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Sellfy Review – 8 Important Things You Should Know (2024)

Selling online is a huge opportunity to increase sales and grow businesses. Various eCommerce platforms can help achieve this goal. Sellfy is one such platform that allows users to sell physical, digital, subscription, and POD products.

In this review, we will be discussing the key features of sellfy platforms. We will provide a detailed explanation of the Sellfy platform.

Sellfy review

Ease of use

The Sellfy platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Before subscribing to any of its plans, it offers a 14-day free trial to users. The platform features a dashboard that provides access to essential features.

Selfy has provided a welcome guide that lists all the necessary operations to be performed. The platform has a basic editor that can be customized to create good designs. With Sellfy, Users can set up the shop in just a few hours.

Sellfy dashboard

Sellfy Ease of use

Pricing & Plans

Sellfy has three plans

Premium: $159/mo

Sellfy Plans

Sellfy plans

Sellfy users can choose any of the three plans. The Yearly and two-year plans provide discounts as compared to the monthly plan. All the plans included a minimum sales threshold, after which users need to upgrade to a higher plan.

Themes & Customization

Sellfy offers a limited section of themes with only 5+ themes in their theme store. Theme customization options in sellfy are very basic. Sellfy themes have built-in sections with a good layout. Users will be unable to drag & drop or add new elements to the page.

Sellfy Themes

Sellfy themes

Sellfy themes come with built-in pages such as home, product, category, checkout, and order pages. All of these pages can be customized for different colors, fonts, and more. The level of theme customization is quite basic. but, users add logos, banners, and favicons to their stores. Adding colors and text to the store is Just like painting with colors. However, there are no advanced designs, animations, etc available for sellfy stores.

Sellfy editor

Sellfy editor



The Sellfy platform enables users to sell a wide variety of products, including both physical, and digital product items, as well as subscriptions. Sellfy also provides an inbuilt print-on-demand option that allows users to sell custom products. Additionally, users can also offer trial versions of their premium products to potential customers.

eCommerce products

Payment Setting

Sellfy offers only a few payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe. Stripe payment methods offer various options, such as google pay and apple pay. These platforms also accept major debit and credit cards. Although these payment methods have their own payment fees, Sellfy doesn’t charge any additional transaction fees.


Sellfy has various marketing tools to promote and sell goods and services. Sellfy has Email marketing, Coupons, discounts, Cart abandonment, upselling, etc marketing automation to sell more. users can also run affiliate marketing campaigns to run the referral program.

Shipping & Taxes

Sellfy has provided good options for setting up Shipping & taxes to the store. Users can set up various shipping options and also they can offer curbside pickup for their customers. Users can also set up different shipping profiles for various countries.

Sellfy users can also apply various taxes on their products. They can charge different taxes for different locations. as different countries have set up different rates for goods. Selfy users can set up tax exemptions on a certain product and avoid collecting taxes for certain countries. Additionally, Sellfy users can access the VAT reports for filing purposes.

Order Management

Sellfy uses can manage all types of orders, which are separated into fulfilled and unfulfilled categories. Users can export these orders in form of a ‘CSV’ file. Additionally, users can view see the order history of subscriptions including details such as email and date.

Apps & Integrations

Sellfy offers a limited number of third-party applications & integrations. All of these require a reference Id to connect. However, users can request additional integrations by submitting a Typeform. Additionally, Sellfy allows for manual integrations through the use of webhooks and zapier.

Sellfy Apps

Sellfy Apps

Analytics & Reports

Sellfy has a decent analytics dashboard that provides data on sales, customers, products, and locations, among other metrics. The platform provides valuable insights on top-performing products and top countries. However, Sellfy doesn’t provide reports related to the operations.

Selfy Analytics

Selfy Analytics

SEO & Blogging

Sellfy platform has provided basic settings for performing SEO, such as adding meta descriptions, and titles, and changing URL slugs. Sellfy platform provides built-in sitemaps that users can use to index their websites on google.

However, Sellfy doesn’t include an inbuilt blogging feature. The user may need to use zapier or webhook integrations to connect with a blogging network.

Support & Resources

Sellfy’s website builder offers support exclusively through email on all three plans. However, Sellfy provides priority support on the premium plan. Additionally, Sellfy provides plenty of resources in the form of blogs, articles, and other content. The platform also included answers to frequently asked questions.

Sellfy Support

Sellfy support

Sellfy Review: Pros and Cons

Sellfy ProsSellfy Cons
Sell all kinds of productsVery few themes, payment options & third-party integration.
Inbuilt print-on-demand featureNo Blogging and very basic SEO feature
The flexible platform offers a button embedding optionSellfy support is only available through email

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