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Wix Pricing – How To Avoid Extra Cost? (Save 40% In 2024)

Wix pricing and plans are very flexible. Wix offers you 12 main plans & packages.  In addition to this, you can purchase any premium third-party Wix website apps from the Wix app stores. So, literally, Wix offers millions of options, plans, and possibilities. Your website’s total cost calculation becomes complex as your requirements grow.

Wix offers 4 plans for general websites, 3 plans for eCommerce websites, 4 plans for advanced businesses & marketing automation, and Custom plans for large Enterprises. But Wix free/premium apps and other options make millions of possible plans and pricing!

So, if you don’t know the perfect guidance to buy the right plan for your needs & requirements, then you probably lose at least $150 to $800 per year! Even if you buy the cheapest plan, you may miss important features that may change your business without extra cost! So, I highly recommend reading this entire post to learn how you can save money and get the most features for less price.

We’ll cover how to pick the right plan for your requirements as well as how to avoid the wrong plans and app combinations that may cost you thousands of dollars extra payment. Also, we’ll guide you on how you can use external web functions including eCommerce on your Wix site without buying the eCommerce plan on the cheapest $16 combo plan.

Wix Pricing & Plans – Quick Overview (The Prices May Vary from Time To Time, But The Concept Will Be The Same)

Wix pricing usually ranges from $16/month to $500/month.

  • The $16 Combo plan is enough to make almost all types of general websites.
  • The $27 Business Basic plan is enough to make almost all types of online stores.
  • The $22 Unlimited plan is for high-traffic websites.
  • The $32 Business Unlimited plan is for high-traffic eCommerce websites.
  • $10 Wix ascend is an additional plan that comes with marketing automation, CRM, etc for advanced business websites.
  • The $500 custom plan only suits big corporate companies, so it may not be suitable for most people (This is because they need personalized quick support & complete online end-to-end solutions).

With the $16 Combo plan, you can make a professional business website, photography website, portfolios, blogs, and almost any type of general website.

Wix offers you hosting, domain, templates, marketing tools, 24X7 support, 100’s of apps, 1000’s of features & almost everything you could ever need. So, you don’t need to look for other services that happen in most website builders.

Why Wix did not mention all 1000’s of its features in the plan? Because all those features are available for all plans. The storage, visitor capacity & eCommerce nature differentiate the plans. You get almost all the features even for the cheapest plan.

Wix pricing varies based on your billing cycle. If you want to pay monthly, then it will cost you almost double of 2-year billed monthly pricing.

Wix combo plan pricing variation with billing cycle

Here are the most popular Wix pricing & plans

MonthlyYearlyBest For
Combo$23$16/monthLow Traffic Website
Unlimited$29$22/monthHigh Traffic Website
eCommerce$34$27/montheCommerce Website

Now let’s see all Wix plans

Website $0 – $45$16, $22, $27, $45All Website Builder features except eCommerce
eCommerce$27 – $59$27, $32, $59Complete Online Store Solution
Ascend$0 – $49$0, $10, $24, $49All In One Business Solution.
Apps$0 – $20$0, $1, $2, $3, $20Most of the apps are completely free and all premium apps give you a free version forever.
Enterprise$500 – custom$500, $750, $1000This is for big corporate companies and personalized quick support.
Wix pricing for website plans

Here are the separate additional plans for the advanced business. Wix also introduced their all-in-one business solution called Ascend.

Wix business pricing & plans
Wix business pricing & plans


How To Save 40%?

Before starting this guide, I would recommend you to go through Wix’s main features & come back to this guide. This will help you understand easily & save 40%+.

See Wix Main Features

How To Avoid the Wrong Plan & Save 40%+?

Scenario 1:

If you have only 10 products and you get very few transactions then you don’t need the entire Wix eCommerce – but you need at least the $27/month Business basic plan to accept money. Don’t you think this is costly for you?

Here is the solution!

You don’t even need the Wix business basic plan! Using the $16 Combo plan, you can set up your own online store with Paypal and Stripe payments. (These payment gateways accept 99% of all debit & credit cards & send you the money directly to your bank account)


Here is a simple solution.

Step 1: Go to Wix editor – Click Add Apps – search “Ecwid” – Find “Online Store” by Ecwid – Install it.

Step 2: Set up – add your products, customize.

Step 3: Add Payment details. Enter your Paypal email or connect Stripe for free

Ecwid eCommerce is free for up to 10 products and one payment. This is the best solution to get started quickly if your budget is low. Later, you can change these settings at any time.

Using this method, you can get an online store for $16 instead of the $27 plan, you save $11/month or $132/year! (That is you saved more than 40%)

Even if you buy the Ecwid eCommerce $7 plan, you still save around 20%!

Note:  Ecwid doesn’t offer digital products (large Digital file uploads) You can sell only physical products. In that case, we have another free solution! Go to Wix app store-> Search “eCommerce” -> find eCommerce by POWr app. This Wix app allows you to sell digital products on your Wix website for free!

Scenario 2:

If you need a Booking system with payment, then you need to purchase at least the $27/month Business Basic plan to accept payments. The Wix plans start from $27 to accept any type of payment even if you install any Wix booking apps from the Wix app stores. Wix premium booking app with all features costs you an additional $20/month!

But here, we’ll guide you on how you can use the $16 combo plan with all booking & payment features.

Step 1: First, buy the $16 Combo plan instead of $27 plan or any cheapest plan that connects your domain.

Step 2: Sign up on Setmore  (It is a free online appointment scheduling and booking calendar web software) then connect to your Wix website in a single click (Tutorial) . Setmore offers unlimited appointments with 4 admin users!

Step 3: Verify your bank details and payment systems on Setmore.

Step 4: Share with your clients. Now, people can book and pay using your event calendar on your Wix website.

Using this method, you can save $10/month from the hosting plan & $20/month from the Wix booking app. The total you can save $30/month or $360/year! (That is you saved 230% or you pay 2.3 times less!)

Scenario 3:

If you want a business email, then Wix provides you with Google’s integrated business email on the Wix dashboard. Google G-suit charges you $6/month to $25/month for a business email.

But this is costly for small business owners.

Here is the solution:

How to save 100% for a business email on Wix?

Use Zoho business email for free on Wix! Zoho is the leading business collaboration application provider in the world. It provides you unlimited business emails for 5 domains for completely free. The email looks like Google’s Gmail and it offers you the same features that Google offers in the business email.

Sign up for Zoho business email & connect your Wix domain. Very easy. There are many tutorials on the internet for that.

Scenario 4:

If you want to set up email marketing automation, then you need a Wix-Ascend plan that starts from $10 to $49 per month. Or at least you need to buy Wix Shoutout, but its pricing still starts from $4.90/month to $44/month. That’s not cheap!

Here we will give a simple & easy solution for free!!

Go to the Wix app market & install the Wix Mailchimp app on your website. Mailchimp is a world-leading email marketing automation company. Now you can set up complete email marketing automation, popups, advanced email subscription targets, etc. Mailchimp is actually better than Wix email marketing! You can easily set up the entire Mailchimp on your Wix website for free! (With all features!) You get much superior email tools for free on Mailchimp than the Wix shoutout $44/month plan!

Using this method, you can save 100% (Completely free) 

Scenario 5:

Don’t buy a monthly plan because you don’t get a free domain name, premium apps, or other benefits for any plan’s monthly payment. At least Buy 1-year plan & you’ll get a 22% discount. In addition to it, you get a premium domain for free, premium app, and a lot of benefits.

Scenario 6:

You can change the plan at any time without losing your previous credit. This means, if you buy the unlimited plan at $22/month for a year, then if you feel you want to change that plan to eCommerce just after a few days or next month, then you don’t need to pay the full amount. You pay only the difference.

Don’t forget to take your previous credit while you are changing the plan.

Wix plan change getting the previous credit invoice
Wix plan change getting the previous credit invoice

Scenario 7:

Wix Vouchers

If you need to advertise your website on Google, Bing, or any local listing, then you can get a lot of benefits from Wix vouchers.

Wix vouchers
Wix vouchers

Here I claimed €75 worth Google ads. This ad voucher is independent of any other offers or vouchers.  Enter the Wix ad code & claim. Recently I claimed and got the benefits. You get it for all plans except the entry plan.

You can save your advertisement budget by using Wix ad vouchers. You’ll get $300 worth ad vouchers for Bing, Google and local ads for all plans except the entry plan.

You can also get a free domain name if you didn’t buy a free domain while you are purchasing the main plan.

Scenario 8:

If you are a student or you can access a university email, then here is a surprise for you! You get a 50% discount for all the yearly plans!

Don’t try if you can’t access any student email, because you need to verify the email to get the 50% discount offer.

Once you’ve signed up for free using your student email & verified your email, then login & go to Scroll down until you see the screenshot below. click on “GET CODE & OPEN SITE” button. Yup… That’s it, you get the 50% discount coupon code. Enter that code in the discount field while you are purchasing any yearly plan.

Wix student discount offers 50% on all yearly plans
Wix student discount

Scenario 9:

Wix Coupon Discount Code

If you don’t have a student email, then still you don’t get disappointed! Use the “TAKE10” coupon code to get 10% discount. It should be noted though that this code is NOT VALID for the Combo plan (the cheapest plan).

Once you’ve selected your plan, then Click “Enter promo code” that you can see in the top right corner billing details.

wix plan with discount coupon code offer
wix plan with discount coupon code offer

Once you’ve clicked the “Enter promo code” button, then a text field will appear. Enter “TAKE10” and click apply. Your total bill will get reduced by 10%. This promo code works for all yearly plans except for the cheapest first plan.

But “TAKE10” is valid Only for all one-year plans  & not 2 or 3 yearly payment! (except the first plan.)

Included TaxMonthly
(No Free domain)
(22% + 10% Discount)
Yearly = $264
$16 x 12 months = $192

Yearly = $348
$22 x 12 months = $264/year
(“TAKE10” Coupon code 10% off)
Yearly = $237
eCommerce $34/month
Yearly = 408
$27 x 12 months =$324/year
(“TAKE10” Discount Code 10% Off)
= $291

Here is the Wix cost after all discounts for all plans:


Business Unlimited$33$291.6
Business VIP$56529.2

All Wix Website Plans & Its Cost Details

Now, let’s take a look at all the Wix plans & their cost breakdown:

(No Free Domain)
(10% Discount)
2-Yearly3-YearlyBest for
Combo$17$13 x 12 months

$10.5 x 24 months$9 x 36 months1k/month Visitors Capacity
Unlimited$22$17 x 12 months$13.50 x 24 months$12 x 36 monthsHigh Traffic Website
Pro$27$22 x 12 months$18 x 24 months$16 x 36 monthsBusiness & Celebrity
VIP$47$39 x 12 months$35 x 24 months$31 x 36 monthsQuick Support
eCommerce$28$23 x 12 months$20 x 24 months$18 x 36 monthseCommerce & Business
Business Unlimited$33$27 x 12 months23.50 x 24 months$22 x 36 monthsHigh Traffic eCommerce
Business VIP$56$49 x 12 months$42 x 24 months$38.50 x 36 monthsUnlimited Video & Quick Support
Enterprise$750$500 x 12 month$400 x 24 months$300 x 36 monthsCorporate & High End Website

Which Plan Is Best For You?

Combo Plan – $16 – This plan includes almost all features except those which are payment related (but, by using our above Save 40% tricks, you can get Payment features by installing third-party apps like “Wix Ecwid online store, POWr eCommerce, Square Booking/Calender, Appointments/events, etc). It is best for lower storage websites & approximate 1k visitors/month websites. You can create a business website, photography, portfolio, music, or any type of website except eCommerce. You will get almost all the features except a few value-added apps & priority support.

Unlimited Plan -$22 – Best for high-traffic websites.

Pro Plan – $27 – Best for Branded Business & Celebrity websites without eCommerce

VIP Plan – $39 – Best for high-end businesses & those who want super-fast personalized support.

Note: Website Bandwidth means – All visitor’s totally consumed data from your website

Let’s take a scenario

  • If your web page size is 1 MB (Wix automatically optimizes your web pages & images based on device size. Even if you upload 20 UHD photos, the total size of the page will be around 2MB unless users don’t open/download the images individually.)
  • You get 10 visitors
  • Now, 10MB of bandwidth is used from your Wix hosting.

Ok. Now let’s take a 2nd scenario

  • If your 2nd page is 1.5MB
  • If 4 users out of 10 visitors visited your 2nd web page
  • Then your total bandwidth usage from your 10 visitors is 16 MB.
  • (1MB X10 visitors = 10MB bandwidth, 1.5MBX4 visitors = 6 MB. 10MB+6MB=16MB)
  • Out of 4 people, 2 people visited your 3rd page & assume its size is 2MB. So 2MBX2visitors = 4MB. Now the total data consumed or total bandwidth used from your 10 website visitors is 20MB
  • If 20MB bandwidth is used for 10 visitors, that means average of 2MB/visitors. then how many visitors can able to visit your website per month for 2GB bandwidth?
  • 1GB = 1000MB. (1024MB, but here we take 1k for all calculations, So the final ratio & answer will be the same)  Total visitor capacity = 2000MB/(2MB/1 visitor)= 1000 visitors/month. So your website can able to handle 1k visitors per month or 12k visitors/year for the $16 starter combo plan
  • If you insert your Instagram photos or YouTube videos or Spotify music or Pinterest photos or any other website’s content, then your bandwidth will not be used.

$16 Combo plan’s 2GB bandwidth will be able to handle approximately 1k visitors per month & 12k visitors per year, However, you get all the higher plan features like business tools, email marketing, photography, portfolio, music, blog, hotel, event, calendar, third party booking etc, except eCommerce. You can change your plan without losing your credit. So if you think you won’t get more than 1000 visitors in a month, then I recommend the cheapest plan

If you think you may get more than 1k visitors/month, then buy an Unlimited plan.

Here Are Some Interesting Catches About the Wix Cost Breakdown,

Monthly Payment Combo plan – $22/ month, if you pay monthly (No Free domain)

Yearly Payment Combo Plan = $16 x 12 months = $192 / year (10% coupon code is not valid for this plan)

But if you buy Yearly Unlimited plan, then 22 x 12 months = 264, Enter “TAKE10” Discount code for 10%  Off = $183.6/year

Yearly Payment Unlimited Plan = $237

Only $45 is the difference between the Unlimited plan & Combo plan. (You can downgrade next year). You get a lot of benefits on the Unlimited Plan compared to the Combo plan including higher storage, Unmetered bandwidth, $300 worth of ad vouchers, Site Booster app, Advanced visitors analytics & support. So I recommend you $22 Unlimited Plan for all sites  &  $27 Business Basic for all eCommerce


  1. For a Small business website – $16/month Combo plan is enough (but I recommend that you should buy an Unlimited plan because only $27 is the difference in Annual Billing between Combo plan & Unlimited plan after the “TAKE10” discount Code)
  2. For a Small business website with eCommerce – $27/month eCommerce basic plan is enough
  3. For a website with high traffic – $22 Unlimited plan is enough
  4. For an eCommerce website with high traffic – $27 Business Unlimited plan is enough
  5. For a business website with almost all functions & priority support ( You get free unlimited 24X7 support for all plans, but in this plan, you get extra personalized quick support)  – $49 Business VIP
  6. For a Photography with Portfolio & Wix Pro Gallery website – $22 Unlimited plan is good for you.
  7. For a Photography with Art store -$27 eCommerce plan (Wix art store app and most of the photography-related  is completely free, but to accept payment you need an eCommerce plan)
  8. Wix Musician & Band website – $16 & For Music Album Sales & Merch Online Store Features – $27 Plan is enough
  9. For Artist Portfolio website – $16
  10. Hotel & Restaurant website with online booking & Payment – $27, but if you use external booking applications like Square booking & Appointment, then $16 is enough
  11. Wix Blog – $16
  12. Business, Photography, Music, Booking, Event calendar, Blog, Chat, Email marketing automation & 100+ free apps  – $16 . Yes. You can combine all features in a single website or page within $16!!
  13. Wix’s ascend plans are for advanced business websites. The $10 ascend plan is enough & worth it.
  14. In Wix, there are no pure paid apps. Most of the apps are completely free and few apps give you a free version. If you want more features within booking or business tools, then you can buy it for from $3 to $10.)
  15. Artist Portfolio with Wix art store with print on things on-demand automated dropshipping – $27,
  16. For an eCommerce website with high traffic – $27 Business Unlimited plan is enough (Almost all eCommerce app are free like Wix Stores, Complete email marketing automation, Printful, Dropshipping & 100+ apps)

What If You Buy a Wrong Wix Plan For Your Needs?

Wix pricing & plans are very flexible and customer friendly. One thing I can guarantee is that you don’t need to worry about your website cost, even if you buy a wrong plan for your needs! You can change your plan at any time without losing your money! You can even re-assign your plan with a different website or transfer sites or upgrade & downgrade even after the 6th month or 10th month or after a week or at any time.

You can even get a full refund within 14 days of the payment with no questions asked. First, Go to Wix – Sign up – select a template – edit – then buy the cheapest plan. Then create, run & manage a website. Slowly you will understand which plan suits you best, and then you can change it (don’t buy a costly plan in the beginning).

Wix pricing and plan change setting. You can upgrade the plan at any time
Wix pricing and plan change setting

If you buy any plan then you will get all the settings shown in the above screenshot. If you buy the cheapest plan, then there is no harm, you can upgrade at any time without losing your credit, but if you buy the costly plan, then you may lose some money.

See Wix Main Features

Note 1: Wix mentioned Business & eCommerce plan starts from $27/month, but if you don’t need any eCommerce features then you can make any type of highly professional business website with marketing tools using the $16 combo plan. If you need any payment features later, then you can upgrade at any time.  (If you have a few products, then use Ecwid online store for free using $16 plan or if you want booking/appointment/calendar/event-related feature with payment, then use Squareup booking related applications for free without buying Wix eCommerce plan)

Wix Plan Cost comparison

There is a separate Wix eCommerce plan if you want payment features on your website. The following plans include all features except payment-related features (but you can get payment features using third party apps & you can save more than 40%, as I explained above).

If you don’t see the chart, then go to the desktop or any big screen

Wix Small Business Website Cost Breakdown



It depends on your website traffic, but most small business owners create their website to print on their business cards, for business email, to get an appearance online, and for Google & local reviews. Usually, small business websites don’t get more than 1k visitors /month. So, we recommend the $16/month Combo plan.

Templates – $0

Website Builder – $0

Essential Business Features – $0 Latest professional ready-made small business website & templates, contact form, Search Engine Index, call to actions, mobile-ready, map, email subscription

Business Email – You get Integrated Google’s G-suit business email for your domain that cost you $6/month per user. But don’t you think it is costly?

How to save 100% on your business email?

Use Zoho business email for free instead of Google’s costly email. Zoho is specialized for business email and it is a world leader in business collaboration applications. Zoho’s business email is better than G-suit.

Business Email – $0 

Email subscription, Popup Offers etc – $0 (Just use the Wix Mailchimp App for free)

Email Marketing Automation – $0 (Just use the Wix Mailchimp App for free)

For an all-in-one business solution, use Wix ascend.

Wix ascend – $10 

Summary of Wix Business Website Cost Breakdown

Total cost for a typical/general (this covers 90% businesses)  business website = $16/month

Total cost for a typical/general business website with 10 products to sell = $16/month

Total cost for a typical/general business website with more products to sell with USA & Worldwide automated deliveries = $27/month

Total cost for an advanced business website using Wix ascend = 13/month + $10/month = $27/month

Total cost for an advanced business website using Wix ascend with unlimited online store products = $33/month

Wix Photography Website Pricing & Plans – How Much Wix Charges For Photographers With Each Feature’s Price Breakdown!

Hosting package$16 – $27.  For photographers, I highly recommend the Unlimited plan that costs you $22 per month & $27/month plan if you want an art store or Merch eCommerce.

Domain Price – $0– Wix offers you a premium photography-related domain for free when you buy any Wix plans for a year.

Wix domains such as .com, .net, .org, .pictures, .art etc are popular. If you want, you can also get .photos, .photography etc. Wix offers you a lot of domain extensions.  Most of the domain extensions such as .com cost only $15 per year if you buy a basic plan. From the 2nd year, the domain costs $15 per year for all plans.

Photography Templates Price – $0

100’s of ready-made fully functional templates\themes\websites are free.

(In Wix, we call them ready-made websites & not just templates, because Wix gives you 100% freedom and there is no meaning for templates/themes. Whenever you create a page, that becomes a new template!)

Photography Website builder – $0.

Image editor, different types of galleries, list & grid, lightbox, strip & more apps you get.

amazing galleries for your photography portfolio
amazing galleries for your photography

Wix Pro Gallery – $0 (The “pro” name looks like it may be paid app, but it is completely free!)

All photographer’s features – $0 ( example – gallery layout settings, image quality control, client gallery page with password, etc)

The total cost to create a typical/general photographer’s website is $16/month.

A photography website with high traffic – $22/month

Photography website with less than 10 products to sell – $16/month

The photography website with art store, Merch eCommerce & unlimited products, with automated deliveries to USA & world-wide – $27/month

Live Photography Websites Built On Wix & Its Pricing & Plans.

$16 plan Example was created using Wix & their complete website was created with the $16 plan.

We Shoot Food is the world’s top food photography team. They already shot photographs for the world’s top hotel and food companies including McDonald’s, Dubai World Trade Center, Emirates Airlines & Palace, Pizza Hut, Dunkin’ Donut, Americana, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Shangri La hotel & Almost all USA top hotels! The surprising thing is that they created their website using Wix Photography Another big surprise is that their website costs only $16 per month even though it is a big company!

Wix customer's website
Wix customer’s website

$22 Unlimited plan website example – – Nigel Barker created his website using Wix Photography

He is a very popular photographer with a million followers (remember, usually photographers don’t get a lot of followers like singers or models – he is the top 10 photographers in the world). He gets a lot of visitors for his website & so he bought the $22 unlimited plan. The video takes a lot of storage & bandwidth. He just inserted Youtube or Vimeo videos on his website so that he doesn’t need to buy a higher plan. This is because, when a video plays, Youtube’s bandwidth is used, not from his website!)

photographer Nigel Barker website
photographer Nigel Barker website

Here is his Instagram

Wix customer Instagram
Wix customer Instagram

If you want to see more information – 40 Best Photography Websites & Portfolios With How Photographers Created Their Sites Tutorial.!

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2. How To Make A Photography Website, Portfolio, Photo Blog, Art Store & Everything As Professionally without any skill

See Live Artists’ Portfolio Websites Built On Wix With Its Pricing & Plans.

Peter Tarka –

Peter Tarka, created art for the topmost companies in the world including Apple, LG, Airbnb, Nike, Audi, AT&T. For Adobe’s 25-Year Celebration, he was invited to create Google UK Bring Questions Art (but Google his art, as it was not taken for commercial use),  Singapore Airport Design, Adobe Gov. Design, Lenovo Ideapad

(Remember, usually drawing artists don’t get a lot of followers like singers & models, but still, he got 163k followers! He is the #1 commercial drawing artist in the world)

He created his website using Wix Portfolio

Wix customer Instagram who bought Wix business plan
A Wix customer’s Instagram

See his website screenshot.

Wix customer's website who bought a business plan that cost $27
Wix customer’s website who bought a business plan that cost $27

He used the Wix eCommerce/Business Unlimited Plan – $27/month

Because he included eCommerce features, he gets highly variable traffic on his website. (If you don’t include an Online store with more than 10 products, then the $16/month Combo plan is enough to create any type of Portfolio website.

Conclusion: Wix Pricing and plans are affordable with great features compared to other website builders. Its VIP plan looks a little costly, but if you need a lot of personalized support, then it is worth it for you. Meanwhile, the Wix Unlimited plan is the most popular and the most affordable option.

Visit Wix & Try For Free

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