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Aweber Review 2024 – 10 Pros & 8 Cons You Should Know

AWeber Review

When you own a business or service you will always try to expand and reach as many people as possible. Exactly this is marketing. Marketing or advertising your product or service will reach an enormous amount of clients and it will become popular. The best way to market online is Email marketing, as everyone thinks it’s hard and hassles so they left it on the back burner. AWeber will change your mindset for sure.

The best and leading Email marketing automation tool since 1998.  AWeber is a solution for creating, designing, integrating, automating, and sending HTML e-newsletters used by over 120,000 small businesses around the world. This runs and develops an opt-in email marketing services helps small business, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to connect to their customers and express prospects online using email marketing and autoresponder tools.

AWeber is a great solution for the email marketing program. This app allows you to customize or design your newsletter which you will send to your subscribers. It also has broadcast messages (important messages like upcoming events) that are sent to subscribers. You can automate your email marketing using ‘autoresponders’. AWeber allows you to create a mailing list where you can capture data and send mail at once. If you are a busy business owner! you have an excellent feature, AWeber automates your actions to send follow-up messages to your subscribers on the automated days, you’re allowed to set whatever day or time of your choice to send the message.

Signup form of Aweber


Aweber comes with 2 Version that is ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’

Pro plans has the following structure

0-500 501-2,500 2,501 – 5,000 5,001 – 10,000 10,001 – 25,000
Monthly Plan $19 $29 $49 $69 $149
Quarterly Plan $49 $79 $139 $199 $439
Yearly Plan $193.80 $313.80 $553.80 $793.80 $793.80

If your subscriber count exceeds 25,000 on your mailing list you can visit here or call at 1-877-293-2371 AWeber for a quotation.

The free version provides most of the features long as your subscriber list is less than 500, you can send 3000 emails per month with 1 list profile. This free feature doesn’t allow you to do split testing, sales, and email tracking, removing of AWeber brand, etc.

you will avail 14% discount if you pay quarterly and a 14.9% discount if you pay yearly,  all features are available on all paid plans.

Aweber pricing structure screenshot

The main thing that needs to be kept in mind with regards to Aweber pricing is Billabale subscribers. you have to pay for subscribers and unsubscribers from your list too if you’re keeping their details. you need to delete the unsubscriber account periodically to avoid the unsubscriber payment. Watch this video for reference



  • Hosting list and managing subscribers
  • Split testing
  • Blog-to-email or RSS
  • Templates
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Notifications
  • Reporting
  • Autoresponders
  • Integration

Hosting list and managing subscribers

Hosting a subscriber list or importing an email database is a straightforward task in AWeber. You can add one subscriber at a time or multiple at an instance depending on the data you hold. You are allowed to import the file of types XLS, XLSX, TSV, CSV, and TXT.

Aweber import subscriber screenshot

If you want to add subscribers manually then you can copy-paste into the tool. If you import subscriber data you will be provided to tag them into some particular set of autoresponders. Importing the data is one of the main features of Aweber, but for anti-spam reasons, you have to spend little time answering the questions provided by Aweber.

Once you have added the list the next thing is managing your Subscribers, AWeber will manage subscribers through lists, Lists are the most important functionality of email marketing tools. You are allowed to manage subscribers by tags based on preferences and behavior, which means if you are hosting a campaign, you can send that campaign to the whole list of subscribers you have, or you can send to those subscribers with a specific tag. If you’re using a paid version you are allowed to create unlimited lists

Aweber subscriber management screenshot

Split testing

A/B testing or Split testing is the key main feature provided in all most all email marketing tools, this involves sending some variants of your new e-newsletter or campaign to some of your mailing lists. Then you have to monitor the performance of each varients, and you can rollback to the best version to the rest of your list.

Before launching a campaign be sure to do the split test as it optimizes email conversions. Using Aweber you can create 3 variant emails with different heading, content, images, and actions. once you are done with your varients you can send them to a portion of subscribers of your list, out of 3 you can choose the best-performed emails and that can be used in the campaign, as simple as is.

Aweber split test screenshot


Blog-to-email or RSS

Blog-to-email or RSS feed is a feature of the site where it can schedule your e-newsletter according to the specific time and day defined by you. AWeber allows you to act with this feature, and here this feature is called ‘Blog Broadcasts’. you can reach out to your contacts and blogs simultaneously with this feature.

Blog-to-email is handy for bloggers who want to receive e-newsletters automatically, where you can power newsletters delivery. this is a huge time saver. you can choose the predefined set of templates for these functions.

Aweber RSS feed screen shot

You can go through this link for how to create a Blog Broadcast


Templates are the easiest way to design beautiful newsletters or emails. AWeber has a huge collection of HTML templates for email, where you can choose the best according to your brand and u can easily customize it. AWeber’s has around 700 email design templates that are fully optimized and responsive. These templates are good to go with industries like fashion, blog, eCommerce, etc.

Aweber template gallery

When you log in to Aweber’s template manager, you have opted with some of the options like choosing one of the templates from collection or import a template, or smart design.  when you opt for smart design it automatically creates some awesome email template design in seconds. Just you need to provide your website link it will provide some designed template related to your website, you can choose anyone and customize it as per your need.

Aweber smart design collection Aweber smart desgin editing

All Aweber’s email template designs are responsive, it fits for all devices, it automatically resizes itself according to the device size being viewed. you can preview the email template design for different devices within Aweber – you just have to click the preview button and select mobile preview.

AWeber provides an option to use web-fonts instead of the same standard fonts, you are allowed to use fonts like Arvo, Lato, Lora, Roboto, Source Sans Pro, etc…

Drag  and Drop Builder

Aweber drag and Drop editor screen shot

This Drag and drop feature helps to create and formate emails, messages, and landing page designs. This is an extremely easy option to create your own design without coding. but if you are willing to add code you are allowed to add that as well along with that you can choose the best font for your email.

It allows sending autoresponse for your subscriber on predefined time intervals with conditions. This feature is fully automated and easy to visualize the email sent to subscribers. You can easily personalize emails by adding your subscriber’s name, city, country, postal code, etc… so that it will not be marked as spam, hence your emails get more opens.

Aweber has an Autosave feature hence there is less chance of losing data and repeating the design architecture.


Aweber Notifications screenshots

You have heard about notifications, which connects you with your subscribers easily. Aweber Provides web notification, that helps to connect your ideas, and drive more traffic hence you will reach the world faster to grow your business.

This feature comes with free and Pro plans and provides instant notification with high deliverability. you can easily create and send web notifications from your Aweber Account. This increases web traffic and encourages your subscribers or visitors to get engaged.

You are allowed to create notifications on daily tips, discounts on your products, Notifications about new content, safety alerts, etc…



Aweber analytics screenshot

If your vision is to grow then measure your performance. yes, when you want to grow your business or service you have to track your performance so that you can improve and move ahead. As Aweber is concerned about the growth it provides analytics and reporting features.

Aweber allows you to monitor all necessary tracking metrics like open rates, clicks, sales, bounce rate, web hits, subscriber origin, device, etc. the below screenshot is an example report.

Aweber ananlytics live screenshot

This feature also provides advanced analytics or information regarding like

  1. Lists of open overtime click over time
  2. Daily, weekly, and monthly new subscribers
  3. Daily, weekly, and monthly subscribers growth
  4. the geographical location of people who are opening your email,
  5. signup methods
  6. Follow up Status subscribed and unsubscribed.
  7. Broadcast total and percentage
  8. history, and much more.


By all the above information you would have already guessed autoresponders, yes, your right. Autoresponders are a list/series of emails that automatically trigger a particular time or condition or user action. Aweber has an ordinary autoresponder that sends messages automatically on the result of some action or when the time is triggered. It’s easy to set up time-oriented autoresponders, where you can send welcome messages, promotions, etc…

Aweber doesn’t allow to combine goal along with the tag, hence it falls short to make autoresponder behave sophisticated way, if you want really advanced autoresponder then you have to look at another product.


Aweber’s offers third-party integrations. you will find a decent range of solution which allows you to connect with cloud-based software.

Aweber can be connected to your social media, shopping cart, and much more integration, some involve sync tool, some with shortcode/ code snippet, some with widgets.


  1. Content management – WordPress, Squarespace, Wix
  2. CRM – Contactus, chatmatic
  3. E-commerce – woo-commerce, Shopify, PayPal
  4. Landing page – Instapage, Unbounce
  5. membership – Memberpress, DigiMember
  6. Social – Facebook, lander, nimble, Linkedin lead gen forms
  7. Survey – Callexa,
  8. video – Wistia, Viewbix
  9. webinar – Webinarninja and many more

Aweber Integration Screenshot


AWeber’s pros and cons

Overall rate: 4/5

Pros Cons
Offers free trial The free trial is for 30 days but requires a credit card
Easy to use Need to pay for the same subscribers who are on a different list
Smart designers and many features save time Marketing automation has less feature comparatively we can get more tools in the market which are reasonable
Full customer support charges for unsubscribers data
Responsive design Less powerful
Extremely good at email delivery Most of the templates are outdated
AMP for email Average autoresponder functionality
Import N number of subscribers at a time Lack of Advanced automation
Refer and earn Blog-to-build or RSS feed to email template can’t be edited
Segmentation Not for advanced tracking of eCommerce companies
Classy reports Limited Split test

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