipping
  • Code minification
  • Preloading technology
  • We optimize CSS & JS delivery for website faster-perceived load time.
  • Async & deferred JS loading
  • We deregister unnecessary loading scripts on pages.
  • Automatic Database Optimization
  • Complete page Optimization (E.g. Web Optimized Stock Images and Google’s WebP format.)
  • Above the fold optimization

Hosting Quality affects 70% of website speed and uptime. If you are on common cheap hosting companies like SiteGround or Bluehost or Squarespace, then your website may load slower than normal during the web traffic time. Remember, People feel good if your website is rendered fast when they clicked, But people never care how much time it takes to load that page completely. Google also gives more importance to the First Byte Time. If your hosting quality is good, then automatically your website will load faster even if you installed or uploaded a lot of plugins, Web apps, long content, marketing automation, UHD photos etc.
SiteGround hosting is good. However, if you need no downtime even in extremely variable traffic like now 10 visitors/hour, next hour it increases to 1000/hour. Because who knows when your website gets links from a popular website. (next day again 10 visitors/hour), Then upgrading the hosting plan will cost you more but is useful only when your website gets high traffic always. We host all client’s websites (including our site on Google’s Serverless Auto-Scalable Cloud Function Hosting. So our client’s website is hosted on the same system their entire Google runs..! If you hosted with us, you will get the same benefits that is getting..! Your website loads faster using cloud technology distributed all over the world..!

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