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10 Easy Ways To Get More High Quality Visitors On Your Website Quickly

Do you want to get more visitors on your website who really make you profit or benefits? Do you ever wonder how many average people becoming millionaires using simple easy techniques to get more high-quality website traffic? How to apply the best online or digital marketing techniques to your website yourself?  All the following tasks, you can do it yourself.

The following 10 Practices Affects 98.8% & if you ever read so many ways, then Forget all. first do these 10 tasks, after if you get time, then you can look for other 1%.

Here is our website traffic sources.

This website traffic sources proved we are getting high quality visitors
This website traffic sources

Just look at 84% of the people coming from Google like search engines. This converts very higher than any marketing techniques.

Do you think we paid for ads. No, here is the data

High quality traffic example
84% traffic comes from search

We are getting free traffic. 100% organic. Without the marketing budget, we are getting a huge profit.

We give speed solution for slow loading website. We optimize any type of website. We boost the speed of the website to load super fast even the site is heavy. We are getting visitors those who want to increase the speed of their website. do you think we need anything else??!

Here is the ebook you can read how to speed up your website

This is an example of high-quality traffic.

This Ultimate Online Marketing Guide created by 2018 award-winning entrepreneur – Jack Climax

Online marketing involves Website Speed, Email Collection, Marketing Automation, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, UI hacks and many more.

But the most important part is SEO. So Let’s talk about it first.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

How To Get Your Website Links or Search Results On The Top, When Someone Searches Your Website Related Keywords On Google, Bing, Yahoo Or Any Search Engines?
Many Top Web Masters Describes SEO As “Making A Website Google Friendly” Or “Getting Higher Rank On Search Engine Results.” But I Don’t Agree With Them. For Me, SEO Is To Win The People’s Heart…! Getting Love From My Customers Or Readers Like You..!. It increases the rate of returning visitors or Increases Good Reviews. After All, It Is Easier To Get Links From Popular Websites Or News Channel. When your website starts to get direct links from other popular websites, then your page & domain rank will increases.
If your website or web page returning users ratio, shares, spending time, content depth and page-domain rank metrics are more than any other web pages for a particular keyword, then every time people search that related words, your website or related page or your blog will come first on Google or other search engines [Bing, Yahoo, and almost all search engines algorithm works like this. However there may be a small difference, But 99% (Not 90%) algorithm influences come from what I told above.]. But If You Try to get links from the beginning, you may get several rejections and may waste your time. Even you get links, if your website is not user-friendly, then people don’t come again and don’t buy anything. Even they bought because of your marketing tricks, you can’t go long. There are many reviews website out there. Once you start to get bad reviews, it hurts forever even after 10 years, the same bad review will show on Google..! Instead use your time to make things better first.

Never Ever read much about SEO other than this guide. Because SEO study is just waste of time according to my experience and many others too.

Instead Just read the following 9 steps that are true forever..! It does not just come in online marketing or SEO, but you can apply it in your life also..! This is the rule how the world works..! And Google just follows the world rule, that came from the evolution..!!
Google wants to give for its first page’s 10 search result links to the websites which have more power and Love from others.. That’s SEO. Don’t read anything. There are many tutorials with heading 101 SEO & online marketing best practices..!!!! If you follow those 101, you never able to achieve your main goal.
I don’t have 101 rule, But only ONE rule with 10 steps, that impact 99% of SEO influence & 101 tips may true, But all its effect covers remaining the 1%.
In the marketing part, there are 10 parts & SEO is one of the Important parts..!

Sorted by first things to last things that you need to do.

  1. Website Uptime & Speed Optimization [28% of the users bounce back if a website First Byte Time (Not full page load time.) is more than 2 seconds according to Google Analytics. Relax, Here is the one-click solution]
  2. Content Marketing (Relevant Contents Preparation and targeted keywords Segregation)
  3. On-Site & On-Page Optimization (It is just making the page content systematically)
  4. Online Marketing Automation (Ready-made plugins available. Don’t Worry)
  5. Website UI (User Interface) Mutation (Making attractive retina ready web pages. Oh..! Just Use Ready-Made templates )
  6. Interaction (creating a contact page, Replying to comment quickly, Integrating A.I chat bot etc)
  7. Reducing bounce rate (If your site’s uptime and speed are good with relevant content, Then bounce rate will reduce)
  8. Increasing The returning visitor’s ratio. (If you do all the above things, Then automatically it will increase..!)
  9. Promotion (Sharing, Getting Links from other good websites, links with keywords etc)

All parts are over. Oh..! where is SEO?!!!
There Is No SEO Mentioned on those 9 steps in the Online Marketing. But I Just said SEO is the most important part of The Online Marketing..!!!
The Answer is, If You Do All The above 9 Steps, then you did a perfect Search Engine Optimization Technique for your website. You just adapted the best and the perfect SEO method…!!

Nowadays SEO and online marketing started to become a single entity. If you make a good online marketing, Then the SEO rank will automatically increase. If you start to work on SEO for your website, then you need to do all marketing stuff too.
Let’s see how to finish all the 10 steps in 1 hour.


Website Speed & Uptime

How To Speed Up Your Website? Here Are The 10 Imp Ways & How You Can Do It Easily?
Your website uptime & speed mainly depends on where you hosted your website and how your website created.

We hosted, tested, analyzed & reviewed top 134 web hosting & continue to review whenever a new company arrives. In 2018, the winners are SiteGround & Kinsta.
First, go for SiteGround . It is affordable, Its uptime & speed is better than any other hosting.
If you are in confuse or got highly variable traffic or assume soon you will get high traffic suddenly, then go for Kinsta. If you need your website to load super speed, then get our free support, We make all speed optimization for you & we host your website on Serverless Pre-Auto-Scaled Cloud Function Web Hosting. It’s priced similarly to traditional hosting. Don’t worry. But why usually people don’t host in these types of hosting? It is very new. & management is difficult. Don’t worry. If you host with us, we will do it everything just for $2/month with Free support. So you can forget everything & just focus on your goal. We will take all responsibility. If your website gets hacked or slowdown, we will give 100% money back. If you got damage or loss in profit, then you can claim all the money from the beginning..!!!!

for more details to speed up your website see below articles.

How To Make Your WordPress Website Faster Than 98% Even 100 Plugins Activated (10 Easy Task)

How To Make Your Wix Website To Load Super Fast (7 Easy Task)


Content Marketing

Here Are The 5 Best Ways For Relevant Contents Preparation & Targeted Keywords Segregation

Write blogs in depth related to your website topic. For example, If you are selling paints, then write a lot of paintings. which painting companies are the best with reviews. Color combinations, tricks, tips, interviews with top professionals, news, designs and more. Write 100’s of blogs related to painting only. Every blog should contain at least 2000 words. Every blog should focus on only one keyword. Oh..! what is a keyword?
The keyword is searched words or sentences by Internet users. You can find how many people are searching for painting and what they are searching on Google Keyword Planner. 

Here is an example. This example shows Painting related keyword is searching several millions of times every month & one of the most searched word.

google keyword planner for online marketing
google keyword planner

For example, pick a wall painting topic & research about it. Write anything about wall painting. Show examples, how to do it, best paints for wall painting with reviews etc.

First, write anything you know. You no need to target the keyword. Once you write at least 10 blogs, you will get the grip. Now start to hunt the most searched keywords related to your topic or business. Write about it with including the keyword in the blog headings. (If you took painting as a topic, you should know about it, otherwise, don’t do, Because the Internet is full of competition, if you don’t know about something, you can’t win on the Internet.)


On-Site & On-Page Optimization

How To Make The Page Content Google Friendly or User-Friendly?

  • Your website title should contain the most searched word on your website or business topic/subject.
  • Pick one keyword for each blog & include it blog’s heading.
  • Each blog should contain at least 2000 words.
  • Include at least 5 – h2 heading in a blog
  • Include Synonyms for the targeted keyword.
  • Include a few images with Title, caption and alt text.
  • Be creative. don’t copy from your competitors.
  • Use your own ideas to increase user experience. That’s it.

Website UI (User Interface) Mutation

It means Making attractive retina ready web pages. Oh..! Just Use Ready-Made templates. Here are More Details

If users interface design is good, then people will spend more time on your website. This will decrease bounce back rate. So Google starts to give more importance to your website. This encourages many bloggers to link your website. Google wants the trust. If your website got many links from popular websites or trusted websites or very relevant or similar websites, then google believe on your site. This is called page and domain rank. This will boost your website rank even more.

You need to design amazingly. see 10 best website designs trends 2018 –  Awards, 3D, WOW effects & more with live examples & how you can create yourself?

If you want to make an amazing website, Take this 2-hour course – How To Make An Amazing Website Even You Are a Duck?

Use Google Analytics & Heatmaps to know which part or content your users liked – try Hotjar to know where users click and spend more time. It will help you to design perfectly.
Use stunning Free Stock Images to attract users.


Online Marketing Automation

How To Make Marketing Automation? Ready-made free tools available. Don’t Worry, you can do yourself)
If you automate your online marketing, it will work efficiently and helps to get more returning visitors. If you get more returning visitors, Google thinks people love your website. So… Google gives you more important to your website. You will get higher ranks even you don’t get many back-links from other websites. Also your lead generation ratio increases.

  • Collect users emails using Convert Pro Popups
  • Email Marketing Automation – Use the power of MailChimp & It is free.
  • Social Media Optimization & Automation – there are so many tools & plugins for this task. E.g. HootSuite, Brand24, BuzzSumo, IFTTT, Sprout Social, Buffer etc. Try which all & figure out which one works best for you.
  • Push Notification
  • Comment Auto Notify & Subscription
  • Don’t allow other to copy your content. Use Plagiarism checker to detect whether someone copied your content. Disable right click on your website, So no one can copy your content or use check copy content plugin
  • Use Search Engine Auto Indexing Feature To Submit your content first. So if someone copies your content, google give credit to you.

Google wants to trust. If your returning visitors ratio increases, then google believes you & you will get a higher rank.



Creating a contact page, Replying to comment quickly, Integrating A.I chat bot etc.

  • Give users to easily contact you. So it will increases users confident on your website & returning users ratio will increases. Use Contact Form 7 like plugins to create a contact form on your website.
  • Reply users Comment Quickly -I highly recommend Thrive Comment, But if you have a tight budget, then you need to install 2 separate plugins with complex confusing so many settings. Even you installed 2 plugins, many thrive plugins features you cannot get like related posts after the comment submission or reply directly from email or stunning email notification etc.
  • Insert Facebook Live Chat like users interaction encouragement features. If you can’t give 24X7 customer care, then take help of A.I. Chatbots.
  • Get Feedback
  • Integrate Support Forums
  • Create Quizzes. This will helps users to spend more time on your website.
  • Use Interactive 3D Designs. See how you can create a 3D Web Design yourself

Reducing bounce rate

If your site’s uptime and speed are good with relevant content, Then bounce rate will reduce


Increasing The returning visitor’s ratio.

If you do all the above things, Then automatically returning users ratio will increase..!



(Sharing, Getting Links from other good websites, links with keywords etc)

Once you finished all the tasks, then start to ask other bloggers or reporters or news or freelance writers or authors to give your website link on their content.

  • Write at least 50 blogs related to your website topic or business.
  • Request For Guest Post on various popular blogs or news.
  • Creating Different social media pages & groups.
  • Involving Different groups & discussions.
  • Answer related topic on QuStackOverflowrflow like genune forums with your website link.
  • Contact Freelance Writers to write many blogs.
  • Contact Publishers to give your website links.
  • Insert social sharing buttons & allow users themselves promote.
  • Get reviews & testimonials.
  • If you are targeting a specific country, then use a Nord VPN – activate, select country, search on Google, then you will see relevant content to that specific country, It will help your promotion easy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You need to get more links from the authority sites. If that given link included your targeted keyword, that is will boost your website Google rank faster than you expected..!
Click through Rate – If your headline included numbers, years or exclamatory verbs, reviews, questions, Interesting things, then people will click more even your search result come last. When click-through rate increases, your website rank will boost even more.

If you review some items like best paints, then include reviews that should show on google search result like this

Use All In One Schema Rich snippet or GD Rating System to show reviews.
Google’s 1st search result receives 33%
2end 21%
3rd 11%
4th -6%

Rest of the clicks gets the Remaining results.
So never ever give up. You may feel very few visitors at the beginning of your journey. If you write 50 blogs on the same topic, then at least one blog get the No.1 rank. Once you get the No.1 rank, your website gets high traffic, then it is easier to get more back-links from popular websites. It will boost more and more Google rank. Your many blogs get No.1 or 2 or 3 ranks. Never stop writing new posts. At least publish a new blog every week. Update old blogs and give links to your contents.
That’s is niche website. Google indexes algorithm changes year to year. But as I said above, Googlers may be highly intelligent, but they still belong to this world & they should follow the world rules that created the big bang evolution. The power, trust & love of your website is important than any other factor.
Google never give higher ranks even you researched, worked and write very detailed long contents with trusted sources and clarification..! Oh..! wait. If you do it, definitely other writers love & will give links to your website. So the trust builds..! Your website traffic increases. The Power Builds.
If user’s spending time is more and bounce rate is less on your site, then that’s love. People love your website. So they spend more time and they usually don’t bounce back. Because your website may be loads faster before they bounce back already page is loaded..! or your headline is so interesting etc.

If you got a link from one website, then another person doesn’t think too much to give your website link on his blog.
Guest post technique is one of the best ways to get authority links. Apply on a popular website for guest posting. While you, guest post, give your website link. Never give the unnecessary link. Don’t think something odd. All websites are running by people and if you give too many links or unnecessary or unrelated links, they will ban you and your work will get wasted. Go as straight. Do it smart.

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