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Squarespace vs Godaddy Website Builder – Which Is Better For Your Needs?

GoDaddy vs Squarespace

Squarespace and GoDaddy are well-known web service companies, Squarespace is a fully-fledged platform to build beautiful websites, and Godaddy is one of the famous domain providers and also a hosting & website building platform. We here at Websitebuilderly built multiple sites on each platform to know about the features and functions of the platforms, we tested both platforms and compared their important features in this blog.

#Quick Summary

Below are a quick summary of Squarespace and Godaddy Site Builder platforms.


  • Squarespace is known for website building
  • A 15-day free trial with economic plans ($16- $49)
  • Squarespace has 100+ well-designed themes
  • The level of theme customization is good.
  • Advanced e-commerce Features
  • Squarespace offers good support through live chat and email.
Try Squarespace

Godaddy Site Builder

  • Famous for domain registration, not for a website builder
  • Economic plans with a free plan ($9.99 – $29.99)
  • GoDaddy has over 150+ themes.
  • The level of theme customization is basic
  • Fundamental eCommerce features
  • GoDaddy offers good support through live chat and phone.
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#7 Main Differences

1. Pricing

Godaddy plans are cheaper than Squarespace, their hosting price ranges from $9.99 – $29.99 Whereas Squarespace Price ranges from $16-$49. Godaddy domain cost just $1 for the first year, and Squarespace provides a free domain for annual plans.
Winner: Godaddy

2. Domain and Hosting

Both of the platforms provide domain, hosting, and security. Godaddy is famous for domains & not for a website builder or hosting. We tested the server response time. Squarespace websites load faster than GoDaddy & Godaddy’s websites are often going down.
Winner: For domain: Godaddy, For Hosting: Squarespace

3. Editor

Godaddy and Squarespace are good editors, but GoDaddy doesn’t have a drag and drop feature whereas in Squarespace you can move the content, and rearrange them by the drag and drop feature.
Winner: Squarespace

4. E-commerce Features

Squarespace has better e-commerce features from basic to advanced & all plans have unlimited resources for storage, bandwidth, products & everything, whereas GoDaddy has a lot of limitations & their renewal fees are double.
Winner: Squarespace

5. Small Business

Godaddy and Squarespace offer various plans for small businesses like appointments, bookings, events, and a small store functionality you can access these features in GoDaddy’s ($9.99) plan whereas Squarespace offers them from a business plan($23). But Godaddy has a lot of limitations also Godaddy’s monthly plan is double. Squarespace has no limitations for all plans and also has dedicated applications for small businesses.
Winner: Squarespace

6. Portfolio & Photography

Both GoDaddy and Squarespace provide good portfolio themes, but Squarespace has better portfolio templates and customizing features than GoDaddy. Squarespace has client galleries for photographers. Prebuilt & custom portfolios for artists.
Winner: Squarespace

7. Support

Godaddy offers 24*7 phone, and live chat but no email support. Whereas Squarespace offers 24*7 Email support, and Live chat support on weekdays
Winner: Tie

FAQ: Squarespace vs Godaddy

1. Ease Of UseGodaddy4.24.5
2. Domain and HostingSquarespace4.54
3. Pricing and PlansGodaddy4.34.6
4. Themes and EditorSquarespace4.52.0
5. Small BusinessSquarespace4.64.2
6. Portfolio & PhotographySquarespace4.73.5
7. Ecommerce FeaturesSquarespace4.64.4
8. Blog & NewsSquarespace4.74.1
9. SEOTie4.54.5
10. Marketing FeaturesGodaddy4.74.4
11. Apps & IntegrationsSquarespace4.52.8
12. Analytics & ReportSquarespace4.73.6
13. Support and ResourcesSquarespace4.54.6

1. Ease Of Use


Squarespace is easy to set up but while you are getting started you might need to go through some themes and templates to learn how they can be customized, as all themes are different in what they offer. After that, you will find lots of ways of customizing and designing the store. You need to go through different dashboards to access the theme Editor, eCommerce, and scheduling features.

Squarespace editor options


Although GoDaddy website builder might not provide much of options in the editor, if you try it out to build a simple and good-looking site it will be easy to build. GoDaddy has over 100+ built-in themes for all kinds of websites, just pick a theme and play with the layouts and colors and you will create a really good website. It has a single dashboard where you can access the settings, theme editor, and website add-on features like blog, store, SEO, etc.

Godaddy ease of use
GoDaddy Website editor

Key take-aways: Both Squarespace and GoDaddy are easy to use, but GoDaddy has fewer features. it is easy to navigate and its learning curve is minimal as compared to Squarespace.

The winner of the Ease Of Use Feature: Godaddy

Godaddy: 1-0 :Squarespace

2. Domain and Hosting

DomainSquarespace may not be famous for domain registration, but surprisingly it provides more than 300 domain extensions, You have 100% ownership and you can connect or transfer to any other platform including Godaddy. get a custom domain for 1 year on any of Squarespace’s annual planGoDaddy is famous for domain registration. You can register domain extensions like .com, net, org, and 500+ more domain extensions for a very cheap price for the 1st year. Godaddy has more advanced domain settings than Squarespace, but Squarespace’s website builder is more advanced than Godaddy’s website builder
HostingSquarespace is kept secret when it comes to hosting servers. There is no official information. But Squarespace server response & load speed are faster than Godaddy’s all plans!Godaddy has several types of hostings. They have hosted over 15 million+ websites all around the globe. so they offer plenty of hosting options like shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS, and business hosting, If you wish to build a website using WordPress, They have offered dedicated hosting plans for WordPress.
SSLAll Squarespace plans have included a free SSL certificate.GoDaddy offers free SSL Certifications on all plans. it also provides advanced premium SSL certification at $64/month.
Storage and BandwidthSquarespace offers unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth, there is no cap on any of the plans.GoDaddy offers unlimited storage & bandwidth on all website builder plans
Business EmailsSquarespace offers a professional domain email from Google workspace, you can get it free by buying their annual business or eCommerce plan.Godaddy offers two plans for a professional domain email.
Individual plan $1.99/mo*
Team plan –

The main difference between the two plans is that the team plan can collaborate with members of your team.
Uptime and Speed ServerSquarespace has around 99.98% and average speed response time of 200 msGodaddy hosting offers an uptime of 99.92% and an average response time of 300 ms

We analyzed the Top 10 Websites of both platforms to check their server response and, we found that most of the Squarespace website’s avg server response time is 190-230 ms, Whereas the Godaddy website’s avg speed response time is 290-340ms. which means websites hosted on Squarespace load faster in comparison to GoDaddy

Squarespace Server Speed
GoDaddy Server Speed

Key take-aways: Both Squarespace and GoDaddy have good domain and hosting features, but Squarespace has better hosting server response time and uptime. it also offers unlimited storage and bandwidth which is capped in GoDaddy. the domain and email hosting are offered free in the annual website plans of Squarespace but not in the case of GoDaddy.

The winner of Domain and Hosting Feature: For domain: Godaddy, For Hosting: Squarespace

Godaddy: 2-1:Squarespace

3. Pricing & Plans

Trial Period14 days free trialNo trial (free forever)
Starting Pricing $16/mo$9.99/mo
Ecommerce Plans$27/mo – $49/mo$14.99/mo – $29.99/mo
Enterprise Pricingcustom pricingNo


Squarespace has four plans

  • Personal:$23/m($16)
  • Business:$33/m($23)
  • Basic Commerce:$36/m($27)
  • Advanced Commerce:$65/m($49)

(Prices in the Bracket are applicable when you buy a year plan)

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace also provides free custom domains and custom email domains free for one year.


Godaddy offers four website builder plans, You can keep a website free forever or upgrade to any of the four plans to access more features. No credit card is required for the free plan, but there are limitations to the free plan.

Godaddy website builder has four plans

  • Basic:$9.99/m($11.99)
  • Standard:$14.99/m($21.99)
  • Premium:$16.99/m($24.99)
  • Ecommerce:$29.99/m($44.99)

(Prices in the bracket are renewable prices)

Godaddy Pricing

Godaddy pricing renewal fees are high
Godaddy pricing
Godaddy commerce pricing

Key Take-aways: Even though Godaddy renewal & monthly fees are double, no free domain & lots of marketing gimmicks, overall Godaddy plans are cheaper in comparison to Squarespace if you carefully buy their plans without subscribing to their additional pre-checked services such as security, privacy, monitoring, etc. Also, they provide a forever-free plan with a subdomain that is not offered in Squarespace.

The winner of the Pricing & Plans Feature: Godaddy

Godaddy: 3-1 :Squarespace

4. Themes and Editor

Free Themes100+150+
Theme Customization levelGoodBasic
Prebuilt SectionsYesYes


Squarespace is a website builder that has provided award-winning themes. they too have over 100+ free templates that are sorted by type (blog, portfolio,eCommerce, etc) and by topic(arts, design, business, event, etc). Once you choose the themes you can manually drag and drop prebuilt sections and edit sections for different styles as per the design requirements. Themes can be customized easily by the edit option, it has offered plenty of options to customize the themes and sections of themes. you can deploy custom CSS to produce the changes you demand, all themes look good on mobile and tablets.

Squarespace Themes

Squarespace themes

like Godaddy Squarespace too has various prebuilt sections and these sections can be customized for different styles, colors, fonts, etc. you can do sitewide styling for Squarespace as shown in the below video, to add a custom design or elements you need to perform manual customization through custom CSS, HTML, etc.

Adding a Section to Squarespace
Squarespace sitewide styling
Adding custom code to Squarespace

Squarespace editor


Godaddy website builder templates have 150+ free templates, and they have organized themes such as an ( online store, home services, health & beauty, arts & design, etc). With GoDaddy’s free website builder, you can create blogs, shops, Portfolios, and more. Simply choose a theme and customize & edit it for different styles, colors, and fonts in the theme section. All of the themes are mobile responsive and you can cross-check the edits on the mobile by previewing them in the mobile view.

Godaddy Themes

Godaddy themes

In GoDaddy, we can get prebuilt sections, upon clicking on the add section options it will populate various prebuilt sections. These sections can be customized further for different layouts, colors, styles, etc.

adding sections to Godaddy

Users can also manually customize the sections by injecting custom CSS, HTML, JS more.

Adding custom code to Godaddy

Key takeaways: Both Godaddy and Squarespace are having over 100+ free themes but Squarespace offers lots of prebuilt templates and extensive customization features.

The winner of Themes and Editor Feature: Squarespace

Godaddy: 3-2 :Squarespace

5. Small Business


Squarespace has themes for small businesses like restaurants, bookings, events, and more. it’s best for selling products as well as services to offer subscriptions and donations. Squarespace provides a booking system and syncing calendar in a basic version .for advanced booking and scheduling features which are paid and start from $14/month. Squarespace integrates with Square POS but it’s only available in the USA.

Squarespace bookings

Example1: Squarespace appointment website

Squarespace home decor small business website example
Squarespace home decor small business website example

Example2: Squarespace appointment website

Squarespace appointment website
Squarespace appointment website

Example3: Squarespace appointment website

Squarespace membership example website
Squarespace membership example website

To increase the leads & conversation rate, you can make an awesome website on Squarespace, also the editor is flexible and drag & drop, which is not possible with Godaddy

Both platforms don’t charge anything extra for sales.

You can insert Squarespace products inside the blogs also.


Godaddy has provided themes for small businesses like restaurants, home services, health & fitness services, etc thems, in addition to that they have features for appointment feature online booking, appointments, online events, Scheduling, etc. GoDaddy offers a digital marketing suite through which you can grow and brand your website among customers. Godaddy even offers a POS system with special credit card rates for offline stores.

Godaddy appointements

Key take-aways: Squarespace has bookkeeping, branded tracking, wholesale drop shipping, and lots of shipping & fulfillment inbuilt apps. You can sell on social media, multichannel unlimited on Squarespace while Godaddy has only 50 orders/month limitation & also a limitation for the total number of the product listing. Squarespace has a dedicated appointment booking & scheduling application that is much better than Godaddy. You can sell services, subscriptions, products & memberships together on Squarespace. But Squarespace plans are $6 -$15 costlier than Godaddy.

The winner of Small Business Feature: Squarespace

Godaddy: 3-3 :Squarespace

6. Portfolio & Photography


Squarespace has separate a section for Artists, Photographers, and Wedding websites. Users can showcase your work or portfolio beautifully as well as systematically. It has good portfolio themes, gallery templates, Photo storage, and extensive design features. It is also good for building photography websites as it has Client management, proofing, and photo sharing services features.

Squarespace gallery templates

Squarespace gallery


Godaddy too has a collection of beautiful portfolio themes, it has photo gallery widgets to add multiple images to the site and also enables links to galleries. They have provided different layouts for each of the galleries like horizontal, vertical, slideshow, etc. you can change its design, crop images, change frames, etc. Godaddy has more than 5+ photography themes and basic photography features.

Godaddy gallery customization

Godaddy gallery

Key take-aways: Squarespace provides a beautiful inbuilt gallery also the freedom to customize, also client management features for photographers. but Godaddy has limitations in customization and has fewer photography features.

The winner of Portfolio & Photography Feature: Squarespace

Godaddy: 3-4 :Squarespace

7. Ecommerce Features

Ecom FeaturesSquarespaceGodaddy
ProductsIn Squarespace, you can sell digital and physical products and services. upload produces manually or Import them from CSV files, also if you have an Etsy shop, you can import all products directly. Add custom text, images, descriptions, category to products.In GoDaddy, you can sell digital and physical products .upload products manually, or import them from CSV files. Fill title, description, and images to products, embed product videos from youtube or Vimeo, Create categories and add products to them, you can specify the products as taxable or non-taxable. this feature starts from the commerce feature
InventorySquarespace lets you add up to 100 variants for each product, Specify tags to each product to organize products and categorize them. Create low stock alerts, and enable limited availability labels.In Inventory options, you can specify limited stock and low stocks. mention product options for different variants & display them as either as swatches, buttons, dropdowns
Payment optionsSquarespace offers limited payment gateways but they include popular payment providers Paypal, stripe, and Squares as payment options.Godaddy offers plenty of payment options, including popular payments providers like PayPal, stripe, square, and more. check the list of payment gateways
Shipping OptionIn Squarespace too you can offer similar shipping services like GoDaddy, here you can offer free, flat rates, courier rates & rates by weight of the product.Godaddy provided a shipping setup tab to add shipping options on a certain product, you can offer free, local, curbside pickup options. here shipping rates can be kept as flat rates, calculated on order weights, or displayed prices as per carrier rates on USPS or FedEx.
POSSquarespace provides Square POS features at basic and advanced eCommerce plans, you can accept payment through Square payments, but the POS is only available in the United StatesGodaddy has its own POS system it provides a smart terminal and card reader for $249 and $49, it comes with a built-in payment processor.

Squarespace Fashion eCommerce website example

Squaresapace fashion website
Squaresapace fashion website example
Godaddy ecommerce has only 50 orders limitations

Key Take-aways: Godaddy has Ecommerce features at a cheaper price, but their monthly plan & renewal plans are double. Squarespace Ecommerce system developed with taste. You can create, update, and sell in a systematic manner. Godaddy has a lot of limitations for all plans, But Squarespace has no limitations for all plans & has many inbuilt eCommerce Integrations such as shipping-fulfillment, print on demand, order management, financial, etc.

The winner of Ecommerce Features: Squarespace

Godaddy: 3-5 :Squarespace

8. Blogging & News


Squarespace has beautiful themes and templates for blogs, it’s filled with too many options as you click the plus icons you can insert over 40+ widgets as shown below images. In Squarespace, you can categorize, schedule blogs, allow commenting, and social sharing, enable RSS feed, email signups, assign multiple authors, etc.

Squarespace blog editor

Squaresace blogging


Godaddy has a blogging option as an add-on that lets you create and manage blogs. it has limitations upon clicking the plus icon users can only insert images, videos, and spacer to the blog. videos need to be embedded from youtube or Vimeo etc .once the blog is published you can receive email signups and provide a social sharing option to customers. you can categorize. blogs and also can schedule the blog publishing

Godaddy blog editor

Godaddy blogging

Key Takeaways: Squarespace provides blogging customizable templates and more widgets features than Godaddy hence Squarespace is the winner.

The winner of Blogging & News Features: Squarespace

Godaddy: 3-6 :Squarespace

9. SEO

  1. Squarespace
  2. SEO feature on all plans
  3. add meta title, description, permalink, and alt text to improve SEO
  4. Access sitemaps, robot.txt, AMP ages,301 redirects
  1. Godaddy Website Builder
  2. On-page SEO feature is available from the premium plan($9.99)
  3. Provides automated keyword suggestions on basis of store content, business location with SEO Wizard option,
  4. Access sitemaps, and robots. txt, URL redirects
  5. Get professional SEO services from GoDaddy experts

Key Takeaways: Both Squarespace and Godaddy provide good Seo features hence it’s a Tie

The winner of SEO Features: Tie, (Godaddy -1, Squarespace – 1)

Godaddy: 4-7 :Squarespace

10. Marketing Features

1. Social Media

  1. Squarespace
  2. Squarespace with Unfold free mobile app to create social media automation
  3. Inbuilt Customizable templates for story/posts
  4. Schedule/publish posts for social media
  5. Share social media stories on the web
  6. Create customizable bio links for social media
  1. Godaddy Website Builder
  2. Free Social media marketing Features
  3. Inbuilt social media templates
  4. Publish or Schedule posts for social media
  5. Post on social(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  6. Boost social posts within the GoDaddy dashboard
  7. Create and launch ads within the GoDaddy dashboard
  8. Shoppable posts from the Godaddy dashboard
Squarespace Social Media
Squarespace Social Media
GoDaddy social media marketing

2. Email marketing


  1. Ready-made Email Templates
  2. Customizable email templates
  3. Email subscriber sign form
  4. Custom email audience segmentation
  5. Three free campaigns up to 50000 emails/month, to access more campaigns upgrade to a basic plan that starts at $7/month
  6. Integrate with third-party email software like MailChimp
  7. Mobile responsive design and editor

Godaddy Website Builder

  1. Email Marketing Features and Templates
  2. Email marketing templates can be customized and styled as per the brand
  3. Email subscriber sign-up form
  4. Email list segmentation
  5. Free Email Marketing sends/mo
    • 100 emails/mo – (Basic plan)
    • 25,000 emails/mo – (Premium & Commerce plan)
    • 100,000emails/mo -(Commerce Plus)

Key Takeaways: Both Squarespace and Godaddy have marketing features but Godaddy has better social media features and email marketing features.

The winner of Marketing Features: Godaddy

Godaddy: 5-7 :Squarespace

11. Apps & Integration

Squarespace has excellent inbuilt features and also have 30+ third-party extension to facilitate marketing, shipping, accounting, etc. Whereas Godaddy has no extensions.

Squarespace extension

Squarespace extension

Key Takeaways: Squarespace is a clear winner as it has more integration than Godaddy.

The winner of Apps & Integration Features: Squarespace

Godaddy: 5-8 :Squarespace

12. Analytics & Report


Squarespace has really good analytics and reports for commerce, blogs, site content, etc. In the commerce section, you can track sales, purchase funnels, abandoned carts, traffic sources, etc. it also lets you track engagements for form, email, and RSS feed subscribers, and more. By connecting the search console with Squarespace you can track searched keywords on google.

Squarespace analytics

Squarespace Analytics


Godaddy has a basic dashboard that provides data on traffic, sales, orders, social engagements, etc, It’s very basic reports if you want to check more insights and details you need to connect google analytics to your site.

Godaddy analytics dashboard

Godaddy Analytics

Key Takeaways: Squarespace is a clear winner as it provides better insights of analytics and reports of the site, and provides data around plenty of site campaigns whereas Godaddy has basic reporting.

The winner of Analytics & Report Features: Squarespace

Godaddy: 5-9 :Squarespace

13. Support and Resources

Live chat


Squarespace has a good support team, they offer live chat and email support, but no phone support. Their help centers provide video tutorials on using and managing Squarespace, you can join their webinars and active forum to get advice and get help from fellow Squarespace users.

Squarespace support

Squarespace support

Both of the platforms are similarly good at providing support both of them provide live chat, but GoDaddy provides phone support but not email support whereas Squarespace provides email but not phone support.


Godaddy website builder support focuses on providing fast technical support to their customers. They offer 24/7 live chat and phone support, no email support is provided. They provided a knowledge base on setting up and managing the platform, you can also join their active community to discuss your queries with fellow users.

Godaddy Support

Godaddy support

The winner of Support and Resources Features: Squarespace

Godaddy: 5-10 :Squarespace

Top Stories

Pros and Cons: Squarespace vs Godaddy

Squarespace Pros Squarespace Cons
1. it has beautiful templates and flexible customization. 1. it has limited payment providers
2. Squarespace has Add ons and apps to unlock more features 2. 3% store transaction on the business plan.
3. it has better eCommerce-focused plans and features. 3. there is no phone support and live chat offered on weekdays
Godaddy Pros Godaddy Cons
1. It offers cheaper pricings than Squarespace 1. Checkout on a third-party site which decreases customers’ trust in your brand.
2. It offers more payment methods 2. GoDaddy doesn’t have an app store like Squarespace
3. it doesn’t have transaction charges on store orders 3. theme customization is limited

Conclusion: Squarespace vs Godaddy

Use Squarespace over Godaddy,

  • If you want a platform that has more features then Squarespace is better than GoDaddy
  • If you want to create an awesome website
  • If you want a drag & drop editor with design freedom
  • Modern & highly professional templates
  • Fast-loading website & without downtime
  • Great eCommerce & Booking features
  • Extension & Integration to expand your website capabilities.

Try Squarespace

Use Godaddy over Squarespace,

  • If you want a platform to set up a website easily and fast for cheaper pricing then GoDaddy is a comparably better option than Squarespace

Try godaddy

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