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Free Website Builder – 14 Key Things You Should Know In 2024

Today, free website builders are attracting some beginner website creators. Here, you can build both free websites as well as the premium (paid) sites. Usually, paid website price is around 4 dollars per month, but it depends on your plan. If you don’t want to pay for it, then you can build your own website with no money!

Below are our picks for the top 10 free website builders with both users & master reviews inserted. Before looking to free website builders, just read a little quick information about them first.

You can create your own basic website for free!

Just think, why do they give free services? Are they mad?

To create a website building application needs thousands of engineers. They’ve invested millions of dollars in their technology. But now, they are giving for free. Everything is free!

Anyone can make a website without any skill or experience. Today, advanced tech companies are competing for one another in the name of Free website builder or creator or software or maker. Names are different, but all will provide you with the easy tools & apps to make your own website.

However, you can find a lot of differences between the different builders, with advantages & disadvantages from company to company. Here, I summarized and took the common factors of all free website creating tools. So you will know pros and cons of each.

A free website builder allows you to build many websites with no money. But…

Okay….If I explain everything suddenly, you may not get a full understanding of free website builder.

I shared my real life story, a 4-minute story. You should read it so that you will get not only the pieces of information but the smell & taste of the free website builder. Simple information alone will not be enough to help you understand. Some of the information may be very difficult to understand for you & also, it can be very annoying. So, I have shared my experience also. If you read my story, you will know everything about free website builders easily & quickly without any hassle.

Headlines Of This Post

  • 2 Years Of My Tons Of Experiences With Free Website Builders
  • 14 Things You Should Know Before Trying For Free Website Builder
  • Free Website Builder & Its All Basics & Knowledge
  • So What You Need To Do Right Now?
  • Ultimately Helping You To Choose The Best Website Builder For Your Need & Imaginations.

2 Years Of My Tons Of Experiences With Free Website Builders

Remember:- Don’t neglect this paragraph. This is my real life experience & it really matters for you.  Read carefully. Every sentence will help you learn. You will get the total understanding of the free website builder.

Keep Kalm And Read Slowly.


My name is Jack Climax.

I created a free website when I was a High School kid. At the time, I wanted to make money fast because I couldn’t afford much with my little pocket money – and I had a cute girlfriend, also.

For me, it was tough to manage the pocket money for my needs & to show heroism in front of my girlfriend. So I started to think about how to make money without any investment.

I was good at maths. I knew so many high schools didn’t have a good mathematics teacher. Many students joined maths tuition. So, I decided to start an online coaching class for 8th & 9th standard. I heard that web design was very easy. Anyone can create a website without any skill or knowledge using drag and drop functions and advanced applications.

But I don’t want to waste my money to make a website.  So I searched for a free website builder to know whether such free services existed.

Oh..!! I was amazed. The free website builder exists. No… Thousands of free website builders!  Wow… I really jumped, stumped, stumbled.

It is Free service
It is Free service

Then I got so many companies.

After getting so many Free Website builders, I started to choose the right website builder for me.

Free website builder
Free website builder

Finally, I selected the Jimdo website builder. I learned how to make a website with in an hour. It is so easy. Just dragging and dropping the ready-made functions is enough to make a stunning website. I wasso happy.

While I was building my website, it showed a message: “Upgrade Your Website”. I clicked. It went to the pricing page. $4.95/month. But payment was for a year. The monthly payment option was not there. They also showed some other stuff like domain name protection, theft protection & some other tools. I selected those also. It totalled at $134/year – so I deselected the extras. Thus, the final price was $59.40/year. But I don’t want to pay without making a proper decision. I postponed buying the plan. I would be back again. I continued to build my website.

I named it as HighSchoolMathEasy, and its website address became The was automatically added, but I didn’t want the last extension with included – I just wanted “”.

I tried again with many free website builders, but no one gave me my own domain name. Every company adds their website name at the end.

I tried many times. But it showed the same message each time: “Upgrade your website to get your own domain name”. I clicked. Again it took me to the pricing page. Again it showed $4.95/month. And so I again postponed buying its plan.

I started to upload all my mathematics notes very systematically. I was studying for exams & I would upload after confirmed maths solution for problems. I wrote 100s of blogs about high school maths.

At that time, I didn’t know much about online businesses. I knew online was worldwide. So, you can make a lot of money. My business plan was, if a tuition master’s maximum students in a class were about 100, then online I could potentially get millions of students. Once I upload notes & animated videos (I was never showed my face because I was just a kid, so I made animated videos instead) my work would be finished. That was my plan. I would continue my plan by uploading more content by maintaining a proper keyword density and then, in Google searches, my website would come first so that I could get more visitors. Then, I could make some paid tuition class videos or paid solutions for difficult math problems.

Also, I knew about Google Adsense. High school students will visit my website and see adverts for shoes, chocolates, and other kid-attractive goods adverts. When they clicked on these advertisements, I would make money. This was my idea.

I put in a huge amount hard work. I uploaded so many items.

I waited 6 months. Zero visitor, zero clicks.

I wondered, why was my website not getting traffic?

I searched in Google. My website posts were not indexed even in the last result. I shared on social media but it got very few clicks. I searched on Google for exactly my website name: But it still wasn’t showing up!

I was shocked. I searched a lot and discovered that my website would come only if I searched for it directly in the URL bar.

I read about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & free website builder vs paid website builder. Finally, I understood that Google will index only premium websites because there are billions of free websites floating on the internet. 99% of free websites have no value. Most of them are created just for fun & the remaining websites are often scams & spams. Usually, free websites are not useful – so Google doesn’t want to take the big risk of offering its users with poor quality websites just for 1% of good websites.

Slowly I understood how I suffered not only in Google indexing but also in every step because my website was a free service.

I really cried for an hour after understanding how my website was made awful by believing in Freebies (Free Services).

I lost thousands of dollars. If I had upgraded my website, then after a few months I would have been able to get thousands of visitors as well as dollars per month.

Free Website Builder How I reacted before and after getting its experinces
Free Website Builder How I reacted before and after getting its experience

I quickly upgraded my website. But it took 4 months to appear in Google universal organic search (usually 3-4 month for any websites)! By that time, our high school syllabus changed. My 10th exam also over. I was not interested in maintaining or updating my website again.

It was simply a waste of my time, hard work & effort. I didn’t earn a single dollar from my first website. After that horrific experience, I always Upgrade my website. I got a big success in my online career. (Now, I have made millions of dollars from my websites)

Below, I have mentioned the top 10 important things you should know before trying for free website builders!

Free Website Builders are Just For Demo Purposes Only..! You Can’t Make Anything Out Here!

If you are building a free website, then it means that the website builder is giving you their demo purposes only and this should not be for permanent use.

For example, long back, I wanted to build a website for my personal use. I just searched for website builders. I got Then I started to create my own website. After an hour, I felt like Wix was easy for me. I also observed its app store and other cool functions. And so, I upgraded. (Why was the upgrade needed? Continue to read this post – you will understand everything).

This means, you can use their tools for free to check whether a website builder is suited for you. But you can’t do any business here. At least you can’t use it for your personal website. (Why? Continue to read & get all answers)

Change your perception about free website builders.

Can We Make Money With Free Websites?

If you want to make money online, you should invest at least $4/month for your website.
Free website builders allow you to build free websites only. But you can’t make money from them! 99.99% of free websites never made even a single dollar. Even the remaining 0.1% websites have usually made money through testing purposes only.

Why are Free Websites not making money?

  1. Most of the free website builders will not allow you to use e-commerce functions for more than 30 days.
  2. Usually, Google Adsense will not approve ads for free websites.
  3. Other advertisement networks also ignore your request. If you have planned to make money with Google Adsense or other advertisement networks, then you can’t do this from your free site.
  4. Also, people doubt if your website is a professional one. So, you will lose your reputation.
  5. Nowadays, people know all about free websites and they know how it can be dangerous for credit/debit cards. So, they won’t try to purchase your products or services out of fear.
  6. Also, you will get many problems. To know about this, read the below points.

Free Website Builders Always Advertise Anywhere In Your Site Without Your Permission..!

If you’ve created a website for free then your hosted website builder company will be displaying advertisement banners on your website without your permission. These advertisements may be completely irrelevant to your website.

Sometimes they advertise using popup options. This is the worst experience ever. This means, simply, they ruin your efforts.

If you get enough visitors, then they know how to turn all your website traffic to their website. Sometimes, they put ads in text links also. This means all your out links will go to their site builder landing page.

Caution: -Ads will hurt your website more than you think.

4. Will Free Website Builder Provide You a Domain Name

In one sentence – you never get your own domain name!

This is one of the main drawbacks of using a free website builder. If you created your website for free, then I am damn sure that you don’t have your own domain name.

For example, long back, I created a free website with Wix. I named it as Duck To Luck.

But it gave me a horrific name instead of my site name: My Wix free website name become It is not a website URL. It is just one page generated within the Wix website! It is not even a website URL!

I tried another site creator, I created a free website again & named the site, Duck To Luck. But I didn’t get My Duck To Luck website got an equally shameful name as I had with Wix: If I share this name, everyone will tingle & comment at me for using a free site!

My domain URL itself was shouting this was a free website. Even school kids can understand I created my website for free! And, because all free websites included irrelevant advertisements, shameful or horrific domain names (Website URL) and very slow loading pages, no one likes them!

In the world, no one company provides free hosting for your domain name.
But if you purchase a hosting plan, you will get a free domain name!

That means, you need to at least purchase something so that your visitors will believe you. After buying a hosting plan, they provide you with a free domain name, free tools, Premium apps for free, licensed designs for free and more. You will get more freebies than you pay for!

Don’t expect everything for free. If you think like this, you’ll be treated as a cheap user. You can’t achieve anything!

Will Google Index Free Websites?

Search Engine availability is the most important factor. Google will always neglect free websites. If you are serious about your site then you will upgrade your website. It may cost around $50-$100/year according to your needs. These days, who cares about 100 bucks/year – it is not a waste of money!

If you upgrade, it is an investment. If you don’t upgrade, then it is a waste of your time. Remember, Time=Money.

  1. 99% of all free websites are spam, or they are built simply for fun.
  2. Beginners only make free websites. Beginners means that they haven’t a good level of experience or knowledge. So, Google will not index free websites.
  3. Sometimes, search engines may index free websites, but they will always give you the least preference even though your website is good!
  4. Even if you share your site on social media and through different ways, you may never appear in search engines.

First, think, why do you need free services from those who built their websites with millions of dollars and hard-work?

What About Customer Support For Free Users?

In one sentence – you will not get any support.

Remember, you will get customer care help even you are a free user, if and only if your doubts are related to buying its hosting plan & you never get any help for your free website.

  1. If you get any problems then all your work & effort may waste within no time. That means only pre-sales related queries are accepting in most of the companies for free users.
  2. Free website related queries will not be accepted. They will suggest you upgrade.
  3. If you are using any website builder for free, then you will not get single penny’s worth of help from Customer Care. For the paid user, the customer support team will do everything.
  4. If you use for free then you may get many problems including those which you never expect. You will invariably need customer help. How do you make a website & manage everything alone?
  5. If you want to run a website then you will often need customer support’s help, even if you are an expert.
  6. Some website builders hide resources also for free users. If you paid as little as $4/month, then Video Tutorials, Blogs, Guides, Email Support, Forums, FAQ and many more ways you can get help to build your own website from will be made available.
  7. If you are a free user, it means you are just free & not any more than that!

What type of errors will you get while you are building a website?

  1. 404 errors
  2. Restore problems
  3. Suddenly deleting entire website
  4. Viruses and hackings
  5. Inside applications errors.
  6. Website building mistakes
  7. Technical problems
  8. File corruptions.
  9. Many more unexpected problems are common

Web Hosting Limitation – How You Can Use Storage & Bandwidth

In web hosting, space or storage means the total storage available on your website.

For example, if you wanted to buy a mobile phone, then you should check how much internal & external storage is there like 1GB…8GB, etc. According to your phone capacity, you can store your photos, videos or files. If your phone has more storage, then you can store more data.

In the same way, web hosting space represents how much data you can upload to your website. In free websites, you can’t upload much photos & other data!

Bandwidth limitation will make your site capacity very low. Bandwidth means how much data is viewed or downloaded from your stored data.

For example, if your home page has a 1MB size. That means that, if you go to your website home page, then your 1MB of data needs to load completely. If 10 users searched for your website & entered your website home page, then 10MB of data would be needed to load for all users. This 10MB is called bandwidth – 10MB consumed from your provided bandwidth.

If not enough bandwidth is allowed for your website, then your website will shut down after finishing your web hosting account or website bandwidth.

If you need more bandwidth, you should upgrade.

Low Website Speed – Your Website May Stuck Often

This is my own experience.

My sucked so many times when I was browsing. At that time, I didn’t know why my website always loaded slowly. In the beginning, my website loaded faster than others. But, after 3 months, I observed my website speed was going down.

I didn’t find the ability to complain anywhere because I was a free user. Who cares for cheap people?


No Additional Features For Free Account

If you want any additional features, you can’t get for your free account.

For example, I want to add a stunning theme for my entire website. But I couldn’t get it if I used the free hosting or account or plan (all have the same meaning).

If I upgraded my account or website, I would be able to use fantastic themes, designs and templates for free! I can get an unlimited, amazing background image, gif, videos & other new modern functions.
So, if you upgrade your account just for $4/month, you’ll get many benefits – those you can’t dream of with your penny paid amount.

No Branded Emails

Branded email means you will get your own emails with your website name instead of Gmail or Hotmail. For example, before purchasing a hosting plan, I use my email as
But, after I created my website, I got unlimited email extensions. Now my email is

See how my email looks so professional with It is not a common email like

This is my own website’s email address. No one can get your website email. So, by using my name, no one can cheat or pretend to be me. All emails are owned by me only. So, people always trust professional emails more than traditional emails like Gmail or Hotmail.

For free users, branded or professional emails will not be available because free users aren’t able to own a domain name itself.

Website Security – Very Difficult To Protect From Hackers, Malware & Todays Advanced Viruses.

Free websites are not protected by website builders’ security software. The most recently updated strong antivirus protects every premium website & hackers monitoring tools are implemented automatically, even if you have not subscribed to those services.

By contrast, free users always take a long breath every time they access their control panel because their website can get hacked or expose to advanced, dangerous viruses & malware at any time. Sometimes hackers only target free users because, usually, free users are beginners and they are not an expert in the online field. It is very easy to hack them!

One of the top disadvantages of using free website is, it can’t get an SSL certificate.

SSL means Secure Socket License. If you don’t have this certificate then most of the browsers will not load your website and popup messages will show to the user to get their attention and it tells them that the chances of vulnerability is greater!

Also, most big websites like Facebook will not allow the user to click on your website. Often, you may already have seen a message from Facebook alerting you of this. Also, the website builder will not give you any insurance or guarantees.

Furthermore, your website is not free forever – so it could be deleted at any time! Sometimes, to secure their paid users, the free website will get sacrificed!


You Don’t Have Full Control Over Your Free Website!

  1. You can’t get full control over your free website.
  2. All copywriters and other important things are held by the website builder company.
  3. All of your free websites will be under the parent website builder’s name extension. So, there is no question about your ownership – or lack thereof!
  4. Free websites aren’t yours and can’t be registered in your name!
  5. Name registration is an easy task. The registration form will come while purchasing your hosting plan – but this form will never be provided for free users.

Website Builder Companies Using Free Users Without Knowing Them..!

Website Builder Companies Want To Show More User Base To Its Investors For Raising More Funds.
Some website builders are trying to get more free users than paid. Because, if they have a bigger user base, then more investors will show interest. Fundraising is very easy!

So they will offer free everything at first. But, slowly, they will stop caring about you. All they will suggest you to do is an upgrade and nothing else. It is authoritative. After all, they built their application with so many difficulties by hiring thousands of employees & investing millions of dollars. Now, why would they need to give it free to you?

Companies Use Free Users As Test Subjects!
Most of the Start-Up companies want to test their services and whether all applications are running correctly. If you get errors & other problems, then you will be able to contact its customer care or automatically an error message will be sent to its developers. This makes it very easy for the website builder company to find mistakes – and this is how they use free users without letting them know about it!

Most People Feel Shame For You Because You Are NOT Successful Enough To Own a Website

This situation is one which I have observed many times in my circle of friends. One of my friends named Shilpa Garg created her own personal website and its name was com.

In her website, she posted everything that she liked. She hoped that, if anyone searched her name in Google, her website would come first. But her website address or URL was so horrific that Google never even bothered to index it – also, that is a shameful name ending in the extension.

Once we met up during a party, she mentioned her personal website. Everyone laughed after listening to her website name (including me). Some of my friends tingled to her, “can’t you pay just $4/month? How stingy are you? It is shame, shame!” That day, she almost gave up.

Then, I explained everything to her and about why she should not use free websites. After she realized this, she knew she had made a big mistake. Then she upgraded.

Now, if you type in her name, Shilpa Garg, then her website always will come within the first 3 results in any search engines – including Google!

So, What Do You Need To Do Right Now?

Instead of choosing a free website builder, see the Best Website Builder Reviews. Or, if you are a beginner with website building, then see our guide: How To Make a Website? 4 Different Methods Explained

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