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Convetkit Review 2024 – 10 Pros & 7 Cons You Should Know

ConvertKit Review

Businesses are meant to earn money passively, one of the ways to make it possible is Email marketing. Business or organization always wants to keep mutual connection or bond with their customer or audience. To do that they will need a extensively strong tool that is automated. Convertkit is one of the great options to choose when a business requires an automated email marketing tool.

ConvertKit is an easy-to-use marketing platform with the extremely best UI and UX for creating your automated email strategies. This will comes with features like the Landing page, Email-signup-forms, and integration which is keep great bond and growth with your audience.  Email marketing, email designer, and automation will be creating a way to connect with your customer where as commerce, creator pro, and feature overview will helpful in extending your revenue.

ConvertKit is ideal for all businesses either it’s small or big, this will help you to automate your email marketing with less time and serves your customers.

Convertkit Main screen shot

ConvertKit is a newbie in a crowded email marketing stream. This tool is built by Nathan Barry. ConvertKit has an eye-catchy and bold tag line

“The power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp.”

According to the ConvertKit report, they have more than 1,28,000 Premium customers in 2022 all over the world. In a very short span, ConverKit has got a front-row seat, as it is a blogger and creator-focused email marketing tool.


ConvertKit will provide a free version with limited features, but you can manage up to 500 subscribers in this free version.

Along with the free plan you have 2 paid plans, it may look a little pricy but we can’t ignore the features they are providing on that version.

Subscriber Count Creator Creator Pro
Monthly Plan Yearly Plan Monthly Plan Yearly Plan
1000 $29  $25 $59  $50
3000 $49 $41 $79 $66
5000 $79 $66 $111 $93
8000 $99 $83 $139 $116
10k $119 $100 $167 $140
15k $149 $125 $209 $175
20k $179 $150 $251 $210
45k $319 $266 $447 $373
75k $499 $416 $663 $553
105k $679 $566 $879 $733
165k $1,039 $866 $1,239 $1,033
275k $1,699 $1,416 $1,999 $1,666
400k $2,299 $1,916 $2,599 $2,166

This offers a discount on yearly pay, which means for 1000 email subscribers you have to pay $290 annually which is +/-$25/month. for more information visit their pricing page 

If you have more than 110k subscribers you will be recommended with the Creator pro plan, your subscribers exceed 500k then you need sign up for the free plan and then to speak with the team to get custom plan for you.

Convertkit Pricing Screenshot


  • Landing Pages
  • Email-signup forms
  • Automation
  • Segmentation and tagging
  • Split testing
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Integrations
Landing Pages

Convertkit is a creator tool, to keep your audience connected you have to provide an elegant and seamless designed path to connect to your email list. That can be achieved by landing pages and forms. ConvertKit provides 50+ fully designed and responsive templates for your landing page, which are attractive and modern.

Convertkit has around 10 categories of landing page templates, like Events, Link, Newsletter, Podcast, Product, ebook, etc…

Convertkit Landing pages Design

The best part of Convertkit templates is you can have a preview of the design before customizing it, and you have an option to keep your favorites so that you can easily select that for the future. Once you choose your design you can customize that based on your content and images. It provides an easy way to customize as it has a user-friendly editor.

You Can send your landing page on Facebook and Twitter or embed your page with Wordpress. The setting options where you can provide action once your visitors subscribe. you can customize incentive or confirmation email. Convertkit allows you to host landing pages where you can integrate with Google Analytics, Pinterest, Segments, and Facebook.

Convertkit Landing Page editor

Email-signup forms
Convertkit Form

ConvertKit provides a user-friendly method to create subscribers sign-in form, this helps to create depth communication with your audience. These forms help your customers to take a first step towards becoming your subscribers. when you start creating the form you can choose the placement of those to display the formats are inline, modal, slide in, sticky bar. All have pre-defined templates you can choose any and move to the next step.

Convertkit Form template

You can easily customize your form, you can embed this as javascript, HTML, or with any Wordpress email subscriber/popup plugins. They have their own ConvertKit WordPress plugin, but I don’t recommend it. Instead use any top WordPress Popup or email subscriber plugins like Mailpoet (Free), Convertpro (We used this plugin in this website & all our websites), Convert Plus, Mailster etc  You can set your incentive using the setting tab. Convertkit allows you to create custom fields to collect specific points from audiences like last name, DOB, Favorites, etc… which are helpful in segmentation and send the targeting content to them.

Convertkit provides important data like overall visitors, conversion rate, and subscribers of your site, this is one of the main reasons to use Convertkit forms or embedding these forms into your own hosted site.


Convertkit Email automation is not available for the free version it is available in creator and creator pro plans, but it provides 14 days free trial where you have to provide your credit card details

Automation/marketing automation is the standard email marketing tool, Convertkits provides a extra simple way to build automation. This helps you to create automation that is powerful and easy to create. Convertkit has the ability to create well-designed visual automation that in turn encourages your revenue growth.

Convertkit has triggers and action, where this is very super easy to select and work on. you can create simple automation if you are not going with complex funnels.

Convertkit automation

Before this Convertkit used to offer automation rules, now it provides visual automation builder which is the best automation than those of expensive tools in the market.

You can create your workflow of sequence-based or path based on your subscriber actions. It helps to easily segment your subscribers. you can add events, actions, and conditions. you can create your subscribers funnel to smooth your subscriber’s journey.

Convertkit automation

Segmentation and tagging

Convertkit segments

Segmentations are a prominent and highly expected feature of email marketing tools, using this segment we can send customized and dedicated content to our particular subscribers or audience. ConvertKit is an ideal option for segmentation and tagging. you can segment the subscribers by adding the filters, like the subscriber subscribed to, cold subscribers, distance from the city, subscription date, buying behavior and custom field, etc…

convertkit tags

Tag is everywhere in Convertkit, Hence we can conclude Convertkit software as a tag-based email automation tool.  When the subscriber’s list size exceeds 10k it’s unbearable to find redundant data, so the simple way is to tag them, you can tag your subscribers who visit your site and go through your content, you can tag them as many times depending on your subscriber’s actions.

Convertkit will take charges for single subscribers and you are allowed to use the tags to segment depending on your interest. Once the subscriber is created you can add them to the existing form, tag, and sequences. All these will help in serving your customer and improve your monitory.

Split testing

Convertkit Splittest

Split test or A/B test is sending the different version of email to the part of your customer or subscribers, based on the outcome of the test send the best one to the rest. Convertkit provides a split test but it’s the very basic one with 2 variations of emails, which is completely based on the subject line.

The “A/B test” can be done with two different subject lines and Convertkit tries each on 15% of your audience. If variation A is sent to 15% then variation B is sent to 15%. Convertkit will take 4hrs for analysis. once the open rate, click rate statistics are calculated the rest 70% will be sent with the more successful version of the email.

Tracking and reporting

Convertkit reporting

Convertkit is simple in all its features and here too. you can have all statistics on the stats page. In this tool, you will get all reports and statistics in the dashboard of your page. it will display a graphical representation of new subscriber reports, total subscribers, and purchases of 30 days.

It also provides information about the open rates and clicks rates. you can also filter it based on time but this is the only option that Convertkit offers.


Convertkit integrations

Convertkit offers vast third party integration, you can also integrate with Zapier(Facebook or PayPal) you need to have a Zapier account, you can set all digital content like if you sell any product you can set up something like when someone purchases it that person will be tagged as buyer/purchaser.

As All email marketing tool provides integration Convertkit also provides integration with so may areas like

  • E-commerce – Stripe, Woocommerce
  • CRM – JetpackCRM
  • Facebook ads – Leadstunnel
  • Web platform – Wordpress, Wix
  • email verification – Bounce, Mailfloss
  • Payment – stripe
  • online course – Teachable
ConvertKit has a good feature or function which allows you to resend your broadcast emails to those subscribers who did not open it for the first time. You will find Resend to unopened on the stats page. this will helps in increasing open rates.

Convertkit Pro’s and Con’s

Overall rate: 4/5

Pros Cons
Simple designs and easy to use Difficult to handle more subscribers
Easy segmentation and tagging limited feature in split test
Lifetime free plan Unsubscribe is permanent
No charges for redundent subscriber Limited Template
39% of open rate, comparitively higher than Aweber(30.10%) and getresponse(34.77%) Difficult to find and remove inactive subscribers
Can set form position Its not good for webinars and live events
Enormous integration Reporting is not for geeks
video tutorial support can’t string super complicated workflow
Meets GDPR Requirement Looks little pricy
98% conversion rate Email templates are literally out dated

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