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Duda Review: Everything You Need To Know About It (2024)

Duda review

Duda is a website builder that offers the creation of websites without requiring programming skills. The platform offers various templates, drag-and-drop editors, and design tools. It is a valuable asset for coders, non-coders, and others. Whether you own a business, work for a client, or do freelance projects, Duda can accommodate your needs.

Ease of Use

Duda website builder is user-friendly. The platform offers a 14-day trial before subscribing to one of their annual plans. To get started, simply sign up and choose one of the pre-built templates to customize to meet your needs. The Duda editor has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows for easy movement of elements on the website. It also provides various integrations, applications, and features to make website building accessible for everyone.

Duda site creation

Duda site creation

Templates & Editor

—————————- Themes —————

Duda’s theme library has over 100+ themes to support a wide range of businesses. The themes can be previewed on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The themes cover various categories, including online stores, businesses, events, portfolios, and more. Additionally, there are pre-designed themes as well as 10+ blank themes that can be custom designed from scratch.

Duda themes

duda themes

—————————- Editor—————

The Duda editor features a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to easily drag widgets anywhere on the site. These widgets are web elements such as images, buttons, text, sliders, and more. The editor is beginner-friendly and does not require knowledge of coding languages.

The editor includes various options, such as eCommerce, blog elements, memberships, an app store, settings, and SEO tools, giving users the ability to monitor website functionality. There is no need for separate editors for mobile devices, as all themes are responsive on both mobile and tablet devices. Any edits made on the desktop will be automatically applied to other devices. Duda offers a variety of pre-designed and blank sections that can be added to the homepage.

Duda’s Flex Editor allows for customizing various different layouts for website pages. With the Flex Editor, users can adjust the dimensions of layouts, Alter image styles, etc.

Duda editor

duda editor

Pricing & Plans

Duda website builder provides14 day free trial before subscribing to one of their paid plans.

Duda has total 5 plans which cover small to large businesses

Basic :$19/m($14)
Team:$29/m ($22)
Agency: $59/m ($54) White Label: Custom Custom: Custom

(Prices in the Bracket are applicable for a year plan)

Duda Plans

Duda plans & pricing

To sell online users need to purchase eCommerce add-ons. Duda provides three eCommerce add-ons.

Standard :$7.25/m(100 products)
Advanced:$19.25/m (2,500 products)
Unlimited: $39/m (Infinite Products)

Duda E-commerce add – ons

Duda eCommerce plans

Duda has offered many app stores which has premium and free apps. These apps might cost additional prices.


———– Product management—————-

Duda’s eCommerce dashboard is similar to Ecwid’s dashboard. However, all the options provided by Duda aren’t the same as Ecwid. Users can import/export both physical and digital products. They can create categories and subcategories.

Users can create multiple product variants, and Duda provides product options such as radio buttons, drop-downs, checkboxes, etc. With Duda, users can offer multiple pricing options and subscriptions.

———– Shipping & Taxes—————-—–

The Duda platform offers various shipping settings for users to choose from, such as manual shipping, local delivery, and a fixed rate per item. To obtain accurate carrier rates, users are required to specify product weights and dimensions.

Duda allows users to set up both manual and automatic taxes. Manual tax rates can be customized for different regions, while the automatic tax setting calculates taxes based on the customer’s location and the store’s location. There are also various tools available to assist with managing taxes

————-Sales Channels—————

Selling on multiple sales channels increases the chances of getting more orders. The Duda platform integrates with various eCommerce and social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, eBay, etc.

———–Payment Options & Charges————-

Duda offers more than 100 payment options, including popular options like PayPal, Stripe, and Square. The default payment options will be displayed based on the merchant’s country. Merchants can also choose manual payment methods such as COD, bank transfers, and invoices.

Duda eCommerce

duda ecommerce

Marketing & Apps

————– Marketing ——————–

Duda has excellent marketing tools and integrations to streamline the process of acquiring and retaining customers.

  • Get more traffic: Users on Duda can launch Google ad campaigns directly from the marketing dashboard. They can also connect with Facebook to create a Facebook shop and run ad campaigns to acquire customers.
  • Convert visitors to Customers: Converting visitors to customers is a crucial aspect of marketing. Duda facilitates this process by recovering abandoned carts, promoting discount coupons, and offering discounts at checkout.
  • Engaging & Retaining Customers: Duda allows you to retarget customers using automated emails, engage them with newsletters, and increase recurring orders using subscriptions.
  • Analytics & Reports: Duda enables you to track campaigns using reports. However, it does not have built-in analytics and reports. Users can obtain analytics and reports from the Third-party app store.

Duda Marketing

duda marketing features

————– Apps ——————–

Duda offers over 30 apps that cover categories such as booking, reports, and marketing. These apps are not all free, with some offering paid plans and a free trial.

Duda Apps

Duda Apps

Blogging & SEO

————– Blogging ——————–

Duda has a robust blogging platform. Users can create blog posts to write about various topics. The blog layout can be designed with different styles, animations, and spacing. There are also various predesigned blog sections for post details, metadata, permalink, etc. Additionally, users can import blog posts using URLs.

Duda blog

Duda blog editor

————– SEO ——————–

Duda offers several SEO settings to make your site more discoverable. Users can optimize their site by adding titles, descriptions, and permalinks. There are also various site settings, such as site icons, SSL, and domain, that can be configured to improve the site’s optimization.

Duda SEO

Duda SEO setting

Support & Resources

Duda provides support through the web form, live chat, and phone. Its support executives are available from Monday to Friday. To access support, users need to click on the Help button located in the lower right corner of the support portal. The level of support varies based on the plan, with web form support available for basic and team plans, and live chat and phone support starting from the agency plan.

Duda support

Duda support

Duda provides weekly support and in addition to that, there are support meetings on Tuesdays from 8 am to 9 pm. Occasionally there are various meetings held to provide support. There are plenty of articles, videos, and blogs provided to support users.

Duda University provides various courses on eCommerce, basics, development, etc. Duda also has an active community where plenty of users are there to provide assistance. Duda lets users hire experts.

Duda Review: Pros & Cons

Duda ProsDuda Cons
Plenty of predesigned templates and sectionsNo free plan is available
User-friendly drag & drag editorNot much design freedom
Good customer support & Resources limited SEO setting compared to other website builders
Good eCommerce & Marketing FeaturesOnly limited numbers of integration

Duda Review: FAQ

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