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10 Best Video Marketing Strategies In E-Commerce Websites

eCommerce video marketing strategies

When it comes to buying goods and services online, your customers would love to see what they are paying for. You even might have invested in some high-quality photos with written irresistible descriptions and even gathered some reviews about your product and services from your customers. But nothing tells a story like a perfect engaging video. Yes, many businesses use video marketing as part of their marketing strategies as the video marketing statistics have hit the roof in the world’s business sector.

Many potential customers are more likely to fall in love with your goods and services if they can see how they work and try to understand why other customers would rave about your products and services. Once they understand the brand, they will love to use the product. As you can see how brands promote their videos on social media like Instagram and Facebook. The brand always goes with the trend and understands the customer’s needs. In that way they create videos and promote them. All you need is quality content to show your brand.

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Here are the top 10 super ways through which you can use video marketing strategies in your E-Commerce Websites.


Things You Should Know About Video Marketing

things to know in ecommerce video marketing

So, when you want to build successful video marketing strategies for your companies, you need to understand your customer’s watching habits, platforms, and tools other people use to engage with branded video content. You even have to understand the different types of content formats and how they are most responsive to design.

If you are new to video marketing, the following points will help you understand the field and how to use the latest trend for successfully connecting with your viewers and customers.

  1. More than 80 % of businesses use eCommerce video marketing to communicate with targeted customers and people.
  2. Videos are responsible enough for almost 90 % of overall custom eCommerce website traffic.
  3. Vertical videos have more gaining traction power, and almost 82 % find it as off-putting that watches clip in many different screen orientations.
  4. One billion video hours are played on social media daily.
  5. Tutorial searches are the most dominant trend on social media and especially on YouTube. In today’s world, they account for 70 % of all the queries.
  6. Everyday 102 minutes are spent watching online videos by the average person.
  7. More than 90% companies have claimed that they have increased their customer base and sales through video marketing.

Once you know about the reach that you can get through just video marketing, you can develop valuable and successful strategies for your company.


1. Product Close-Ups

Young fashion girl blogger dressed in red trousers and black jacket takes a selfie on the smartphone standing possing sitting on the stool in the room with yellow walls and furniture .

The customer research for the product before they proceed to purchase something. The simplest way to boost sales is via using video for product demonstrations and showcases your products more clearly in the video. Create a close-up look video so that people can see every part of your product without having in front of them.

Videos that show goods and services from many different angles and close-ups will give your customers a good understanding of what they are buying, which will increase your sales conversations and charts.

2. Have Proper Authenticity and Relevance Go Hand in Hand 

Many marketers realized that buying the viewer’s trust with elaborate transitions and expensive sets is not the perfect strategy. Despite anything else, all your customers will only need to connect and relate to your video the first time they watch it. If you want your customers to click on your video, you should have less scripted content, lower footage quality, and be afraid to show the imperfections.

Some media companies and industries started scripts; they also reference memes and also pop culture. Like that level, the environment is good news for almost all small business owners with a limited budget margin.

3. Always Show How to Use Your Product and Services. 

As we said the consumers look for details before purchasing, that means they try to pull every information about your product. They also look for photos to get more ideas of using the products. Some products and services are innovative, and when you show people how to use them, you give the viewers a chance to understand the value of your product. That will help your views connect to your company and form a little trust towards your services. Many businesses and companies show you a video of how to use their products and services and smoothly highlight all the unique features of your products.

Highlighting main features will help them to understand your product quickly. This is all the process of making the consumer buy your products easily. 80% of the people get more confidence in purchasing the product through videos. This also encourages buying products online.

4. Try to Tell A Story That Enlightens Some Emotion in Your Viewer’s Mind. 


Usually, storytelling and filmmaking can be done to evoke some emotions in people. So, people can share emotional events and content with others. The product video without any context is useless. If you spend tons of money and your video is just showing a product in 360-degree angle, then it will not make any sense. You should create a brand video which people like. It is also essential that you choose a creative and mighty brand name for your company image.

If you can make your viewers feel emotion via your goods and services, you can like and react positively to your work. That means you would get higher sales and more customers with time if you keep going with good video marketing and storytelling strategies. Customers like to see a story-based context in your brand. As you can see the brands who create story-based context are remembered forever. Story makes them feel like real. So, expressing the real emotions of people builds trust-worthy brands.

5. Make Entertaining, Fun Videos That May Go Viral

People love getting entertained; therefore, you can get people to share your content and even make them go viral with your videos when you use entertainment as your eCommerce video strategy. This type of video attracts customers and easily boosts the conversion rate. Trying creating the videos on an online video editor like InVideo.

It is one of the most well-known examples for using it to grow your brand awareness and popularity. Many brands have increased attention by entertaining customers. This type of video builds trust and credibility and also encourages people to share on social media.

6.Try to Show Some Accurate and Actual Content. 

amazon product video example

No doubt that people hate fake things. If you have some loyal customers, then there is another excellent way to use video marketing to sell your products and show people using your products and getting the best results out of it.

When you do, new viewers can relate to them and gain positive emotions towards your brand and its services and product, leading to a high jump in the graph. And of course, this will lead your brand to a higher level as well. More you are loyal with customers, the more loyal customers you will get

7. Make Some Interactive Video Ads. 

As video marketing has become very competitive, making video interactive can help you stand out in the competition. Most interactive video ads have helped almost 47 % increase engagements when comparing the results with non-interactive ads. The ads may consume some money, but return on investment is well and good.

Through interactive video ads are very new in the market; therefore, you wouldn’t have seen many around on your devices. But as your business grows and you become aware of the effectiveness, you will most likely continue to grow in popularity.

Nowadays ads are getting more interacted and remembered. Even if viewers don’t click on your ads, their interactions can make them more memorable. If we talk about e-commerce websites, then there is a higher number of conversion rates in video ads. Viewers can turn into customers or you can increase the installations.

8. Get Some Influencer Endorsement. 

You can get partners with influencers through your video to target your niche audiences, as many influencers have already built their credibility and a trust relationship with their followers. Therefore, influencer collaborations will be a fast and effective way to reach many potential loyal customers.

9. Record a Positive Message from You 

If you are the owner or a CEO, or a high-level executive, create a video that will be the best way to personalize a company and develop a profound connection with your target audience.

Videos that feature a high level of people in your company can help you build trust and rapport with the viewers as they know about the people behind the business.

Ending Note 

When you create an eCommerce video for your company, then it will always pay you off in the long run. But people see eCommerce videos as a significant investment, but it is projected that these videos will make up almost 80 % of all the internet traffic.     

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