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Squarespace Templates Review 2024- 5 Pros & 6 Cons

If you are looking for Squarespace templates reviews, Example websites Or best designs, themes, and its functionalities, then you are in the right place. This post will make you smarter.

First, Ask Yourself the Following Questions.

  1. Is it Squarespace templates really Suitable For You?
  2. What are the main features?
  3. How New designs are reliable for you?
  4. Is it easier than other website builders?
  5. Is it have high-level professional themes?
  6. Is it developed with good codes? How To Test this?
  7. How to know the best websites created with Squarespace?
  8. How to know Squarespace Customer’s website & It’s Template?
  9. Is Template Reviews Good Enough?
  10. What about its quality according to technical reviewers & testers?
  11. Squarespace Templates Pros & Cons

All Answers are here.  I wrote for Human & if you are a robot, this is not for you

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Squarespace Template Main Section (Out-Line of this post)

In this post, I covered the following topic.

1. Squarespace Template Important Features & Its Review

2. The Best Live Squarespace Example Websites & its Templates

3. Squarespace Mobile Site Review- How To Design Your Template Efficiently In Mobile View

4. Squarespace Thems Customization – Is It Included All Essential Setting? 

5. Squarespace Design Flexibility

6. Squarespace Templates Designers

7. Squarespace Template Technical Reviews

8. Squarespace Templates Support & Tutorials Review

1. Squarespace Template – 10 Important Features & Its Reviews

In our Squarespace template review Final Result, It got 4.4/5. We reviewed systematically observing all the features & Comparing with Other Website builders like Wix and CMS like Wordpress.

Squarespace templates are mainly divided into 3 sections

  1. Cover pages
  2. Websites
  3. E-commerce

Cover page means a single page. It commonly used in Coming Soon  or Landing pages.  If you wanted to launch some event or if you wanted a stunning single page website Select Cover Page Templates

If you wanted to build an online store, or you want to build your website only for E-Commerce purposes, then select Online Store

If you, 

  •  have no Idea
  • Want to build a general website
  • want many pages
  • want Cover page + E-Commerce Feature + Many Pages

Then Select Websites template

Note: –  You can change or Switch from your template to any template without losing your uploaded contents.

You can Add All Features or Functions To Any Website Template You liked Except cover page templates. (But you can change cover page template)

  1. Page
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Cover Page
  4. Folder
  5. Album
  6. Index
  7. Blog
  8. Gallery
  9. Events
  10. Links

Main Important features of all templates are really helpful you to build any type of websites. See this template.

Squarespace Template Main Features
Squarespace Template Main Features


If you want to sell something, You NO need to select Online store templates. Because Every Template allows you to sell anything…!! But If your purpose is to sell only, then select an online store template.

If you clicked on the products Icon, You will see this.

All Squarespace Templates allow to Add any Products
All Squarespace Templates allow to Add any Products to sell

You can sell or make a business using any templates. You can sell physical or digital products. Also, you can design your website to collect payments from your services.

Its E-Commerce SEO(Search Engine Optimization) really good.

Image Thumbnail, Navigation Title, Page title, Description, Tags, Categories and more options make your product visible to all search engine and it will boost your SER(Search Engine Rank).

We Review carefully All E-Commerce functions. Finally, we got this result.

Feature Rating (Out of 5 stars)
E-Commerce 4.8


For every type of website, Blogging is essential.

We reviewed briefly about Squarespace blogging.

All Blogging Essential Features are there. So, If you wanted to write blogs, you can do with Squarespace.

Squarespace Blogs
Squarespace Blogs

The above screenshot shows you a view of blogging options.

For typical blogging, Squarespace is good. But you can’t make blogging like Wix blogs or Wordpress.

If you want to create a website only for blogging, then I recommend Wix or Siteground Wordpress Platform

We reviewed and tested the following features.

  1. Category & Tags
  2. Multiple Author
  3. Social Share
  4. Text Editor Advancement
  5. Post Settings
  6. Audio Supporting Ability
  7. SEO (A Brief Review, including all features that affects SEO)

In all category, Squarespace blog features are good.

Even you wanted to become  a blogger with an amazing website, then don’t choose WordPress like crowded platform. this is very good. Here you can get stunning designs.

try Squarespace Blog

Feature Ratings (Out of 5)
Blogging 3.8

Cover pages

Using Squarespace cover pages, you can build a quick website. If you wanted to launch somethingOr you want to create a website for your upcoming events like baby naming ceremony, you can use this.

You can also use this for landing pages in your website. For example, If you want a separate page for your homepage or you are focusing only one thing on a page to increase conversion rates, Then Cover page is the best solution for you.

Squarespace cover pages
Squarespace cover pages

Cover page advantage is Single page website with very Quick editing & it will help you to targets high focussed single items per page, So conversion rate will increase.

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Cover Pages 5

Other Features & Functions

You can add infinite pages. You can create folders in your website.

Album & Galleries are very useful. Events function included more features than it’s competitors.

If any new features are introduced, you can know in Squarespace Product Category

Totally Squarespace template major features & functions are really good.

Features Ratings (Out Of 5)
10 Main features o 4.4

2. Best Live Squarespace Website Examples & Template Used its Owner  

If you know the best Squarespace example live websites, then you can get which-which template they used. If your interests are the same, you can get a lot of ideas to design a stunning website.

Here is the best 9 Squarespace live website example & The Template used website owner.

  1.     View It’s Template
Squarespace website example
Squarespace website example

2.  View Its Template

Squarespace website example
Squarespace website example 2  View Its Template

Squarespace website example from bryler template
Squarespace website example from bryler template

4.          View Its Template

Squarespace website example from ADIRONDACK
Squarespace website example from a template

5.  View Its Template

Squarespace website example from alex template
Squarespace website example from alex template

6. view its template

Squarespace website example from alex template1
Squarespace website example from Alex template1

7.  View It’s Template

Squarespace website example from adversary template
Squarespace website example from adversary template

8.        View It’s Template

Squarespace website example from supply template
Squarespace website example from supply template

9.  View Its Template

Squarespace website example from aviator template
Squarespace website example from aviator template

You can view Squarespace Customer’s websites.

Click Here To See Squarespace Customer’s Live Website Examples

You can also view customer’s website in Squarespace template page. In every template page, Squarespace gives some example websites which is created using that page’s respective template.

3. Squarespace Mobile Site Review – Can You Able Design Your Template Efficiently In Mobile View

How your website looks in mobile is more important than desktop view. Because mobile internet users are doubling very fast and already overtook desktop users.

Let’s see, what are the options available for mobile website design in Squarespace templates.

Responsive Website Templates

All templates are responsive. So you no need to create mobile website again. Responsive means, a website will able to show all its information very clean in all devices. It can fit automatically according to device screen resolution. So users can view a website easily.  Users can understand the whole website without horizontal scrolling in small devices also.

I picked a random website from Squarespace customer websites. See this web page screen shot in mobile view.

Squarespace customer's website desktop view to compare mobile view or responsive
Squarespace customer’s website desktop view to compare with its mobile view or responsive

All Squrespace templates are responsive. But how to know, it is really responsive according to Google standards?

So I tested this website in Google mobile-friendly test

See this result screen shot.

Squarespace Customer Website Mobile Friendly test
Squarespace Customer ‘s Website Mobile Friendly test

Google said  Awesome..!!  This page is mobile friendly. So you no need to worry. Google means it is google. Once google said okay, you no need further inquiry.

I tested many Squarespace customer’s websites & its all pages. All websites passed with google’s high standards.

Mobile Information bar

Mobile information bar is very useful.  See this photo.

Squarespace Mobile information bar is responsive & quick
Squarespace Mobile information bar is responsive & quick

If a user clicks on the call button, it will call directly to your company number that you have given in your Squarespace template setting business information. Also, other information like email, map, your office hours will display quickly. This is really the best option for small devices. It is very easy to design. If you want to know this,

Read How to add a mobile information bar in Squarespace

Mobile Styles

Many Squarespace template has separate style editor options for mobile website view.

Squarespace template has separate mobile style option
Squarespace template has separate mobile style option

You can add a different background for a mobile website. That means if you will see different backgrounds when you open your website in desktop & mobile.

You can add different background for mobile users
You can add different background for mobile users

Totally Squarespace templates have many options for the mobile website. In all-out the test, Squarespace performance is excellence.  So we can conclude Squarespace maintained perfection in its website template responsiveness.

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Template responsiveness 5

4. Squarespace Thems Customization & Other Options – Is It Included All Essential Setting? 

First Our Review team checked whether Squarespace theme customization & Setting have all essential things.

  1. You can write your Basic information. So that search engine will recognize your site easy.It included business name, address, tax registration ID (If you have), Contact phone number, email, Office location & your office hours. You will get many advantages. If a person searches in google, he will get all your information very quickly in a systematic manner. So conversion rate will increase. If you want to add a mobile bar, you can add your phone number, email, location, office hours. If a person on your website from a mobile, he gets all information quickly. If a user just taps on your contact number icon in mobile bar, it automatically calls you..!!
  2. Regional will help you set your time zone. It will help for international communications.
  3. Permission is an important option.  If two or more people needed to contribute to a single website, you can give separate permission or passwords to each of them. The real owner can get all the information of everyone’s activities.You can invite many authors also you can transfer your website ownership.
  4. In billing & account, all your invoices & other important documents are available. Here you can switch your product.
  5. You can get a domain name from Squarespace or you can buy domains from different companies or  you can use your old domain names.
  6. You can use google apps. Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and all your need in every step can help google apps.
  7. Separate SEO option shows, how Squarespace is giving important to all aspects of online solutions. In SEO description writes about your website with rich targeted keyword.    For example, I created a website & its name is Its tagline, How To Turn Your Money Journey From Duck To Luck.  (I mean – Duck Means no skill or no money & Luck means Success or a lot of money)  My Website Description is “Are you a duck man? Visit Get New business ideas, Start Up tips, Make money online, Make a website and more guides, Experienced opinion, Experts Interviews & Live how to videos ” My target keywords are starting a business, Make money online & make a website. That means those who search for those words are my targets. So I included all my target keywords.
  8. For Marketing & promoting, separate sections are built in with Squarespace Settings.
  9. You can set password
  10. Stripe is inbuilt with Squarespace for e-Commerce purposes. You add PayPal by copy-paste codes anywhere.
  11. Notification options are good.
  12. But shipping details are very poor. In our review, shopify has more advanced than Squarespace in Overall e-Commerce features.
  13. Metrics is one of the important options. Using this function you can know all about your website such as, how many people visited, which is the most popular content in my website etc. You can also view your all log activities, Subscribers, Search Queries, mobile usage and much more.

Squarespace Connected Accounts

You can connect many accounts for different purposes from directly Squarespace settings. See below ScreenShots

For General & Images –

Squarespace connected accounts for social & Images
Squarespace connected accounts for social & Images

For Videos & Musics –

Squarespace connected account setting for videos & musics
Squarespace connected account setting for videos & musics

For Location & Codes –

Squarespace connected accounts for location & codes.
Squarespace connected accounts for location & codes.

5. Squarespace Design Flexibility

  1. You can change your design in a single click.
  2. You can also switch from cover pages to website or online stores & website to online stores
  3. You can add cover pages & e-commerce features your website
  4. You can add Custome CSS (if you know CSS program)
  5. logo image, browser icons, social share with logo,  website title all options are available.
  6. Separate Automatic Squarespace Logo Creator, you can create amazing logos in the minute.
  7. Style editor options & flexibility really gives you the power to change anything in a minute.
  8. You can change any colors anytime in a single click.
  9. Squarespace template Desing Color options

Squarespace template Desing Color options

Squarespace info page styles very usefully to make amazing pages in a systematic way.

Squarespace template design info stylesSquarespace template design info styles.

Images drag & drop option is really useful for beginners. But Squarespace is not have a vast number of design customization & options like wix. You can’t drag & drop all its text & other content. Only images have this feature.

If you don’t satisfied its design flexibility, you can get Squarespace designers. But you need to pay them.

For Flexibility test Wix got more favour ratings than Squarespace.

In our Squarespace Design flexibility, We found sometimes bugs is connected account & E-commerce flexibility.

In overall, Squarespace got a good rating from my team.

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Design Flexibility 4.1

6. Squarespace Template Technical Reviews

How to know a Squarespace templates are developed with high efficient codes like other website builders?

Let’s test it.

I selected a template randomly & its name is Bedford 

First,  I tested Bed-Ford Demo.

Then I tested its speed from NewYork.

Squarespace template example demo review & speed test
Squarespace template example’s demo review & speed test

Then I went to Bed Ford Template page

There I got many Squarespace customers who created their websites  using Bedford template.

I picked a website from randomly. It was

7. Squarespace Templates Support & Tutorials

If you go Squarespace Support Page, You will get all solutions for your problems.

Only 21 Squarespace templates are available for free. If you don’t like any designs, then have a chance to get help from Squarespace designers & Specialists. Click here to know Squarespace Specialists. There are 100s of Squarespace Specialists, developers & Designers are working & waiting to solve Squarespace Customer’s Problems. You can hire them. But you need to pay them according to your needs. Some Specialists charge by hours. There are all ranges from $45 to $15,000 per project.

You can watch Squarespace free video tutorials.

You can ask question in Squarespace Answer section.

Squarespace hosts often its Workshops in different location.

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