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OMNISEND Vs KLAVIYO – Which Is Better For Your Requirements? (2024)

Omnisend and Klaviyo are two different email marketing tools. Both are highly rated and the best for eCommerce businesses. Omnisend is best for beginners while Klaviyo is best for experienced users. Both of them have their features and also so many similar features. This is a comparison between Omnisend Vs Klaviyo and which is the better email marketing software for the price point and in general what might be the better pick for you.

Quick Summary


  1. Easy to use
  2. Omnichannel
  3. Better automation
  4. Product picker in the email editor
  5. SMS Marketing
  6. Gamification
  7. Better analytics & Reporting
  8. Better customer support
  9. Free version available
  10. Affordable
  11. Best for small businesses/organizations


  1. A good number of templates
  2. Advanced segmentation
  3. Best for Large business organizations.
  4. App push notification for iOS
  5. More Integration
  6. Track customers individually
  7. Simple UI

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is a powerful marketing platform. It is an Omnichannel marketing tool. Omnisend is focused on eCommerce email marketing and SMS marketing. In addition, it supports push-notification, pop-ups, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google ad integration, etc. So we can call Omnisend an “all-in-one marketing tool“. Omnisend provides Klaviyo’s similar features at an affordable price.

Who uses: eCommerce business – Beginners

Ease of Use
: Easy
: 24/7
: 86%
Pricing /mo
: $0 – $59
: 50+
: 5/5
Trial Period
: 14
: 50+
Refund Policy
: No

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is also a powerful email marketing platform that helps to deliver a more personalized experience to their e-commerce customers. It is a cloud-based email marketing platform.

Who uses: Advanced eCommerce marketers

Ease of Use
: Moderate
: 24/7
: 90%
Pricing /mo
: $0 – $150+
: 90+
: 4.5/5
Trial Period
: No
: 200+
Refund Policy
: No

Both are Omnichannel email marketing tools. Both of them are email marketing tools that provide email and SMS marketing. If you are looking for email marketing plus SMS marketing software, both of these are very good options now.

Why you should use Omnisend over Klaviyo?

(Omnisend Advantages)

  1. Product picker: You can select any products from your website and it will add automatically to your email newsletter. You don’t have to add the product manually and give the description.
  2. Automations & workflow are better in Omnisend than in Klaviyo.
  3. You will get better customer support in Omnisend.
  4. Omnisend is very customer friendly. You can create campaigns, automation, etc very easily.
  5. Pricing is affordable when compared to Klaviyo.
  6. Omnisend provides you with powerful landing pages.
  7. Omnisend have gamification. You can add Wheel of fortune, Scratch cards, and gift boxes in the emails and pop-ups.
  8. Omnisend has google retargeting ads.
  9. Deliverability is high in Omnisend than in Kalviyo.
  10. You will get better analytics and report. Omnisend uses a campaign provider to improve the analytics and reporting.

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Why you should use Klaviyo over Omnisend?

(Klaviyo Advantages)

  1. Klaviyo has stunning email templates. Klaviyo has more templates than Omnisend. It has around 70 themed templates, around 20 basic templates, and so many newsletter templates.
  2. Klaviyo’s platform has simple UI. So it is very easy to catch options and easy to navigate from one option to another.
  3. You can track customers individually. And you can see the journey of the customer. You will get all the details about customers like if someone visited your website, opened a message, etc. You will get small details also.
  4. You can create a visual map of emails that you want to send. Then you can analyze that and decide whether you have to send it or not, to whom you want to send and at what time you have to send it.
  5. A/B test – You can do a split test and see which of the format is performing well.
  6. There are a lot of segmentation options in Klaviyo. You can segment your customer the way you want. In that way, you can target a specific group of customers.

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Difference Between Klaviyo & Omnisend

  • Omnisend is good for beginners and small businesses. Klaviyo is better for more experienced users and large corporations.
  • Klaviyo has a wide variety of templates. But Omnisend has only a limited number of templates.
  • Customer segmentation is simple in Omnisend. But Klaviyo’s segmentation is so much better than that. Klaviyo has a lot of segemetation. And it allows you to segment the customer the way you want.
  • Omnisend has a feature called product picker in the email editor. This feature is a good option for eCommerce businesses. But Klaviyo does not have that feature.
  • Klaviyo has app push notifications for iOS. But Omnisend has only a web push notification feature.
  • Klaviyo provides you with Social media marketing. But to use Social media marketing in Omnisend, you have to integrate Omnisend with other apps or services.
  • Omnisend provides you with integrated automation. This feature is not provided by Klaviyo.
  • Klaviyo has more integration when compared to Omnisend. Klaviyo provides more than 200 integration. And Omnisend provides more than 100 integrations.

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In-Depth Review

Spoiler Alert!

TemplatesKlaviyo 4.5 5
Email BuilderOmnisend 5 4.5
PricingOmnisend 5 4.5
User InterfaceKlaviyo 4.5 5
CampaignsOmnisend 5 4
Contact ManagementOmnisend 4.5 4
Automation WorkflowOmnisend 5 4.5
Landing Pages & Website BuilderKlaviyo 1 5
IntegrationKlaviyo 4.5 5
Customer SupportOmnisend 5 4.5


Now Let’s discuss some features in-depth.

1. Audience Geography

>> Omnisend

Omnisend getting almost 60% traffic from USA and Canada. 89% traffic from organic keywords and only 11% from paid keywords. The audience geography of Omnisend is given below.

Omnisend Audience Geography

>> Klaviyo

Klaviyo is getting around 80% traffic from USA and Canada. 85% traffic from organic keywords and around 15% from paid keywords. The customer geography of Klaviyo is given below.

Klaviyo Audience Geography

2. Templates

>> Omnisend

Omnisend has around 50 templates. Most of them are e-commerce-based templates, themed templates, and also standard templates. You can see a good collection of themed templates. But they are only a limited number. Using the standard template, you can create your own style in the template.

Omnisend Templates

Omnisend Templates
Omnisend Templates

Omnisend has only 5 types of newsletter templates.

Omnisend Newsletter Templates

Omnisend Newsletter
Omnisend Newsletter Template

>> Klaviyo

There are plenty of templates are present in Klaviyo when compared to the Omnisend. Klaviyo has around 70 themed templates, 20 basic templates, and various newsletter templates. All their templates have stunning looks.

Klaviyo Templates
Klaviyo Templates

Klaviyo has various email newsletter templates and signup forms. It has also separate sessions for the newsletter and sign-up forms. But Omnisend only has a limited number of newsletter templates & signup forms.

Klaviyo Newsletter Templates
Klaviyo Newsletter Templates

Key Take-Aways: Klaviyo has more templates than Omnisend. All are stunning e-commerce-based templates.

Winner of Templates: Klaviyo

Omnisend : 0 – 1 : Klaviyo

3. Email Builder

The email builder of both Omnisend and Klaviyo is good. But in my opinion, the look and feel of the editor of Klaviyo are better than Omnisend. But feature options are good for Omnisend editor. Both have a drag-and-drop editor.

>> Omnisend

Omnisend has various other features like product picking, and post-purchase automation, they are providing scratch cards with discount offers or any other offers. When you scratch the card, you will get a discount.

Omnisend email builder
Omnisend email builder

Wheel of Fortune


There is a unique feature of Omnisend that Klaviyo doesn’t have. It is called gamification. Gamification brings interactivity to the users. This is come up with the paid plan. In this, you will have a “Wheel of fortune”, “Scratch card”, and “gift box”. With all these, you can provide gifts like discount offers, give-away, free gifts, etc. But Klaviyo needs an extra tool for integrating the gamified option. It is called “Wheelio”.

>> Klaviyo

In Klaviyo, editing options are fewer. You can do only the basic things like you can insert links in the text, can customize the text as you like. You can clone blocks from there itself and also you can save one block from the editor itself.

You can’t create your landing page in Klaviyo. And also you can’t create pop us.

Klaviyo email builder
Klaviyo email builder

Key Take-Aways: In the case of email builder, both Omnisend and Klaviyo are head to head. But Omnisend has some extra features like a product picker, gamification, etc.

Winner of Email Builder: Omnisend

Omnisend : 1 – 1 : Klaviyo

4. Pricing Comparison

The pricing of both Omnisend and Klaviyo is affordable. The pricing of Klaviyo is a little costly when compared to the Omnisend. But Klaviyo provides unlimited emails for all the paid plans. In Omnisend, for a $16 plan, you will get 6000 emails /month. Only for the $59 plan, you will get unlimited emails and 45K subscribers. But if you start to send unlimited emails, then your email will be permanently marked as spam by email providers.

>> Omnisend

Omnisend Free plan: Reach up to 250 contacts, 500 emails/mo, Up to 60 SMS, Up to 500 Web push notifications. And also, it includes all the basic features like automation, segmentation, etc.
Standard: It starts from $16/mo. It includes all the features included in free plans. additionally, it reaches up to 500 contacts. 6000 email/mo, Up to 60 SMS, and Unlimited web push notification. It also includes more features like 24/7 chat support, a customer success manager.
Pro: It starts from $59/mo. It includes all the features in the standard plan. It gives you unlimited SMS and around 4000 SMS. Additionally, it includes advance reporting and 24/7 priority support.

Omnisend Pricing

>> Klaviyo

Free: Up to 250 Subscribers, 500 emails, Email support
251 Subscribers – $20 per month, Unlimited emails, Email & Chat support
1001 Subscribers – $45 per month
2001 Subscribers – $60 per Month, 2,500 contacts.
$0.01 per SMS

Given below is the pricing plan of Klaviyo.

Klaviyo Pricing

Key Take-Aways: Pricing of both Omnisend and Klaviyo is affordable. But the pricing is slightly less for Omnisend when compared to Klaviyo.

Winner of Pricing: Omnisend

Omnisend : 2 – 1 : Klaviyo

5. User Interface

The working platform of Klaviyo is better when compared to Omnisend. Klaviyo’s platform is clean and straightforward. You can see all the basic information on the left itself. Omnisend’s platform has modernistic look, but the look may not be helpful.

Omnisend Dashboard

Omnisend Dashboard
Omnisend Dashboard

Klaviyo Dashboard

Klaviyo Dashboard
Klaviyo Dashboard

Key Take-Aways: Klaviyo’s UI and dashboard are simple and better when compared to Omnisend. All the options are available on the left side itself. So it is very easy to navigate in Klaviyo.

Winner of User Interface: Klaviyo

Omnisend : 2 – 2 : Klaviyo

6. Campaign

>> Omnisend

Omnisend has various campaign options like Email campaigns, Subject line A/B test, Email A/B test, SMS, and push notification campaigns.

Omnisend Email Campaign

Omnisend New Campaign
Omnisend New Campaign

>> Klaviyo

On the other hand, Klaviyo has only email campaigns and SMS campaigns.

Klaviyo Email Campaign

Klaviyo Campaign
Klaviyo Campaign

Key Take-Aways: Omnisend has various options like email campaign, SMS campaign, Subject line A/B test, email A/B test, etc. But Klaviyo has only 2 options. That is email & SMS.

Winner of Campaign: Omnisend

Omnisend : 3 – 2 : Klaviyo

7. Contact Management

Contact list management is easier in Omnisend than in Klaviyo.

>> Omnisend

We can easily add contacts in Omnisend. We can add single contacts, we can paste contact details, we can add contacts from .csv files, .xls files, etc. We can also add contacts using MailChimp’s Data import tool.

You can separate your list by creating various segments. There are plenty of options in the segmentation. You can create segments by channels (SMS channel, email channel, etc.), shopping behaviors, campaign activity, etc.

Omnisend Adding Contacts
Omnisend Adding Contacts

>> Klaviyo

But in Klaviyo adding the contact list manually is a little difficult. We can add the contacts by uploading CSV files. You can also add the contacts using creating sign-up forms, and by adding a subscriber page. You can also create segments in Klaviyo. But it is a little difficult and time-consuming.

Klaviyo Adding Contacts

Key Take-Aways: Adding contacts in Omnisend and Klaviyo is similar. But in Omnisend, you can add contacts by using MailChimp data import tools. And also Adding contacts & their settings in Omnisend is quick & easier than in Klaviyo.

Winner of Contact Management: Omnisend

Omnisend : 4 – 2 : Klaviyo

8. Automation Workflow

Omnisend and Klaviyo have great visual workflows.

For Klaviyo, you can add Conditional split and trigger split for creating complex workflows. That is great. You can add Conditional split and trigger split in Omnisend also. You can also add other channels to the same automated workflows. You can add SMS and push notifications to the same. That means, Omnisend provides you with a better customer experience and allows the customer to create automation according to their need.

Omnisend Automation

Omnisend Automation Workflow
Omnisend Automation Workflow

Klaviyo Automation

Klaviyo Automation Workflow
Klaviyo Automation Workflow

Key Take-Aways: The automation workflow in Omnisend and Klaviyo is almost the same. But Omnisend has more features when compared to the Klaviyo.

Winner of Automation: Omnisend

Omnisend : 5 – 2 : Klaviyo

9. Integration

Omnisend supports only less than 50 integrations like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc. They categorize their Integration list into customer support, e-commerce platforms, finances, etc.

Omnisend integration
Omnisend Integration

Klaviyo supports more than 200 integrations. Klaviyo is integrated with the platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. Using the custom websites, Klaviyo is integrated with B2B and B2C companies.

Klaviyo integration

Klaviyo does not provide web push notifications with or without any third-party integration. But Omnisend provides you with an in-built web push notification.

Key Take-Aways: Klaviyo has more integrations than Omnisend. So we have a clear winner here.

Winner of Integration: Klaviyo

Omnisend : 5 – 3 : Klaviyo

10. Customer Support

>> Omnised

The customer support options in Omnisend are good. They provide 24/7 Live representatives, Chat, Email/Help Desk, and Knowledge bases. The customer support in Omnisend is better than Klaviyo.

>> Klaviyo

On the other hand, the customer support of Klaviyo is not good. There are only two options for customer support. They are Email/Help Desk, and Community forum. Klaviyo is built for experienced customers. So, customer support for the free version is not good in Klaviyo. Customer support is so much better in Omnisend than in Klaviyo.

If you need better customer support, I will recommend you Omnisend. Because Omnisend has a great customer support feature. For the free plan, you can contact Omnisend through Email. No matter what, they will try to reply to you within hours.

Winner of Customer support: Omnisend

Omnisend : 6 – 3 : Klaviyo

They have generally the same kind of features in terms of channels and features. And the only thing that Omnisend does not have is app notifications. Earlier, for iOS Omnisend does not have any push notifications. But now with the latest update to iOS 15, it has a push notification. All other segmentation features such as profile data, campaign activity, shopping behavior, custom properties, and Facebook audiences, all of these are present on both of these email marketing software.

Let’s compare their pricing, features, automation, integration, etc. Here You can decide between Omnisend Vs Klaviyo in detail.

Founded inStarted in 2014. Headquartered in London. At that time Omnisend was called Soundest. Then they give priority to ecommerce marketing and then they become Omnisend.Started in 2012. Headquarted in Boston, United states.
Email sign up formsYesYes
Email marketingYes
Simpler email marketing tool. Better for beginners.
Plenty of features, Price is high, and better for experienced users.
Tons of segmenting option. Allow you to reach any customer you want.
Email BuilderYes
Omnisend allow you to build customized email templated based on your email campaign. But Omnisend has only limited templates.
It has drag and drop builder. It has saveable content blocks. It has also product recommend feature.
The email builder has simple design and it has drag and drop feature. You can make your email perfect by choosing the style and block element option. It has also saveable content blocks. In this, you can upload your logo and can link to your website.
Omnisend includes gamification in their email builder. It has Wheel of fortune, Scratch card and gift box for engaging user activity.

Need to integrate with a tool named Wheelio.
TemplatesSimple email templates.
6 Standard Templates and set of 12 themed Templates
Plenty of richer templates compared to Omnisend.
A/B Testing: You can get it in free plan. (Yes $0 /month)
A/B Testing: You can get it in free plan. (Yes $0 /month)
Contact List ManagementYes

You can add single contact manually by entering info, You can Copy and paste contacts from .xls .xlsx .ods, .csv files, you can add contacts from .xls .xlsx .ods, .csv files, Sync your contacts' data using MailChimp data import tool.
Importing the list is easier in Omnisend when compared to Klaviyo.

You can add single contacts manually by entering information or you can upload a CSV file.
Visual Automation Workflow Yes
It has pre-built all the messages, subject lines, and workflow settings that you need.
Omnisend has an automated visual Workflow.
Workflow is good. But It is better for Omnisend.
IntegrationOmnisend is integrated with more than 100 apps and websites like Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce etc.Klaviyo is integrated with more than 200 apps and websites like Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and Magento etc.
Analytics & ReportYesYes
Social MarketingYes
Omnisend allows you to integrate with different channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
You can integrate Facebook, Instagram etc. with Klaviyo.
Pricing /Month
& relatively costly or affordable for the business.
Free: Reach up to 250 contacts, 500 emails/mo, Up to 60 SMS, Up to 500 Web push notifications. And also, it includes all the basic features like automation, segmentation, etc.
Standard: It starts from $16/mo. It includes all the features included in free plans. additionally, it reaches up to 500 contacts. 6000 email/mo, Up to 60 SMS, and Unlimited web push notification. It also includes more features like 24/7 chat support, customer success manager.
Pro: It starts from $59/mo. It includes all the features in the standard plan. It gives you unlimited SMS and around 4000 SMS. Additionally, it includes advance reporting and 24/7 priority support.
Free: Up to 250 Subscribers
251 Subscribers - $25 per month
1001 Subscribers - $45 per month
2001 Subscribers - $60 per Month
$0.01 per SMS
Website builder
Product recommendationYesOnly for certain categories
App Review 4.6

Omnisend shopify app review rarting is 4.6

Klaviyo shopify app review rating is 4.0
Customer Support24/7 Live representative
Email/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
Email/Help Desk
Top Websites Top websites that use Omnisend is given below.
>> Luvme Hair
>> Appliances Connection
>> Nuubu
>> Lelo
>> CV Bankas
Top Website that use Klaviyo is given below.
>> QuillBot
>> Good Bye Young
>> CARid
>> Vecteezy

Alternatives of Omnisend & Klaviyo

>> ConvertKit

>> Constant Contact

>> Moosend

>> Privy

>> Pardot (For Large corporation)

>> MailertLite

>> Drip

>> SendPulse

>> AWeber


Omnisend are Klaviyo are built for eCommerce marketing. Both are pretty similar and provide great functionality. Both the tools are serving their purpose very well. But some features make Omnisend better than Klaviyo. Based on the platform, dashboard, email builder, and landing pages, Omnisend is far better than Klaviyo. In my personal opinion, I think, you should opt for Omnisend. If you are an email marketing expert, then you can opt for Klaviyo.

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