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MOOSEND REVIEW – 10 Pros & Cons You Should Know (2024)

Moosend Review

Moosend is an Easy-to-use email marketing platform. It is user-friendly as well as perfect for budget-friendly. It is useful for small business organizations without a heavy price tag. Like any other platform, it has also some pros and cons. Let’s see some pros and cons.

Moosend Main Pros & Cons

1. User-friendly interface and functionalities like Mailing lists, automation, and landing pages are very easy to use.1. Only 70 pre-designed emails.
2. The reporting tools and the analytics gives you a detailed report about your campaigns including users’ every move.2. Third-party integration in Moosend is limited when compared to other competitors like ConvertKit, Constant Contact, etc.
3. Automation workflows are powerful when compared to similarly-priced competitors.3. In free plans, customer support is limited. (Only available 5 days a week)
4. You will get a chance to try most of the paid features in the free plan.
5. Unlimited custom data fields and segments can be created on this platform.
6. Everything is easy to use
8. Simple UI

I recommend you to Try Moosend Free Trial for 10-minute and come back to this page. So that you can understand this review properly.

Ease of Use
: Easy
: 24/7
: 98%
Pricing /mo
: $9+
: 75+
: 4.5/5
Trial Period
: 30
: 40+
Refund Policy
: No

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Who Uses Moosend?

Moosend is a powerful email marketing and automation platform with powerful features. Its Headquarters is in London, England. The top companies using Moosend are Knack systems, Filters fast, etc. Around 96% of traffic comes from Organic keywords. Only 5% are paid. And also they are getting 65% direct traffic. This means they have returning users. That is a good sign.

Moosend Organic Traffic
Moosend Organic Traffic
Moosend Traffic Overview
Moosend Traffic Overview


Moosend 30-Day Free Trial

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1. Audience Geography

Greece, the United States, and the UK are the top countries that use Moosend. Moosend is getting around 35% traffic from the USA, 20% from Greece, and 10 from the UK. The Audience geography of Moosend is given below.

Moosend Audience geography
Moosend Audience Geography

3. Moosend Pricing

Moosend has mainly three versions of the pricing plan. The free version, Pro version, and Custome version.

Moosend Pricing

Free Trial:

If you are having up to 1000 subscribers, then, you will get it for free. All the core features are included in the free plan. You can send Unlimited emails using this plan. You will get Sign-up and Subscription forms, all the Branding and Designing experience, Marketing automation, etc.

But you won’t get Transactional emails using a free plan. Also, Landing pages, Custom reporting, Account manager, priority support, Deliverability, and strategy optimization will not be available for the free plan.

Pro ($9 /mo):

If you decide to stay with Moosend after you go past 1,000 subscribers, you will have to go under the pro plan which is only $9 per month. You will get so many extra features using this plan. You will get Landing pages, Transactional emails, Live chat support, etc. And also you will get a 5 members team. This price is the cheapest literally on the internet for this type of functionality.

Enterprise Plan

It is a custom plan. If you have more than 50,000 subscribers, then go for a custom plan. You will get all the features in the Custom plan.

Moosend pricing Features
Moosend Pricing

4. Moosend Ease of Use

Once you get signed up and ready to go, there is a dashboard that you will most likely come and see. First, you have to add your name and email address. Then you have to click on yes. You may have an email address already. If you want to add another sender, you need to do is click on add new sender, type name, and email address. And also, you need to verify that mail address.

Moosend doesn’t take free email addresses and also it will take only the email address that contains the domain name. So, it has to be a branded email from your company or your website.

  • To sign up on Moosend is very easy. You don’t need a credit card. First of all, you need to complete a form about you and your business. After creating the Moosend account, you need to confirm the link that send to your email.
  • Once you confirm your email address you will be able to activate your account and choose a sender email. It can’t be a Gmail, Hotmail, or yahoo email address it must be an email associated with your own domain name then you can get started with creating your list.
  • Creating a new mailing list: At first, you have to give a name to the list. If you already have a list, you can simply import it there. You can import it with CSV or excel etc. If you don’t have a list, you can also input emails one by one. But it will be time-consuming. Once you have created a new email list and uploaded contacts. If you have any edits, you can adjust the list settings. You can create a welcome email, thank you mail, etc. to welcome new subscribers, add a thank you landing page for new subscribers, etc.

Moosend Mailing list

  • If you go to the dashboard you will get your statistics and everything for this list. You can go to batch actions. This is where you can import multiple members. So, you can import via CSV or spreadsheet or an excel sheet. You can also batch archive members, batch unsubscribe people, batch deletes them, and copy them to or from another mailing list.
Moosend Members
Moosend Members
Moosend Batch Action
Moosend Batch Action
  • When coming to e-mail automation, there will be a simple no-frills drag-and-drop email editor for you to use. Although, you can create your template from scratch. There are also many pre-made templates in the template library to choose from.

Moosend Campaign

Moosend Mail Format
Moosend Mail Format

Moosend Templates

Moosend Templates
Moosend Templates
  • Moosend has attractive and stunning templates.
  • After the mail is sent to the subscribers, if they click a link in the email, you can push them in another direction, you can add a tag to that person, etc. You can also segment the subscribers and send them personalized emails.
  • Then Moosend will track your subscribers and will give you the report.
Email builder

5. Moosend Features

A/B TestingYes
Advanced segmentation
Audience targeting Yes
Brand managementYes
Contact managementYes
Contact sharingYes
Conversion TrackingYes
Email integrationYes
Google app integrationYes
Landing PagesYes
Lead managementYes
Lead scoringYes
Marketing automationYes
Saveable Clone BlocksYes
Social media integrationYes
Social shareYes
Visual email editorYes

6. Benefits of using Moosend

  • A 30-day free trial allows you to test most of the features and also you can even send and use it for your live projects without a credit card.
  • Affordable and flexible plans with no hidden costs for companies with less than 1000 subscribers.
  • Various Support services like email, phone, live chat, and assist content are provided 24*7.
  • It is a common tool for e-commerce, client relationship management (CRM), lead generation, and different promoting applications.
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How to Re-edit the campaign in Moosend?

First, you can go to the campaign. There you will see the campaign that you are already created. Click on the timing button on the right side of that campaign. Then there will appear another row.

Moosend Re-editing
Moosend Re-editing 2

You can click the edit arrow there and it will take you to the snapshot of your campaign. From there you need to click the edit button again and it will take you to the create campaign template. From there, you need to click “Take me to the Editor.” Then you can re-edit your campaign.

Moosend Re-editing 3
Moosend Re-editing 4

7. Moosend Customer Support

Moosend’s customer support is great. Whatever your query is, the Moosend team will try to reply quickly and they will help with your query. You can contact them via email or live chat.

Moosend Main Features

There’s a drag-and-drop campaign editor to simply add text, images, social share buttons, and other components to the e-mail newsletters. The companies can simply create their own styles or access Moosend’s library of Newsletter templates, then preview what the look can seem like in each desktop and mobile interface. once newsletters are prepared, the companies can test with the email addresses and schedule their email campaigns to forward a selected date and time.

Moosend has plenty of templates. You can easily create a stunning campaign using these templates. The email editor is also very easy to use. You can simply edit each and every block from there itself. You can save a clone block in Moosend.

Moosend email builder

Moosend email builder
Moosend email builder
  • Email Segmentation:

A great way to increase your conversion rate is by segmenting your customer list. This segmentation can be used to send targeted emails to the customers. For this, what you have to do is divide your mailing list into smaller groups based on your requirement. The companies are able to build email lists with the custom forms that will be imposed on their website or social networks for capturing visitors’ information. Every field can be customized and collects information like gender, age, or favorite brands. Then, the information is used for section filters.

Moosend email segmentation

  • Campaign Creation:

Most people can get started by creating a regular campaign. A regular campaign can either be sent manually as a broadcast or scheduled in advance. You will create a subject line choose, a template, create your email, select a mailing list to send the email to, and choose when to send your email. Another type of campaign is the A/B split test campaign. In this type, the campaign will send two different versions of your email to two different segments of your list. This will compare the two emails and help you to determine which has a better performance.

Moosend Campaign creation

Moosend Campaign type
Moosend campaign Creation
  • Reporting and Analytics:

Moosend has an analytic feature that helps companies to analyze their campaigns. Moosend will give you in-depth reports and graphs to help you understand the performance of your email campaigns you will see open rates click rates subscriber counts delivery rates and more. Marketers also can track the day, time and geographical location of the e-mail opens. Reports can be exported to Excel sheets, pdf, etc.

9. Marketing Automation

Moosend Automation Type
Moosend Automation Type

With these tools, marketers will specifically tell which events trigger email sends or other actions. As an example, if a chance adds a product to their cart, and hasn’t confirmed the purchase, an email will be sent to inform them that they have to do the purchase.

The three automation components of Moosend are Triggers, Conditional/ Control steps, and actions. Triggers are the events that promote actions. Control steps filter for each event, and the action is the task that responds to the triggers.

Recipes are the pre-built automation templates of Moosend. By using this, users do not need to waste their time by creating the entire automation. It will be ready-made. You just have to select the recipes you want and that’s all. You can change the triggers and actions within the recipes.

Also manually, you can set up various types of automation. You can send standard automation like abandoned cart reminders, thank you emails, follow-up sequences to new customers, and so on.

The templates will be available in different categories. The pre-built flows include

  • Abandoned cart
  • Happy birthday email
  • Repeat purchases reminder
  • Special offer reminder
  • Upsell & cross-sell
Moosend Upsell or cross-sell
Moosend Upsell or cross-sell
  • Integrations:

Moosend offers less than 40 third-party integrations which is very limited when compared to its competitors. Companies can register for a free account via the Moosend website. After a 30-day free trial, you have to upgrade to the higher plans.

Moosend Integrations
Moosend Integrations
Moosend Alternatives
>> Constant Contact
>> ConvertKit
>> Omnisend
>> ActiveCampaign

>> MailerLite
>> AWeber
>> Sender
>> Klaviyo
>> Mailchimp
>> MailMunch
>> SendPulse
Top Companies using Moosend
>> Knack Systems LLC
>> Sleep Performance, Inc.
>> Fulcrum Utility Services Ltd

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  1. i see a floating msg saying “The email to send the campaign summary report cannot be less than 5 characters” and i can not proceed to edit email list. i am using my 30 days trial version.

  2. Would not use moosend for recruitment or for the sales industry. If you unfortunately suffer from a high bounce back rate due to a system failure. They will disable your account and delete your data.


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