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10 Best Q&A Software For Community Discussion Website


Creating a website is an Awsome idea. But how you’ll create your question-and-answer website? are you struggling to find out where to start and how to start? check out the most used, popular, and easy methods to design your site with minimal time and cost. here we’ll provide you the information about the top 10+ technologies or tools which are used to create question-and-answer websites.

What is a question-and-answer website? how does it look?

I hope you have heard about quora. Quora is a platform to ask questions and connect with people who express their interest and answers the question. Likewise, if you want to create something similar which is cost-effective as well as easy to config, check out the below list

A quick list of Tools that can be used to create a question-and-answer website

Using WordPress platform (Technical and non-technical)

  1. Discy Theme for WordPress
  2. Askme Theme for WordPress
  3. ForumEngine Theme for WordPress
  4. AnsPress – Question and answer (Plugin)
  5. DW Question & Answer (Plugin)
  6. WP-Answers (Plugin)

WordPress is the most used website designing CMS platform which powers about 40% of websites on the internet. It is a free open source where everyone can avail themselves its benefits without paying the extra cost.

1. Discy

Discy is a WordPress theme that allows space to interact by asking questions and providing the answers. Discy is the fully rated WordPress theme by ThemeForest which is compatible with all the browsers. Using this theme you can create a stunning user-friendly website that is specially designed for Online community, niche question and answer as well as social community websites. Its detailed and unique question layout keeps the user’s attention. Discy theme also provides modern user profile pages and polling pages, where users can gather attention which delivers better results. Discy also Features providing badges and points to attract visitors.

Discy Theme

Cost: For a regular license it costs around $59.


2. AskMe

Like Discy Ask Me is another simple and powerful theme used in WordPress for social questions and answers. It’s a top-rated theme that is compatible with almost all versions of WordPress(>4.5) and woo-commerce (>3.5X). AskMe is RTL fully supported theme with the following features.

  • Question listing layouts
  • Question forms
  • Easy polls
  • Getting the best answers
  • Managing all the things in frontend
  • High-speed performance
  • and no coding skill needed.

This theme has powerful theme options and extensive documentation which make website builders create their websites with ease.

Askme theme

Cost: For a regular license it costs around $59.



ForumEngine WordPress Theme makes it easy to build your own community discussion forums on your WordPress-hosted website. This theme is optimized for social interaction. Like other themes, ForumEngine also provides users to Replay, like/dislike the questions. The main advantage of this theme is you are allowed to display the advertisement in different positions, which considered a better way to get your revenue. It is a highly customizable theme that helps website builders to create an attractive, elegant website in the frontend without worrying about the dashboard, etc… ForumEngine also provides Basic child themes, Full PSD Package, and Documentation.

ForumEngine Theme

Cost:  $49



If you want to keep your site simple and don’t want to use any paid theme to achieve your question and answer site the other option on your hand will be a WordPress plugin. Anspress is highly rated and has 4000+ active installed plugins for Q&A. This works with Page Shortcodes which makes your WordPress website act as an interactive site. It holds the following features

  • Submit / Filter / Order / Edit / Delete Question/Answer / Comment
  • Vote and Select Best Answer
  • Notification Emails and Web Push Notifications
  • 10+ languages supported and much more

Anspress Plugin


5.DW Question & Answer

DW Question & Answer is one of the WordPress plugins which helps you to design your question and answer site with ease. using this you can build a fully-featured question-and-answer website like Quora, StackOverflow, etc… like Anspress even DW Question & Answer will provide Multi-languages, shortcodes, push notifications, Email notifications, and much more. you can have a look at detailed documentation here also has a pro version that provides extra features and functionalities.

DW Question & Answer



WP-Answers is a paid plugin that provides extra features to add in-to your website. It’s a complete system which includes theme as well as plugins which makes website builders to create his question and answer website and helps in improving the revenue. It has a special feature of Import Q&A from StackOverflow to get a jump start.

Like other Q&A themes this also provides responsive, social login, compatible, easy to maintain designing structure along with pay pal integration. It also works with existing themes and rewards top participating users.

Wp-Answer paid plugin and theme

Cost: $34

7.Pearls! Questions and answers platform

Do you want to create a website like Quora, with less cost? then Pearl is the best option for you. This is created using PHP, jquery, and AJAX. It’s purely code-oriented and you can install the script on your current site without worrying about the reaction on other files. Below are the list of features. It provides support for 6 months with extended support of 12 months

  • Infinite scrolling no pagination
  • User profile cropping
  • RTL support with English and Arabic
  • Adds friendly, lightweight, and social-friendly, etc…

Pearl code

cost: $25

8.AskMe – The Ultimate PHP Questions & Answers Social Network Platform

Askme is the script-based clone website for Social interaction such as the Question and answer website.As a code-based design, it has few requirements such as PHP 5.5 or Higher, MySQL 5.6 or higher, GD Library.

  • The user is allowed to create his profile with unlimited images
  • SEO Friendly
  • Attractive UI
  • Promote system and powerful admin panel

Askme theme

cost: $39


It is a dynamic website that simulates the basic functioning of the famous website Quora.  This is licensed under the MIT license. for more information please visit Question-Answer-Platform

Git Q&A Code



Question2Answer (Q2A) is a popular free open source Q&A platform for PHP/MySQL, used by over 22,000 sites in 40 languages. Like other websites this also provides social interaction, asking questions and providing answers, complete user management, easy styling, etc.. it also includes

  • Safe from XSS, CSRF, and SQL injection attacks.
  • Beat spam with captchas, rate-limiting, moderation, and/or flagging.
  • Block users, IP addresses, and censor words
  • For more information visit the site Question2Answer

Question2Answer code



A free basic question and answer website is created using HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, a bit of PHP, a bit of SQL, and the use of XAMPP. it’s just a basic project for testing purposes. For this, you have to install the latest version of xampp in order to avoid the error faced during data entry Create a database by going to the localhost/phpmyadmin. Name the database as ‘loginsystem’. The SQL code for the tables is in the files. Just copy paste and your tables will be created. for more information visit here.



A Question and answer system licensed with MIT License where the validity of the questions and their answers is determined and moderated by the community by a voting system. This open-source system is on the lines of Stackoverflow and digg.




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