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Wix Vs WordPress – Which is Better for Your Requirement in 2024?

Wix Vs WordPress

Wix and WordPress are popular and almost similar website builders. But both of them have their own uniqueness. We can use both Website Builders for any type of business. Wix provides a lot more than Website Building. Besides it has, Ecommerce, Marketing automation tools, SEO optimization tools, etc. Wix has a lot of customization options. On the other hand, WordPress is open-source software, which is self-hosted. We will have full control over the website. It has plenty of plugins and themes. Comparing Wix Vs WordPress is a little difficult. Let’s see who wins over others.

Quick Summary


  • Easy to use
  • Free domain with 1-year hosting
  • Modern templates.
  • 600+ Apps
  • Marketing automation with extra cost.
  • Better in-built analytics & Reporting
  • Editors Available: Artificial design intelligence Editor (ADI), Template-based, Editor X
  • Free version & Refund policy



  • Affordable
  • Self-Hosted
  • Complete control over the website
  • Affordable & Free services are available.
  • Around 60,000+ Plugins
  • Around 10,000 themes
  • Editors Available: Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, etc.
  • No separate pricing for eCommerce.


What is Wix?

Wix is an all-in-one solution for all types of business. Wix is not only a website builder. It is a domain name hosting provider, blogging platform, E-commerce solution, logo maker, payment processor, scheduling system, membership management, marketing automation tool, CRM, point of sale, software, and hardware provider with a multi-billion-dollar company. You can build a creative website that will be stunning and attractive to visitors. It also has robust SEO optimization settings and apps. Wix is famous for its easy drag and drop editor, easy-to-use dashboard, and Artificial design Intelligence.

Who uses: All types of Business

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What is WordPress?

WordPress ( is open-source software that you can install and use as your own. It has so many customization options and other features like temples, plugins, themes, etc. It does not provide any domain and hosting. We have to use third-party apps like Bluehost, DreamHost, SiteGround, etc. There is also is a hosting provider service, which also allows you to create websites. It is a simple website builder that is used by small businesses and bloggers, those who are not expecting any revenue from their website. In this comparison, we are talking about

Who uses: All types of Business

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# 10 Main Differences

Given below are some of the main differences between Wix and WordPress.

1. Hosting

Wix has its own domain and hosting. It will provide you with hosting and custom domains. But WordPress is self-hosted. You have to select your hosting provider and connect your website.

Winner: WordPress

2. Support

Wix has its own customer support system. you will get 24/7 support. But WordPress does not provide any customer support. It has some articles and forums to help people. Its hosting provider provides 24/7 support. If you need any in-person support, you have to contact your hosting provider.

Winner: Wix

3. Analytics & Tracking

Wix has its own in-built Analytics and tracking. And WordPress does not have any. But you can integrate it with Google Analytics and RankMath to get your website analytics.

Winner: Wix

4. Marketing Automation

Wix has its own Marketing automation like email marketing. But WordPress does not have any in-built marketing automation. You can use so many plugins for your Marketing automation needs.

Winner: Wix

5. App Market

Wix has so many in-built and third-party apps in its App market. The App Market of WordPress is called Plugins. Wix has around 300+ apps. In WordPress, there are around 60,000 plugins are available.

Winner: WordPress

6. Pricings

WordPress is affordable when compared to Wix. WordPress is a self-hosted website. So, you can choose your hosting provider. You can choose an affordable host and domain. Bluehost is the popular hosting provider of WordPress. Its plan starts from $2.95 /mo. Wix has its own domain and hosting. Wix pricing starts from $16 /mo.

Winner: WordPress

7. Templates & Designs

Wix has around 500+ templates. On the other hand, WordPress has around 5000+ themes and templates.

Winner: WordPress

8. Small Business

Both Wix and WordPress are good for creating small business websites. They both have so many apps and plugins for small businesses like booking systems, appointments, hotels, event calendars, etc.

Winner: Tie

9. Portfolio

Wix is good for creating Portfolio websites. It has so many in-built galleries for Portfolio. And also, it has so many built-in and third-party apps to showcase your works and sell your arts. On the other hand, WordPress gallery is not that good. But it has so many plugins for creating portfolio websites.

Winner: Wix

10. Ease of Use

Wix is very easy to use and it is direct. It has its own domain and hosting provider. You don’t have to do anything. But in the case of WordPress, it is a self-host website. You will have all the control of your website. So, you have to purchase your hosting from a third-party hosting provider. And also, you have to do everything like updation, backup, etc. So, WordPress is a little difficult to use.

Winner: Wix


In-depth Review

Spoiler Alert!

Ease of UseWix 4.5 4
Value for MoneyWordPress 4.5 5
Templates & DesignWordPress 4.5 5
Website EditorTie 5 5
Portfolio &
Wix 5 4.5
Small BusinessTie 5 5
Start-upsWordPress 4.5 5
eCommerceWordPress 5 4.5
BloggingWordPress 4.5 5
App Market / PluginsTie 5 5
Marketing AutomationWix 5 4
SEOWordPress 4.5 5
Analytics & TrackingWix 5 4
Customer SupportWix 5 4
Our Rating 5 5

1. Ease of Use


If you’re planning to create beautiful professional websites for your business, events, eCommerce, your personal portfolio, or even just a school project, then Wix is a really powerful option. You can create beautiful customizable websites without any effort at all. Initially, you may find it difficult if you are a beginner. But, Wix will give you a video tutorial step by step once you sign up. And enter to the editor.

After you sign in to your account, Wix will ask you several questions to know more about what kind of Website you are going to build. You can answer those questions or just skip them. After that, you want to choose how you are going to create your website. Either you can create with an editor or Wix will create a website for you by answering those questions using its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI).

Wix design choosing

ADI is faster and easier to make your website at first. But you will lose the customization freedom that you have. If you are artistic-minded, then I recommend you to choose “Create your Website with the Editor”. Because you will get a lot more freedom of customization. After you are done editing your website, you can check how it looks on the desktop and Mobile. You can adjust the blocks to look good on mobile using the mobile editor. It doesn’t change the desktop view. That is cool.

There are a lot of features and options available in Wix. In the dashboard, all the options are well arranged on the left side. So you can easily navigate from one option to another. You will see Marketing & SEO, Analytics & Report, Finance, etc. You can also change your site language by using Multilingual. After everything is done, you can publish your site.

Wix dashboard
Wix dashboard

Wix provides one more website design tool with advanced design and layouts. It is more responsive to other platforms like Mobile and Tablet when compared to Wix Editor. The main difference between Wix and Editor X is that Editor X has a responsive design. It will show different and responsive layouts on different devices.

Wix Editor X
Wix Editor X


There are two WordPress are available. One is and the other is is a simple website builder used for blogging and small businesses. is the real WordPress. is open-source software. You have to download the software. And also WordPress is a Self-hosted website. You can host your website on any hosting provider you want. So, hosting will be the only cost you’ll have for building your website. The most recommended hosting provider is Bluehost. The domain name comes free with Bluehost and WordPress and their website.

WordPress Homepage
WordPress Homepage

After selecting Bluehost from the hosting, it will redirect to the Bluehost website. After clicking “get started now”, it will bring us to the pricing page. You can select any plans out there. Then you have to choose your domain name. If it is available, you can set up the account information, package information, package extra, and payment information. Then click the submit button.


After that, you have to create the Bluehost account with that domain name, and password. Then login to the Bluehost account. Then click the “create your website” button. Then there will be so many options like “how much help you want”, “what kind of site are you creating”, etc. You can either select it or skip it.

Create an account on bluehost
Create an account on Bluehost

Then you have to select “How do you like to build your WordPress site”. There are 2 options that will be available. “Limitless customization” and “Fast, easy site-building”. Here I am selecting Limitless customization. Then themes page will appear (You can either choose or set it up later). There are free and premium themes that will be available. Then your WordPress will install on the Bluehost. It will redirect you to the Bluehost dashboard. Then you have to verify your email address and then log in to your WordPress account.

WordPress Bluehost
WordPress – Bluehost

Then, it will lead you to your WordPress Dashboard. All you need to build a website will be available on the left side of the WordPress dashboard. It includes posts, Media, Pages, Designs, Templates, Appearance, Plugins, Settings, etc. You can create beautiful websites of any type using this WordPress.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

Key Take-Aways: Wix is simple and easy to use when compared to WordPress. Wix is a direct website builder. But WordPress is a little complex to use. You will get full control over the website. So you have to do everything from beginning to end.

Winner of Ease of Use: Wix

Wix: 1-0 : WordPress

2. Pricing

Trial period14 daysNo
Starting price$16/mo$2.95/mo (bluehost)
eCommerce Price$27/mo – $59/mo$9.95/mo (bluehost ecommerce)
enterprise pricecustom pricingCustom Pricing


Wix is an affordable Website Builder. It has a free plan and also paid plans. Its Paid Plan includes Website Plans, Business & eCommerce Plans, and Enterprise Plans. You can create and test your website using its Free Plan. Without upgrading, you can go live for free. However, if you want your own domain name instead of the Wix subdomain, then you have to upgrade. If you subscribe to an annual plan, then you will get a free custom domain.

Website Plan ($0 – $45): Wix Website builder Pricing is starting from $0 to $45. You will get all the website builder features except eCommerce features in this plan. If you buy the Wix website builder plan (Which costs you around $15 /month) then Wix provides you website builder, hosting, and a premium domain for free with no additional charges.

Wix website plan

Business & eCommerce Plan ($27 – $59): If you need a complete eCommerce solution, then you should go for the Business & eCommerce Plan.

Wix eCommerce plan

Know more about Wix Pricing


WordPress is a self-hosted website with self-hosting platforms like Bluehost, SiteGround, DreamHost, etc. You have to purchase your own hosting and domain and install the WordPress software onto that login. You can buy it through NameCheap, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc. You will get a custom in both for free for 1 year using Bluehost. You have to renew your domain name each year. hosting hosting Providers

Bluehost plan starts from $2.95 /mo. You will get a Free Domain Name, Free SSL Certificate, Automatic WordPress Install, Expert 24/7 support, and Secure, reliable hosting, WordPress is more recommending Bluehost hosting.

Basic Plan: $2.95 /mo => You will get 1 Website, 50 GB SSD Storage, Custom Themes, 24/7 Customer Support

Plus Plan: $5.45 /mo => Unlimited websites, Unlimited SSD Storage, Custom Themes, 24/7 Customer Support.

Choice Plus Plan: $5.45 /mo => Plus Plan with added privacy and security features.

Pro Plan: $13.95 /mo => You will get more power with optimized web resources + Plus plan features.

Bluehost pricing
Bluehost pricing

Key Take-Aways: WordPress is affordable when compared to Wix. Wix has its own domain and hosting. Even though it is expensive. In the case of WordPress, the cost will vary depending on the hosting provider.

Winner of Pricing: WordPress

Wix: 1-1 : WordPress

3. Templates & Designs

Drag & Drop
Theme Customization levelGoodVery Good
Prebuilt SectionsYesNo


Wix provides you with around 500 templates. All are eye-catching and attractive. In Wix, templates are separated into 5 categories like Business & Services, Store, Creative, Community, and Blog. Under that, there are a lot of subcategories like Business, Health & Wellness, Travel & Tourism, Beaty, Fashion, etc. It also has E-Commerce templates, Education related templates, etc. You can also create a website from blank templates. Wix allows you to showcase your creativity. You can create your own colors and themes. So any type of business from students to large corporations can use the Wix Website builder.

Wix templates
Wix templates

Wix has its own logo maker. All you have to do is answer some questions about our site. They will suggest suitable logos for our website.

Wix logo maker
Wix logo maker


WordPress has around 5000 themes and templates. You will get free and paid themes and templates there. If you are using free themes, then WordPress will provide you with only limited support. And you will get premium support for Paid themes.

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

Themes are categorized into 3 different sections. Subject, Features, and Layout. The subject includes Blog, E-Commerce, Education, Entertainment, etc. Features include Accessibility Ready, Editor style, Custom background, etc. The layout contains different layouts like Grid Layout, One Column, Two-column, etc. You can filter from these and they will suggest templates for you. WordPress does not have any in-built or third-party plugins for Logo making.

Wordpress theme builder
WordPress theme builder

Key Take-Aways: Wix has fewer themes and templates when compared to WordPress. Wix has around 500 templates. On the other hand, WordPress has 60,000+ themes and templates.

Winner of Themes & Template: WordPress

Wix: 1-2 : WordPress

4. Editor


Wix editor is advanced. You will get a lot of features within the editor. You can add strips, Text, Images, buttons, galleries, Menus & Anchors, Events, Bookings, etc. All these will be available in different styles also. You can also customize it in the way you want. All you have to do is just Drag & Drop. Simple. After you have done editing your website, you can preview your website in desktop mode and mobile. It will not automatically optimize for mobile phones. You have to do it manually. If you move an object to optimize for mobile, it will not affect the desktop view.

Wix editor
Wix editor

You will get instructions from Wix if you do any mistakes. It is like, they are watching us. For example, If you drag your image outside of the Margin, we will get a notification like “You dragged an element outside the gridline, some of your visitors won’t see it”. That is a cool thing. So you can avoid simple mistakes and can create a beautiful Website.

Wix Warning
Wix Warning

You can also edit an image from within the editor. You can apply filters, and adjust the properties like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. You can crop, resize, cut out, etc.

Wix Image editor
Wix Image editor

For creating mobile-optimized websites, you have to do it manually. From there you can create mobile responsive websites. You can change the background, resize fonts, buttons, etc. without affecting the desktop view. You can also hide some desktop content and you can replace them with mobile-only elements. You can change layouts using a page layout optimizer.

You can change the overall style of your site by using “Site design”. You can change the color and text theme. You can also change the page background of your website.

Wix site wide styling

Mobile Editor: Wix also has an app. You can edit your website from mobile also. From there you can create mobile responsive websites. You can change the background, and resize fonts, buttons, etc. without affecting the desktop view. You can also hide some desktop content and you can replace them with mobile-only elements. You can change layouts using a page layout optimizer.


WordPress provides different types of themes like Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, etc. They all have different types of editors. The normal editor of WordPress is Gutenberg editor. Given below is the Gutenberg editor. Gutenberg editor is a simple editor. It contains different blocks like Images, Videos, Tables, Lists, etc. Within the Gutenberg editor, you will get a Classic editor. It is also simple. You can add images, videos, links, lists, etc. from there also.

Wordpress guerberg editor
WordPress Gutenberg editor

Elementor is another type of editor that we can install from plugins. It is free. It is a simple drag-and-drop editor. It also contains different elements like Images, a Text editor, Video, buttons, Google Maps, Portfolio, etc. You just need to drag and drop the elements you want. WordPress also gives you so much customization freedom. You will get SEO optimization in the editor itself. So you can set up the title, Meta description, keywords, etc.

WordPress Elementor Editor
WordPress Elementor Editor

You can drag and drop the editor within a block. But you can’t place anything anywhere you want.

After done editing for the desktop, it will automatically optimize for the Mobile also. You don’t have to do anything. That is cool.

Key Take-Aways: Website editors of both Wix and WordPress are great. You will get a lot of features in the Editor itself. There are a lot of customization features are available in both.

Winner of Website Editor: It’s a Tie

Wix: 2-3 : WordPress

5. Small Business


By using Wix, you can create beautiful small business websites. There are so many in-built apps for Wix creating small business websites. It has its own booking, Calendar, Events, hotels, etc.

Wix bookings
Wix bookings

You can also use third-party apps like the Small Business Phone System, invoice & accounting, Shirtsy Dropship, etc. There are paid and also free plugins available.

Wix small business
Wix Small Business apps


As I told you, WordPress is also good for small businesses. They are providing so many plugins for Small businesses. Both paid and free. Small business features include Bookings & appointments, event schedules, Local pickup, etc. They include WP ERP, WP Ever Accounting, Jetpack CRM, Salon booking system, etc.

WordPress Small business
WordPress Small business

Key Take-Aways: Both Wix and WordPress are good for small businesses. Both of them have in-built as well as third-party apps for small businesses like bookings, appointments, events, hotels, etc.

Winner of Small Business: Its a Tie

Wix: 3-4 : WordPress

6. Start-ups

The important features that need to be considered while creating Start-up websites are Time zone Marketing, GDPR, Blogs, SAAS integration (Automated chat support), Support tour, etc. Using both Wix and WordPress, you can create Websites for Start-up.


Wix start up
Wix startup


You can also create Start-up websites using WordPress. WordPress also gives you so many plugins for creating start-up websites. It includes, Popup builder, Translate WordPress with GTranslate, MailChimp for WordPress, etc.

WordPress Start-ups
WordPress Start-ups

Key Take-Aways: Both Wix and WordPress are good for creating websites for Startups. They both have so many apps and plugins for creating Startups like pop-ups, time zone Marketing, GDPR, Blogs, SAAS integration, Automated charts support, Support tour, etc.

Winner of Start-ups: Its a Tie

Wix: 4-5 : WordPress

7. Portfolio & Photography


Wix Gallery is cool. There are different types of galleries are available. They are Pro Gallery, Grid Gallery, Slider Gallery, etc. You can showcase your images in different ways and models using this Gallery. So, Creating portfolio websites and photography websites will be easy using Wix. You can showcase your works in a creative manner.

Wix Gallery
Wix Gallery

You can use different layouts for your gallery. You can also change the direction, orientation, and alignment of your layout. And also, you can change the Spacing, Density, etc.

Wix image layout settings
Gallery layout

Wix has in-built as well as third-party apps for the gallery. Some of them include Photo & Video gallery, Wix pro gallery, an Impressive slide show gallery, etc.

Wix photography apps
Wix photography apps

Wix has a great Media Library. You will get plenty of quality images. Wix has its own media. Besides, we can select images from Shutterstock and Unsplash. They all are stock images and we can use them for free. You can also upload your own images and use them on your website.



You can create beautiful portfolio templates using WordPress. They are providing the Portfolio element in the Elementor editor itself. But it is not that good. And also they are providing so many plugins for creating portfolios. There are plugins like “Portfolio Awesome”, “Portfolios”, “Elegant Addons for elementor”, “MB portfolio”, etc.

WordPress portfolio
WordPress portfolio

WordPress has a Media Library. You can upload your images and videos to the Media library of WordPress. It also has its own stock images.

WordPress images
WordPress images

Key Take-Aways: Wix is good for creating portfolio websites. They offer more gallery options, slide shows, etc. So, it is easy to showcase your works. And also, so many third-party apps are also available. But in the case of WordPress, the Gallery feature is limited. But you can install so many plugins for creating Portfolio.

Winner of Portfolio: Wix

Wix: 5-5 : WordPress

8. eCommerce

Starting Pricing $27$12
Digital Products
Payment Options70+ payment gateways70+ payment gateways
Transaction fees0%0-2%(WooCommerce Payments)
Shipping OptionUSPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. +Third party appsUSPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. + Third party apps


Wix provides you with various templates for eCommerce Websites. You can create your own online store website using Wix. There are templates like Fashion & Clothing, Jewellery & Accessories, Arts & Crafts, etc. All you have to do is select a template and customize it according to your store. But it comes under different pricing. The eCommerce plan starts from $27 to $59 /mo. It includes:

  • Sell on social channels ($27 /mo)
  • Sell on marketplaces ($32 /mo)
  • Customized reports ($59 /mo)
  • Storage : 50 GB ($27), 100 GB ($32), Unlimited ($59)
  • Bookings analytics
  • Multi-calendar sync
  • SMS notifications
Wix eCommerce, blog & portfolio templates
Wix eCommerce, blog & portfolio templates

There are around 80 payment gateways are available all around the world. It includes Wix payments, Affirm, RazorPay, Braintree, etc.

Wix payment
Wix payment


You can create eCommerce websites in WordPress so easily using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of the popular eCommerce platforms on the market. You can also use so many eCommerce plugins for selling products, and other e-commerce needs. It includes Ecwid eCommerce Shopping, WooCommerce shipping & tax, eCommerce product catalog, etc. WooCommerce is more advanced than Wix. It provides more features when it comes to eCommerce.

Wordpress eCommerce
WordPress eCommerce

In WooCommerec also, there are around 80 payment gateways are available. It includes WooCommerce payments, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.

WordPress payment
WordPress payment

Key Take-Aways: WordPress is good for creating eCommerce websites. WordPress allows you to connect with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of the popular eCommerce website builders. It has more features when compared to Wix. And also, there is no separate pricing to create an eCommerce website.

Winner of eCommerce: WordPress

Wix: 5-6 : WordPress

9. Blogging


You can create blogs using Wix. They also provides so many beautiful templates for creating Blogs. It is categorized into Personal Blog, Food & Travel News & Business, Arts, etc. All you have to do is select a template and start blogging. But it’s kind of limited. You don’t get a whole lot of control over the layout of your posts, aside from being able to add images, videos, and dividers. It is easy to use, but we’d love to see more options for both editing and posting.

Wix blog Templates
Wix Blog Templates

You can also include a blog section on your other websites also. They have so many layouts and sections for that like post list, recent post, category menu, Tag cloud, archive, etc.

Wix Blogs
Wix Blogs

Wix also has so many in-built and third-party apps for creating blogs. They are Easy Blog, Wix Blog, DropIn blog, etc.

Wix blog apps
Wix blog apps


WordPress, on the other hand, has a long-held reputation as being one of the best tools for blogging. You can add blogs from the “Post option”. Then click “Add new”. Their blog feature is powerful, with the ability to add tags, categories, and RSS. And also it provides a lot of plugins for comments, related posts, polls, etc.


WordPress blog-related plugins are given below. They include News & Blog Designer Pack (WordPress blog plugin), PostX, MailerPoet, WP Blog & Widget, Blog Designer, etc.


Key Take-Aways: WordPress is good for blogging when compared to Wix. Wix has limitations for creating blogs. But in the case of WordPress, it is one of the best sites for creating blogs. There are so many customization options available in the blog editor.

Winner of Blogging: WordPress

Wix: 5-7 : WordPress

10. App Market / Plugins



Wix’s App Market has over 300+ apps to help you enhance your site. Whether you can integrate Wix with plenty of in-built apps as well as third-party apps. In-built apps include Wix Bookings, Wix Pricings, Wix forms & Payment, Events, etc. Third-party apps include eDesk, Coupon X Discount Code Pop-Ups, Custom Background Music, Google Search Ads by Cobiro, Multi-channel fulfillment with Amazon, Instagram, etc. There are free and also Paid apps available in the Wix App Market. You will get third-party apps for SEO, Marketing Automation, Analytics & Tracking, etc.

Wix integration
Wix App Market


WordPress does not have an App Market. Instead, it has around 60,000+ plugins to help you add different features to your site. There are free as well as paid plugins available. Plugins are not like Wix App Market. You need a little technical knowledge to install and successfully update them each time if there is a new version.

WordPress plugin
WordPress plugin

Key Take-Aways: Wix has around 300+ apps available in the app market. On the other hand, WordPress has around 60,000 plugins.

Winner of App Market / Plugins: WordPress

Wix: 5-8 : WordPress

11. Marketing Automation

Inbuilt email marketing tool
Integration with
eBay, Amazon, etc.


Wix has an in-built Marketing automation tool. It is called Ascend by Wix. It is an all-in-one business tool that allows you to send stunning emails. By using Wix ascend, you can build a strong relationship with your customer and you can easily promote your product and services through email.

Wix ascend offers only basic analytics and report. You will not get it in your free plan. It has a separate pricing plan. For better analytics and report, you have to upgrade to the $49 plan. On the lower plans, you will get only the basic information of deliverability rate, open rate, and click rate. In the report, you can see only the number of automation that you send. That is quite disappointing. You can’t even track your revenue.

Wix ascend
Wix ascend
Wix analytics & report
Wix delivery statistics

Most of the users won’t use Ascend by Wix for their marketing. They will use third-party apps like MailChimp, Omnisend, and Google Listing & Ads for their Marketing purpose. You can see the comparison between Wix Ascend Vs MailChimp here.

Wix Marketing
Wix Marketing Apps


WordPress does not provide any in-built marketing automation. But WordPress has so many plugins for doing MArketing automation. There are around 400 plugins are available. It includes FlentCRM’s Email Marketing Automation, MailChimp, Omnisend, Zoho Marketing automation, etc. And also, there are free plugins are also available.

WordPress Marketing automation
WordPress Marketing automation

Key Take-Aways: Wix has in-built tools for Marketing automation. Its email marketing is called Ascend by Wix. It has also so many third-party apps for creating Marketing automation. WordPress does not have any in-built Marketing automation. But you can install so many plugins for it.

Winner of Marketing Automation: Wix

Wix: 6-8 : WordPress

12. SEO


Wix has many SEO settings, Schema, and third-party SEO apps from top companies. So there is a high chance that your Wix website getting a better Google rank. It has a lot of SEO features and SEO options in the dashboard as well as in the website builder. It will help you with both On-page & Off-page SEO. You can set up your Title, Meta tags, meta descriptions, etc. with the help of Wix SEO optimization tools. And also Wix will create a Site map and submit it to the search engine.

Wix SEO tools and setting
Wix SEO tools.

Third-party apps include Rabbit SEO, rankingCoach Get Found Online, Deepcrawl, etc.

Wix SEO apps
Wix SEO apps


WordPress provides even more. Its software comes with limited SEO features. You also have access to tons of powerful plugins such as Yoast SEO, RankMath SEO, Google Analyticator, etc. which help you to reduce your SEO efforts. RankMath SEO is given below. We can set up focus keywords, meta descriptions, titles, etc. through RankMath SEO.

WordPress SEO
WordPress SEO

So many plugins are available in WordPress for SEO Activities. There will be plugins for local SEO, image optimization, etc. See the full list of SEO plugins here.

WordPress SEO Apps
WordPress SEO Apps

Key Take-Aways: WordPress has more advanced SEO when compared to Wix. You can install powerful SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and RankMath. Wix has an in-built SEO optimization tool. But it is a little basic when compared to WordPress.

Winner of SEO: WordPress

Wix: 6-9 : WordPress

13. Analytics & Tracking


In Wix, the reports are provided according to the parameters like Traffic, Sales, and People. You will get the report as a table, line chart, and bar chart. So, you can analyze your business according to the season and trends and can optimize your own strategy. You can learn a lot by comparing your sales performance.

Wix reporting
Wix reporting

For example, given below is a graphical report of Sales by Item. Here dark green represents your current period and light green represents your previous period. And here we took sales measure as gross sales. By analyzing this chart you can compare your sales in the current year and the previous year. So that, you can create your own strategy to improve sales in the next year.

Wix analytic report

There are so many third-party apps available for analyzing and tracking your website. They include Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google tag manager, etc.

Wix Analytics Apps
Wix Analytics Apps


WordPress does not have in-built analytics and reporting. You have to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website. There are also other analytics plugins available in WordPress like Analytify, WooCommerce Pixel manager,, etc. See the full list of Analytics & Tracking plugins here.

WordPress Analytics
WordPress Analytics

Key Take-Aways: Wix its own analytics and tracking. It is advanced. You will get a report on Sales, traffic, and people. But WordPress does not have in-built Analytics & reporting. You have to install plugins like Google Analytics, RankMath, etc. In Wix also, there are a lot of apps for analytics & reporting.

Winner of Analytics & Tracking: Wix

Wix: 7-9 : WordPress

14. Customer Support

WiX WordPress
Live chat


Wix provides you with customer support via Email and phone. You will get 24/7 support from Wix. No matter what, you will get the response within minutes whatever your query is. That is a great thing. You will get phone support in various languages like English, Spanish, etc. There is also Forum, articles, and tutorials that are easy for beginners where you can search for your query. But Wix does not provide live chat.



WordPress is open-source software. It is technically free. So, they don’t provide any official support. They provide documentation and a forum. So, it will be easy to find answers. However many hosting providers like Bluehost and SiteGround have knowledge of WordPress and they will provide support.

Bluehost support
Bluehost support

Key Take-Aways: Wix has great customer support. You will get 24/7 support. WordPress is open software. So, it does not provide any customer support. Instead, it has articles and forums.

Winner of Customer Support: Wix

Wix: 8-9 : WordPress

15. Pros & Cons


A great number of stunning templates.Wix websites will not show a loading icon in the browser. So, you may not know whether the website is loading or not when you click the second page.
A lot of in-built and third-party integration.You can’t change the template layout if you select one layout.
A lot of customization options are available.You can’t set up a professional email for free. You have to pay for email hosting.
In-built optimization and Marketing Automation tools.
Better analytics & Reporting.
Better customer support.


High customization options. You have to maintain your website yourself (Update themes, plugins, etc).
You can select your own hosting service.You have to install WordPress software.
around 60,000 pluginsYou have to do the backups.
A good number of templates
Affordable compared to
You will get more control over SEO.

16. Alternatives

Alternatives of Wix & WordPress

>> Squarespace

>> Jimdo

>> Google Sites

>> GoDaddy

>> Webflow

>> WordPress

>> BigCommerce

>> Weebly


Why should you use Wix over WordPress?

  1. It is easy to use website builder with a drag and drop editor.
  2. Wix has an outstanding number of templates for free. All are classy and pleasing and also well-formatted.
  3. You will get better in-built analytics & reporting.
  4. You will get a free domain for a one-year hosting plan.
  5. If you want to downgrade from a higher plan to a lower plan, you will get credit from the previous purchase.

Why should you use WordPress over Wix?

  1. WordPress is affordable when compared to Wix.
  2. Self-hosted website
  3. You will get complete control over the website.
  4. Around 60,000 plugins are available
  5. There is no separate pricing for creating an eCommerce website.

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