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How To Speed Up Your Wix Website To Load Super Fast Up To 92%? [11 Easy Techniques]

Have you ever felt like your Wix website loads very slowly? Do you want to speed up your Wix site?  Many site owners are wasting so many hours trying to boost their website’s speed to load faster than their competitors. But a few easy tricks can boost your Wix site’s speed & it takes just an hour!

Wix Turbo was launched to boost Wix sites’ speed, and you just need to do these 12 tasks. This post is for beginners and also experts who don’t know about this simple way to make a website load faster. Everybody wants to make a website, but nobody thinks about its loading speed. If your website loads slowly, then Google will devalue it a little bit. Also, the user will bounce back. Today, fast loading websites are getting higher ranks on Google.

Why This Post Is Special For You & Why This Is More Superior Than Other Posts?

  1. All of these tasks are easy and simple. Anyone can do this. It takes just 1 hour. So no time is wasted.
  2. All these points are prepared with real-time test results & confirmation. I also posted speed test result screen shots so there is no doubt.
  3. I wrote tasks one by one while sorting them by the most important. So, the first points are very important. So, you will get priority in terms of website speed.
  4. There are 100s of ways to boost your site’s loading speed. However, I found only these 7 points which account for more than 95% of websites to make a website faster. So no pointless work is needed.
  5. I gave all the tasks with very detailed explanations with examples. So, there is no confusion.

Wait..! What Is My Website’s Speed? Will It Load Faster?

If I say something today, it is not my guess, but I have proved it using experiments. I analyze, make tests & confirm. That’s why I write something after confirming everything while leaving nothing.

I want to test some random websites to know how much speed they have.

Let’s see a few of America’s hotels’ website speed.

Mandarin Oriental is one of the hotels which I picked randomly from the hotels list. Then, I tested its website speed. See the results below.

Sample test for slow loading website
Sample test for slow loading website

Only 67% – this is really bad for them. It loads very slow. They will be losing so many customers just because of their website speed.

20% of people will bounce back if any web pages loading takes time according to web data analysis and report from Blomberg Business. People will not wait because there are so many hotels. People bounce back and go for another website. There are so many results on Google. At least 20% of people don’t care.

If people bounce back, Google considers those websites are making a bad experience for their users. So, Google will reduce the slow loading website’s SEO ranks.

Day by day, the harmful effects will increase. So, website speed is very important. Google announces it will give more importance to website speed in the coming years. Because, you know, we have no time. We can’t wait for anything. We don’t have the patience to wait to load web pages!

Let’s test another hotel’s website’s loading speed

I picked another hotel randomly. It was Lotteny Palace. See its website speed.

Slow Page Speed website
Slow Page Speed website

It is also too slow. Only 64%.

Do you want to know, what is my website’s speed?

Let’s check my website speed.

WebsiteBuilderLy Loading Speed Test
My site WebsiteBuilderLy Speed Test

Are You Surprised?

My Website Is

Faster Than 97% Of All Tested Websites.

Here is the detailed website performance for my website (also consider that my website’s home page is highly dynamic with 3d effects, motion effects and a lot of photos & functions like tables, auto info showoff and is loaded with javascript. And still, despite this, my website got the highest grade for all tests!

Website Page performance for websitebuilderly
Website Page performance for websitebuilderly

How was it possible for me?

I created a new website and named it because I guide people about how to build a website and I reviewed and finalized the 10 best website builders in the world.

Quickly I understood, just building a website is not enough. Building an amazing website is also not enough. But creating an awesome website without slowing the page speed defines a great web designer.

Website speed is very, very important. But my website was very slow. I researched several technics & finally made the top 7 list that accounts or influences the majority of the speed.

These techniques are not only for Wix sites, but you can also apply these techniques on Weebly sites, Squarespace sites, Jimdo sites, GoDaddy sites or any other sites.

After finishing the following 11 tasks, my website speed increased from 43% to 97% !

Read the following steps to increase your Wix site’s speed up to 97%.

1. Use FB Techniques To Optimize Images Even Wix Uses WebP Superior Image Format

Importance level – Approximately 50% depending on your site’s images.

Note: Wix claims that it will automatically optimize images. But if you optimize using this technique, then it will significantly increase your site speed. I already tested this many times. Wix image optimization is good. It uses the latest WebP format. But we recommend, before uploading images to your Wix website, that you optimize without losing the quality of the image using the below techniques.

You can upload  HD or even UHD photos to your website, but before uploading it, you should optimize them for the web. This will not reduce the quality of a photo, but it compresses and makes image sizes (bytes) smaller than the original without losing its quality & dimension or length.

Heavy photos take more time to load. It will affect the overall website speed performance. Also, it will make a negative effect on users.

No website builder optimizes images for the web. (i.e. decreasing the file size without reducing the non-zoom quality of the photo for the typical screen width. This means that web pages load faster and user satisfaction, click pages & spending quality time will increases. The bounce rate will decrease. So more conversions. These are all things which help to boost the Google rank. But, if you zoom, you see a little bit of quality loss. In fact, it will remove unnecessary generated data & repeated data combinations on the photo) Image quality, clarity, dimension & data or file size are completely unrelated ..!

Many people think that, the more those 4 factors, then the more the image looks good. But this is frankly a myth. Optimized images look as good as the original photo. So, you should optimize photos before you upload it to the website. We reviewed 100’s of tools to optimize images without losing the quality. But almost all tools reduce quality. Finally, we found a tool that passed all of our & our team of photographers’ requirements.

That best tool is, surprisingly, FREE! And it’s unlimited! Do you want to know what it is? The answer is Facebook! Yes. Create a separate Facebook account or make privacy only for your account, then upload images to Facebook & download it! Yup. The downloaded images are perfectly optimized for the web without losing quality.

Optimize images using Facebook albums to speed up wix site
Optimize images using Facebook albums to speed up wix site (Just upload and download)

If you have a lot of photos, then create an album under the Facebook profile-photos section. Make it private only to you. Upload all photos at a time & download all photos in a single click!

(Note:- Before uploading, try to resize the image if you want. But NEVER resize after downloading it from Facebook or any optimization tool. Because most of the resize tools increase the size & the optimization this gets destroyed after resizing. But you can drag-drop, decrease & increase image length inside the Wix editor.)
If you want to know more about it, then you should check out this guide -> How To Optimize Images For Web? (92%, But lossless & 4 FREE Ways) 

Bonus Tip: Instead of images, use Wix vector art & shapes whenever possible. It will save a lot. You can drag & drop it from Wix “Add” Menu in the editor.

Visit Wix & Try For Free

2. Take Advantage Of Top To Bottom Content Loading Rule

Importance level – Approximately 40%

When people just open your website or any of your site pages, then the content loads from top to bottom.

So, Optimize The Top Part Of  The Page That Appears When The Page Loads On Screen.

If your top part of the page contains less size and the bottom contains large file size, like lots of images, animations, frames, slideshows, apps, and other web effects, then there is no problem. Users don’t feel that the page is loading slowly because the top part loads first, and it loads quickly. Then, slowly, the bottom parts start to load. 99% of the time, users scroll to the bottom after a few seconds. At that time, the below the screen fold section of the page should have loaded completely. Using this simple technique make your site’s perceived speed up to 90%, even if your page included a lot of functions. But, if you test your site speed on any tools like the Wix site speed tester, then the speed may show you slower than the actual perceived speed.

Speed Up Your Wix Website Now!

3. Use Wix Mobile Editor To Speed Up Your Site On Smartphones

Importance level – Approximately 15%

Wix offers you a separate mobile editor to make changes on your web pages that don’t fit on the mobile screen. Using this feature you can boost your mobile speed.

In phones, you don’t need big images. The big images still load, even though phone screens only show you small images. So, just hide large images and use separate, resized images for phones only. The mobile editor will not change your desktop appearance. It depends on the screen size. If the threshold screen size equals to phones, then automatically it loads mobile pages and hides all the desktop only elements.

Lots of features don’t work on phones. Just hide these on the mobile screen.

You can build completely different pages for small screens.

There are separate functions that work on mobile only. Use it and hide related desktop functions on mobile.

Wix mobile speed tools
use Wix mobile editor for faster phone functions

If you use the Wix mobile editor wisely, then you can significantly boost your mobile page speed.

See Wix Mobile Editor Support & Tutorial

4. Don’t Use Too Many Animations On a Single Page.

Importance level – Appx. 20%

Animation takes a little bit more energy, or bytes, to load. This causes a slower page load.  The more you apply animations on your page, the more time it takes to load.

This doesn’t mean you should not use animations. If you don’t use any images on a page or the page is very low in size, then you can use many animations.

Note: If you want to make an amazing website with a lot of animations (like these amazing WOW-websites trends 2022), and still you need your website to load faster, then you should check out this tutorial.

5. Use Popular Fonts

Importance level – Appx. 8%

Use popular web fonts like Arial, San Serif, etc., because most websites use these fonts. So it is already cached in the user’s browser. When a user visits your website, then his browser cache is used for fonts. So, your website doesn’t need to load the fonts! It will boost nearly 6% -8% of the website speed.

6. Limit Slideshows & Other Effects

Importance level – Appx. 5%

If you focused on website speed and not the user interface, then you should not use web effects. It makes things a little slower to load web pages. Or, it at least limits the number of slideshows and other web effects.

I recommend minimal website designs. However, if you want everything but your website should load fast, then you need to read this tutorial: [The link I inserted on the animation section (2end) above.]

7. Don’t Use Too Many IFrames On a Single Page. 

Importance level – Page load decreases exponentially with the number of iFrames. But iFrames are rare cases.

If you want to put different pages on a single page, it will make your website slow down. If you put 1 iFrames, then it will take 2 pages’ worth of load time. This is because iFrames are loaded as different pages with the main pages at the same time. So, the overall page speed will dramatically decrease.

An example of many frames in a page.

These types of frames make website slow
Too many frames are harmful to a web page speed.

Remember, frames mean completely different pages, not different designs or tables.

If you put many framed pages on a single page,

  1. Page speed will decrease
  2. Users may get confused or uncomfortable. This will lead to user bounce back.
  3. Google will devalue your site.

Use grids to make a responsive page. Don’t edit the separate design for mobile & desktop.

8. Clean Your Header

A website header is a location which will appear on every page at the top. Ideal items to put in the header include your website name, logo, menu. You can also put your business tagline, phone number or write a few words related to your website. But don’t put too many items in your header.

Don’t upload a heavy logo.

Here is an example of a slow-loading website header.

Slow loading website header example
Heavy header makes website slow

By contrast, see how Facebook’s header looks. It is really cool and simple.

fast loading website header will always clean
fast loading website header will always clean

Facebook’s header is ideal for everyone. Its header is so simple that it causes users no confusion.

Make your header clean. Automatically, your website speed will be increased on every page.

9. Use The Wix App Market Wisely

Don’t use too many external applications on a single page. For example, if you use a gallery app, payment app, event app, store app, booking, design, blog, videos and everything on the homepage or any single page, then your website will invariably load slower. This is because more apps mean more scripts and CSS. So, the browser gets more and more requests. This takes more time.

However, if you want to use 100’s of apps but you need your website to faster, then at least put it at the bottom. This is due to the fact that the top content load first and users see the top content first and slowly they scroll. By that time, all the bottom content should have loaded successfully. So, users don’t perceive that the site is slow loading. You should check out the tutorial that I inserted above.

10. Use Unlimited Packages During Traffic Spikes

If your website traffic increased suddenly, then your site may load slow. In that case, you need to upgrade your plan. There is no autoscale in Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and other similar site builders. So, if you know your website will get a lot of visitors soon, then it is better to upgrade before your website get crash because of over traffic.

If you are going to launch your website publicly or soon your website will get a link from a major news channel, then it is better to contact Wix support before your website gets shut down for the heavy load.


  1. Upload photos to Facebook & download them, so the images are automatically optimized for the web. Then you can upload them to your website.
  2. Don’t overload the top part of the pages.
  3. Use Wix mobile editor to use alternative mobile-optimized tools and hide unnecessary elements on mobile.
  4. Make your website’s header clean and simple.
  5. Don’t use too many frames on a single web page.
  6. Don’t use too many animations.
  7. Use Wix apps wisely.
  8. Remove unnecessary functions
  9. Don’t use too many different fonts. Use popular fonts.
  10. Limit slideshows.
  11. Use unlimited packages during the traffic spike.

Don’t listen to too many suggestions. Make your work simple and clean. If you read any other suggestions, forget it; other than these 8 suggestions, there are maybe a few which could be good, but those are not important and may contribute just 1%. They are simply a waste of time. To get cleaner, smart & short posts, subscribe to WebsiteBuilderLy.

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If you have any problems, comment below. I will answer within 24 hours.

All the best. Visit Wix & Try for Free

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        • I just checked your site i make it faster your mobile view loading time will be under 2.5 second in 4G network as per thinkwithgoogle report and also Desktop view loading time will be under 3 second as per pingdom report.

    • I just checked your site i make it faster your mobile view loading time will be under 2.5 second in 4G network as per thinkwithgoogle report and also Desktop view loading time will be under 3 second as per pingdom report.

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