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BombPlates Review 2024

Is BombPlates right for you? Let’s see. It is a website builder that focused musician & Bands.  But many musicians are not happy with its user interface. This is a very new company with only 5 employees. Aaron Harlow who is Co-owner at Blackwood Media Group, founded Bombplates on 2009. But it failed to grow. Let’s see all its details.

BombPlates Templates

We reviewed Templates. At the first seen, it looks good.

BombPlates Templates all looks the same
BombPlates Templates

But once we analyzed, we found BombPlates Templates all looks the same with little design variations.

Then We tested BombPlate templates speed.Templates load slower than the average website. It got a poor score on website speed test.  In Mobile, BombPlates website stuck often. See BombPlates template loading speed test result

BombPlates templates Speed test result showed it load slow
BombPlates templates Speed test

If you look at the above test scores, you can see mobile speed is poor.

BombPlates Website Ease Of Use

It is not easier to other website builders.
BombPlates is not a frontend website builder. Because you will not get drag & drop easy site editor, You can choose any template But you can’t modify it, only you can upload music or replace the text.  Even those settings and user interface also confusing & it is on the very old method with limited basic options. Many musicians find it difficult to use.

bombplates messy setting confuses
bombplates website messy settings

All setting looks like a big software developers tool..!! If you are a musician, you should concentrate to make music, not to make websites. If you want to make here, you need to learn. Even you learned, it is not possible to fulfill your need and dreams, Because templates are very strict, you can’t change it. Only you can use these settings to replace music & texts. You can’t change your templates also.

BombPlates access denied for templates. I don't understand why?
BombPlates access denied for templates

once I selected a template, I can’t able to see any other templates..!! I don’t understand its policy.

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