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How to Embed Instagram On Your Wix Website?

Wix is a popular website builder. We can say it is an all-in-one solution for your business because Wix has everything you need for your Website and its marketing. Other than a website builder, it has a domain name hosting provider, blogging platform, E-commerce solution, logo maker, image editor, payment processor, scheduling system, membership management, marketing automation tool, CRM, point of sale, software, and hardware provider with a multi-billion-dollar company, etc.

One of the attractive features of Wix is you can embed your Instagram feed into your Wix Website. You can easily showcase your Instagram on your Wix Website. Let’s see how to embed your Instagram account into your Wix website.

How to Embed Instagram on Wix?

To connect Instagram to your Website, the basic need is you need an Instagram account. Then you have to log in to your Instagram account. And also, your account has to be a public account. So that, your profile will be visible.

After that, open your Wix and open the App Market. Then type “Instagram Feed“. Then Click “Add to Site“. Click “OK“. (Or you can use other social media wix apps that includes Facebook, youtube also with Instagram. Best rating apps are Social Media Stream By SmartFox & Social Media Feed By POWR)

Note: After Elon Musk twitter purchase, Twitter feed is not available since he disabled api access. But all other social media such as FaceBook, YouTube & Instagram Embed or autopost on your website works fine.

You can either connect your Business account or Personal account. In the display section, you can show the things that you want in your Instagram account. That means you can either display your profile photo or not, as your total posts, followers, following, bio, and follow button. If you display the follow button, your website visitors can easily follow you by clicking that.

The next one is Settings. In the settings, you can change the App language, change the clicking settings, App direction, etc. In the text, you can show hashtags, custom headings, follow button text, and load more options. In the Link section, you can add custom links. In that, you can use links on your Instagram feed to direct visitors to products, site pages, or other websites.

In the layout section, you can choose the layout of your feed, profile photo shape, and profile photo size. Then, you can also customize the Design of Posts, Text, Buttons, Navigation arrows, and Background. Like this, you can change the settings.

Then you can access the support of Instagram-related queries from here. There are answers for trouble shootings like Connecting your Instagram business account, Adding links to posts, Choosing an Instagram account that has multiple feeds, Instagram settings not loading, App asking to disconnect and reconnect, etc. You can also contact customer service from there also.

Addition Recommendation For Photography & portfolio Websites

Wix is one of the best websites for creating portfolio & Photography websites. You can easily showcase your works in a beautiful way. There are different types of galleries available. They are Pro Gallery, Grid Gallery, Slider Gallery, etc. You can showcase your images in different ways and models using this Gallery. So, Creating portfolio websites and photography websites will be easy using Wix. You can showcase your works in a creative manner.

Wix Gallery
Wix Gallery

You can use different layouts for your gallery. You can also change the direction, orientation, and alignment of your layout. And also, you can change the Spacing, Density, etc.

Wix image layout settings
Gallery layout

Wix has in-built as well as third-party apps for the gallery. Some of them include Photo & Video gallery, Wix pro gallery, an Impressive slide show gallery, etc.

Wix photography apps
Wix photography apps

Wix has a great Media Library. You will get plenty of quality images. Wix has its own media. Besides, we can select images from Shutterstock and Unsplash. They all are stock images and we can use them for free. You can also upload your own images and use them on your website.


You can build a creative website that will be stunning and attractive to visitors on Wix. It also has robust SEO optimization settings and apps. Wix is famous for its easy drag-and-drop editor, easy-to-use dashboard, and Artificial Design Intelligence.

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