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Cubic and straight? Yes, but with amazing details. Samoa modern sofa from innovative manufacturer ROM, Belgium.

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Samoa modern sofa

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This retro style sofa has square edges with stainless steel feet and trim, and embodies Wegners ideology.

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Hans Wegner CH103 Sofa

Cassius Q Deluxe Sofa Bed Buy From NOVA Interiors, Contemporary furniture store located in Boston area.

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Best Website Design 3D Interactive Live Example – Get Free Designs

3D interactive is the best way to showcase your products or places. So to increase in conversation. The user no need to wear 3D glasses. When he opens this page, he feels the 3D experience. Definitely, this will increases the time spent per user. When you allow the user to interact with your web content, this makes the user feel better.

These types of wonderful web designs increase your profit more than you think. My profit increased 922% after redesigning this website entirely.

So I highly recommend you to give more importance to UI (User Interface) on your website.

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