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Constant Contact Vs iContact – Which is Best for Your Requirements?

Are you confused with Constant Contact and iContact? Which one to choose among? This review will help you to choose the right one for you. Both are pretty cool and also they are similar email marketing tools. They both are good for small businesses & organizations. Here we compared all the features of Constant Contact and iContact and you can find a Winner for your requirements.

Quick Summary

Constant Contact

  1. Mobile Optimized Emails
  2. Can import Contacts from other tools.
  3. Can create Dynamic content.
  4. Can create shoppable landing pages.
  5. A good number of in-built integration.
  6. High deliverability rate
  7. A good number of templates
  8. 60-days free trial
  9. Refund policy



  1. Spam Check feature
  2. Better Customer support
  3. Can create non-opener segments
  4. 20% Discount for nonprofit organizations
  5. Better automation.
  6. Free version available


What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is one of the biggest and oldest email marketing software providers in the world. It started in 1995. Currently, Constant Contact is having over 650,000 customers. It provides you with all the essential features of an email marketing tool. Additionally, it has the features like event management, appointment scheduling, etc. It is used to create websites, email marketing campaigns, analyze marketing campaigns, etc.

Who uses?: Small businesses, Non-profit organizations, etc.

Ease of Use
: Moderate
: 24/7
: 97%
Pricing /mo
: $9.99 – $45
: 350+
: 4/5
Trial Period
: 60
: 350+
Refund Policy
: 30

Try Constant Contact’s 60-days Free trial

What is iContact?

iContact is one of the best email marketing tools for creating and tracking email campaigns. It is mainly web-based. It is designed for all types of businesses. Besides all the basic features of the email marketing tool, iContact provides you with Spam check, social media integration, multiple customizable email templates, etc.

Who uses?: Small businesses, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, etc.

Ease of Use
: Easy
: 24/7
: 98%
Pricing /mo
: $0 – $23 & Above
: 45+
: 5/5
Trial Period
: 30
: 60+
Refund Policy
: 30

Try iContact’s 30-days free trial


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Why you should use Constant Contact over iContact?

Here is what is great about Constant Contact:

  • Using Constant Contact, you can create mobile-optimized emails.
  • You can import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, etc. in Constant Contact.,
  • You can create dynamic content using Constant Contacts.
  • You will get more in-built integration compared to iContact.
  • There is no contract time in Constant Contact. You can cancel your plan at any time.
  • The deliverability rate is very high when compared to iContact.
  • We can use old templates for later use.

Why you should use iContact over Constant Contact?

Here is what is great about iContact:

  • iContact has a better review when compared to Constant Contact.
  • iContact provides you with a Spam Check feature.
  • You will get better customer support when compared to Constant Contact.
  • Using iContact, you can create non-opener segments with rolling time frames.
  • Kickbox account is an add-on of iContact. Using Kickbox account, you can easily verify the email address within your iContact account.
  • iContact provides you a 20% Discount for nonprofit organizations.

Difference between Constant Contact & iContact?

  • Constant Contact offers you more than 350 stunning email templates. But iContact has only around 45 pre-made email templates.
  • iContact offers you a free version. But Constant contact provides you only a 60-days free trial. There are no free versions are available in Constant Contact.
  • iContact’s pricing is based on the number of contacts.
  • Constant Contact has a refund policy. But iContact does not have a refund policy.
  • iContact provides you Spam Check feature. Constant Contact doesn’t have that feature.
  • You can create shoppable landing pages in Constant Contact. Using iContact, you can’t create shoppable landing pages.

Spoiler Alert!

FeaturesWinnerConstant ContactiContact
Contact ManagementConstant Contact 5 4.5
Templates & DesignConstant Contact 5 5
CampaignsConstant Contact 4.5 4
Email BuilderConstant Contact 5 4.5
Automation WorkflowiContact 4 5
Analytics & ReportTie 4 4
DeliverabilityConstant Contact 5 4.5
Sign-up formsiContact 4 4.5
PricingiContact 5 4.5
IntegrationConstant Contact 4.5 4
Customer SupportiContact 4 4.5
WinnerConstant Contact

There are so many better email marketing tools are available when compared to iContact. To know more, let’s see the comparison posts below.

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1. Contact Management

>> Constant Contact

Contact Management in Constant Contact is simple. It has the coolest interface when compared to iContact. Adding contacts in Constant Contacts has several options. You can create new contacts by entering contacts one by one including name, email, etc. You can copy and paste several contacts at a time from an excel sheet, google Sheets, etc, or import from 4000+ apps.

You can import the contacts from other apps that integrate with Constant contacts. You can import contacts from Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc & any 4000+ zapier apps

Constant contact import contact by integration 3
Constant Contact import contact by integration

You can create segments for your customer list. Given below are some segment options for Constant Contact.

Constant contact segments
Constant contact segments

>> iContact

Adding contacts in iContact is not cool when compared to Constant Contact. You can add contacts manually by entering one contact at a time, you can copy and paste from other apps like a google sheet, spreadsheets, etc.

Customer segmentation is good in iContact. You can create segments for Message engagement, Date added to the account, etc. You can also give several conditions to that segment criteria.

iContact segment criteria
iContact segment criteria

Key Take-Aways: Adding contacts in Constant Contact is simple and better in Constant Contact when compared to iContact. It also has more options than iContact.

Winner of Contact management: Constant Contact

Constant Contact: 1 – 0 : ConvertKit

2. Templates & Designs

>> Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers around 350 templates that are easily customizable and responsive in nature. Constant Contact provides you with a feature called Brand Templates. It has AI where you are allowed to scan your website and Constant contact will autogenerate the template to match your website color and image! This is really a useful feature and less time taking. You can even create an email campaign using your existing PDF document.

Constant contact templates
Constant contact templates

>> iContact

iContact does not offer you more templates. There are around 45 pre-made templates in iContacts. iContact is more focused on the layout of templates. They provide you with so many layouts of every template. Not on the template design.


You can preview the template from the list itself. You can see how your template looks on your mobile phones and desktops before you select the templates. It is a unique feature of iContact.

iContact template layouts
iContact template layouts

You can create templates from HTML and also you can create from scratch. You need to simply drag and drop the content block you want. You can add images, videos, captions, etc.

iContact Template from scratch
iContact Template from scratch

Key Take-Aways: Constant Contact has more than 350 templates. All are relevant and stunning templates. iContact has only around 45 templates. iContact is mainly focused on template layouts. Not on template design.

Winner of Templates: Constant Contact

Constant Contact : 2 – 0 : iContact

3. Campaigns

>> Constant Contact

In Constant Contact, everything comes under Campaign. Email, Email automation, Social post, landing pages, etc come under the campaign. Campaign creation in Constant Contact is simple.

Constant contact campaign type 1
Constant contact campaign type

>> iContact

In iContact, you can create campaigns by creating a new message. It will directly take you to the template section. By choosing a template, you can simply start to create a campaign.

iContact creating new message
iContact creating a new message

Key Take-Aways: Creating a campaign is easier in Constant Contact when compared to iContact. And also Constant Contact has so many campaign options than iContact.

Winner of Campaigns: Constant Contact

Constant Contact : 3 – 0 : iContact

4. Email Builder

>> Constant Contact

Constant Contact templates are easily customizable, and editable. It has drag-and-drop layouts. If you want a unique and completely different template you can add your custom code template. Using Constant Contact you can easily add a poll, Donation, and coupons for your email templates, you can select pre-designed layouts that will help conserve time and provide the proper structure to your template on all devices. But its email editor option is very basic.

Constant contact email editor
Constant contact with email editor
Constant contact email editor text edit
Constant contact email editor text edit

In the editor, in the top right corner, there is an email setting option. From there you can add a subject, Preheader, From name, From address, etc. And after creating the email, you can select the recipients, you can create an A/B test for the subject line, etc. But A/B test is not available in the free trial. And also you can’t schedule the time to send an email campaign with the trial version.

Constant Contact email settings
Constant Contact email settings

>> iContact

iContact has a very simple drag-and-drop email editor. Its email templates are plain and simple. So it will take some time to customize the templates. Otherwise, the email editor is very easy to use. But when compared to Constant Contact, its content block options are very limited.

iContact email builder
iContact email builder

The text editor options are much similar when compared to Constant Contact.

iContact email builder text edit
iContact email builder text edit

Key Take-Aways: There are so many similarities in the Email Builder of Constant Contact & iContact. But when talking about the options or content block, Constant Contact has more features.

Winner of Email Builder: Constant Contact

Constant Contact : 4 – 0 : iContact

5. Automation Workflow

>> Constant Contact

Email automation is very simple in Constant Contact. You can’t try automation in your free trial. In Constant Contact, automation is coming under the campaign. Constant Contact provides you with 2 types of automation. Single-step automation and Multi-step automation. In Single-step automation, you can create Welcome email templates, Birthday email templates, and Anniversary email templates.

Constant Contact automation triggers
Constant Contact automation triggers

Constant Contact allows you to create multi-step automation for When a contact opens an email When a contact clicks one of your email links When the contact joins a specific list and your contact made their first purchase. That means in Constant Contact, automation is based on user engagement. After you select any automation trigger, you have to create a new campaign or select an existing campaign. Then you can adjust the time. Likewise can go on adding your emails as many as you want.

Constant Contact does not provide any visual automation. There is only step-by-step automation available.

Constant contact multi-step automation

>> iContact

In iContact, Automation is simple when compared to Constant Contact. To set up automation in iContact, first of all, you have to enter the name of your automation. There are so many automation triggers provided by iContact. But most of the triggers are comes with the Advanced plan, $20. The triggers include when someone joins a list, anytime someone matches the conditions specified, based on a special day or occasion, etc. Automation is more advanced in iContact when compared to Constant Contact.

iContact automation triggers
iContact automation triggers

iContact provides you with visual automation workflows. You can see the working of your automation visually. With this visual workflow, you can save time and can send targeted emails to specific customers. With the $20 plan, you can even update the while creating automation.

iContact automation
iContact automation

Key Take-Aways: Constant Contact has both single-step automation and Multi-step automation. And also there are so many automation triggers also. But Automation is better in iContact than Constant Contact. There are various automation triggers. And also iContact provides you with a visual automation workflow.

Winner of Automation: iContact

Constant Contact : 4 – 1 : iContact

6. Sign-up Forms

Both Constant Contact and iContact allow you to create sign-up forms. Creating sign-up forms in both are pretty similar.

>> Constant Contact

Constant Contact allows you to create sign-up forms. Constant Contact does not have that many customization options. You can choose the fields to show, text, theme, and color in Constant Contact. But styling option is limited. You can only change the color.

Constant contact sign-up forms
Constant contact sign-up forms

>> iContact

Sign-up form creation in iContact is pretty similar to Constant Contact. But instead of choosing the color, you can choose the color theme. Other options are the same as adding files, text, etc.


Key Take-Aways: Sign-up forms are similar in both Constant Contact and iContact. You can choose colors in Constant Contact. But in iContact, you can choose a color difference. That is the only difference.

Winner of Sign-up forms: iContact

Constant Contact : 4 – 2 : iContact

7. Analytics & Report

Both Constant Contact & iContact provides you with basic reporting. But the look and feel of the interface is better in iContact when compared to Constant Contact.

>> Constant Contact

The reporting of Constant Contact is given below. It provides you with all the basic reporting like Open rate, Unopened rate, Click rate, and Bounce rate. You can also see that the opening and click happens on Desktop or Mobile. Recently Constant Contact launched Sales Accelerator. It is an all-in-one CRM platform. It costs $399 /mo.

Constant Contact analytics & report
Constant contact reporting

>> iContact

The reporting in iContact is the same as the reporting in Constant Contact. But it provides you with some more information. It provides you the information like Open rate, Click rate, Bounced, Unsubscribed, Complained, and the number of contacts that did not register an open or a bounce.

iContact analytics & report

Key Take-Aways: Analytics & Report are the same in both Constant Contact & iContact. They both provide only the basic reporting like open rate, click rate, bounce rate, etc.

Winner of Analytics & Reporting: Tie

Constant Contact : 5 – 3 : iContact

8. Deliverability

The deliverability of Constant Contact is far better than iContact. Constant Contact maintained an average inbox (Means not spam) rate of more than 97%. But iContact does not have that much deliverability rate. Constant Contact is compliant with CAN-SPAM and CASL legislation.

Winner of Deliverability: Constant Contact

Constant Contact : 6 – 3 : iContact

9. Pricing Comparison

Constant Contact does not offer a free version. It only has 60 days free trial. On the other hand, iContact provides you with a free version.

No. of CustomersCompanyPricePlan
500Constant Contact =>
iContact =>
$9.99 /mo
$0 /mo
Email Plan
Free Plan
1500Constant Contact =>
iContact =>
$45 /mo
$20 /mo
Email Plan
Advanced Plan
2500Constant Contact =>
iContact =>
$65 /mo
$32 /mo
Email Plan
Advanced Plan
5000Constant Contact =>
iContact =>
$95 /mo
$60 /mo
Email Plan
Advanced Plan
10,000Constant Contact =>
iContact =>
$195 /mo
$85 /mo
Email Plus plan
Advanced Plan

>> Constant Contact

Constant Contact has mainly 2 plans. Email Plan and Email Plus Plan. The free trial of Constant Contact is very basic. It only allows you to send emails and nothing more. The Pricing plan of Constant Contact is given below.

Email Plan: $9.99 /month => Unlimited emails, 300+ email templates, Customer list growth tools, Real-time reporting, Social posting, Subject line A/B testing, Live phone & Chat support, and Shoppable landing pages, Ecommerce marketing polls, etc.

Email Plus Plan: $45 /month => Email Marketing automation, Dynamic content, Customizable pop-up forms, surveys & event registration, Personalized kickoff call, Ecommerce segmentation, etc.

Constant Contact pricing

>> iContact

The pricing of iContact depends on its customer list. When your list size increases, the price will also increase. The number of emails sent per month also depends on your customer number. ie. you can only send 6 times your customer number. That means if you have 1000, you can send only 6000 emails per month.

iContact has mainly 2 Pricing Plans. They are Free and Advanced.

Free Plan: $0 /month => 500 contacts, 2,000 emails /month, Single hosted landing page, Email support etc.

Advanced Plan: $20 /month => Upto 1500 contacts, Unlimited emails, Unlimited hosting landing pages, Multiple users, Smart sending, Marketing automation, Live chat & Support, etc.

iContact pricing
iContact pricing

A pricing comparison of Constant Contact Vs iContact based on Features is given below.

FeaturesConstant Contact
($10 /mo)
($20 /month)
Emails sendUnlimited6 * Customer number
Drag and Drop editor
Welcome Series
Customizable templates
Dynamic Content
A/B Split Testing
Only for the subject line

For Subject line, Call-to-action, Content, etc.
Automated email behavioral series
Audience List segmentation
Landing page creation & Hosting
In-line photo editing
Tracking & Reporting
Sign-up forms
Multiple User5 users

Refund Policy

Constant Contact provides you refund policy. If you are not satisfied with Constant contact, within the first 30 days of your first payment, you can request for refund.

iContact does not have a refund policy. But iContact provides you with a 30-day free trial with all the features.

Key Take-Aways: Pricing is affordable in iContact compared to Constant Contact. iContact has a free version. From there itself, you will get most of the basic features. And for the paid plan also, iContact is affordable.

Winner of Pricing: iContact

Constant Contact : 6 – 4 : iContact

10. Integration

>> Constant Contact

Constant Contact has around 350 integrations. That is amazing. All the integrations are filtered into different categories like Ecommerce, CRM, Event management, etc. So you can easily find the apps.

Constant contact integration
Constant contact integration

>> iContact

iContact also has around 60 integrations. In iContact also, the integrations are also categorized into different categories like Events, CRM, CMS, etc.

iContact integration
iContact integration

Key Take-Aways: Constant Contact has around 350 integrations. iContact doesn’t have that much integration. So we have a clear winner here.

Winner of Integrations: Constant Contact

Constant Contact : 7 – 4 : iContact

11. Customer Support

>> Constant Contact

Constant Contact supports various features like Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, and Chat. But customer service is not that good.

>> iContact

iContact has fewer customer support options when compared to Constant Contact. But the customer support is better than Constant Contact. Customer support options in iContact are FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, and Chat.

iContact provides you with better customer support when compared to Constant Contact. Constant Contact has so many customer support options. Even though its customer support is not that good.

Winner of Customer Support: iContact

Constant Contact : 7 – 5 : iContact

Let’s compare some email marketing features.

Email Marketing FeaturesConstant ContactiContact
Drag & Drop Editor
HTML Editor
Mobile Optimized emails
Template Library
A/B Split Testing
Apps & Integration
Sign-up forms
Tracking & Reporting
Ecommerce marketing
Customizable pop-up forms
Web activity tracking
SMS marketing
Personalize web content
Predictive analytics
Bi-directional CRM syncing
Create invoices
Contact ManagementConstant ContactiContact
Sign-up forms
Contacts list import from Gmail, Outlook, etc.
List segmentation
Rolling Non-Opener Segmentation
Kickbox account
Automation Constant Contact iContact
List Building tools & Welcome emails
Smart Sending
Dynamic content
Automated email welcome series
Automated email behavioral series
Subject line A/B testing
Landing Pages Constant Contact iContact
Shoppable landing pages
Landing page creation & Hosting
Campaign Analytics & Reporting Constant Contact iContact
Email Reporting
Automation Reporting
Landing Page Reporting
Customer Support Constant Contact iContact
Phone Support
Email/Help Desk
24/7 (Live Rep)
Knowledge Base
Training Constant Contact iContact
Live Online
Deployment Constant Contact iContact
Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Desktop – Mac
Desktop – Windows
Desktop – Linux
Desktop – Chromebook
On-Premise – Windows
On-Premise – Linux
Mobile – Android
Mobile – iPad
Mobile – iPhone
To Know More About Constant Contact, Click Here >>>

Alternatives of Constant Contact & iContact

>> ActiveCampaign

>> Campaign Monitor

>> SendInBlue

>> ConvertKit

>> Aweber

>> Vertical Response

>> MailChimp

>> MailerLite

>> Moosend

>> Salesforce studio

Constant ContactiContact
Found inStarted in 1995.
Headquarted in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States
Started in 2003.
Headquarted in Morrisville, North Carolina, United States
Customer GeographyConstant Contact is getting around 80% traffic from USA and Canada.
iContact is getting around 80% traffic from USA, Canada & Ecuador.
iContact geography
Organic Vs Paid TrafficConstant Contact is using around 90% organic keywords & 10% paid keywords.
Constant contact keyword
iContact is using around 85% organic keywords & 15% paid keywords.

Top WebsiteThe top websites that use Constant Contact are given below.
>> Treat Cupcake Bar
>> Soluna Garden Farm
>> Good Boston Living
>> Lovin’ Spoonfuls
>> Siena Farms
The top websites that use iContact are given below.
>> Eaetrn Leaf
>> Just Collect


Both Constant Contact & iContact are good email marketing tools with a lot of features. In some of the features, Constant Contact is a step ahead of iContact. But in some cases, iContact is better. We can see that Contact management, campaign creation, templates, email builder, Integration, and deliverability are better in Constant Contact. It also offers you a refund policy. iContact has better customer service.

If you are a business owner, non-profit organization, etc, you can opt for Constant Contact. If you want quick support, then you can opt for iContact.

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