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GetResponse Review 2024 – 10 Pros & 8 Cons You Should Know

GetResponse review

We have a huge amount of tools in the market for email marketing, choosing the best from those is an extensive huge task. GetResponse is an inbound marketing solution for all your business activities, It’s helpful to send emails, create pages to automate your marketing without wasting your time.

GetResponse provides a creative business solution for small to large organizations, this provides streamlined marketing automation for those businesses which are neither small nor big.  GetResponse started in 1998 and it has 350,000 business using this platform for email campaigns

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GetResponse is a scalable and customizable email marketing automation tool, it simplifies and comes with personalized communication which helps to grow your sales. you are allowed to create a list for email marketing, host webinars, send welcome and thank-you emails, special offers, perform marketing automation, and much more. GetResponse provides new features like chats, funnels, and paid ads.


GetResponse comes with 30 days free trial, you can try out it for free, click here for a free trial 

There is no free plan, you will get 4 versions of plans please check out the below tables for more information

Paid plan-1: BASIC

List Size 1000 2,500  5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 1,00,000
Monthly Plan $15 $25 $45 $65 $145 $250 $450
12 month Plan $12.30 $20.50 $36.90 $53.30 $118.90 $205 $369
24 month Plan $10.50 $17.50 $31.50 $45.50 $101.50 $175 $315


Paid plan-2: PLUS (MOST POPULAR)

List Size 1000 2,500  5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 1,00,000
Monthly Plan $49 $59 $79 $95 $179 $299 $499
12 month Plan $40.18 $48.38 $64.78 $77.90 $146.78 $245.18 $409.18
24 month Plan $34.30 $41.30 $55.30 $66.50 $125.30 $209.30 $349.30



List Size 1000 2,500  5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 1,00,000
Monthly Plan $99 $119 $139 $165 $255 $370 $580
12 month Plan $81.18 $97.58 $113.98 $135.30 $209.10 $303.40 $475.60
24 month Plan $69.30 $83.30 $97.30 $115.50 $178.50 $259 $406

Paid plan4: MAX price is negotiable. it’s a personalized and flexible plan with filled enormous features, if you want to avail this plan you need to get quotes from GetResponse after you have created a free account.

Unlike other tools, it provides a plan for 24 months that is 2 yearly plan which is very reasonable. and you will get a 30% discount. whereas yearly plan will give you an 18% of discount on all plans.

Getresponse offers vast features with all paid plans but if differs from plan to plan like Automation builder is available on the plus and higher version, more automated funnels when you opt for higher plans, a webinar is not available on basic.

Mailchimp and Aweber offer a free account with limited features and records, but they offer a handful of features with paid plans.

GetResponse will not charge for unsubscribers it only charges for active subscribers. Notably, Aweber and Mailchimp charge for both subscribed and unsubscribed contacts.

GetResponse Price chart


  • Automation
  • Autoresponder
  • Email marketing
  • Split Test
  • Landing pages
  • Analytics
  • conversion funnels
  • Webinars
  • APP and integrations
  • Additional Features

Automation/marketing automation is the main feature of all Email marketing tools in the market. This is the sophisticated or advanced option to send your emails or messages automatically with proper sequence. unlike Autoresponders you can have some complex structure to your email deliverables.

This Functionality is out of the box where autoresponder stands, this allows you to graph user journey which can be customizable by you to the nth degree.

Marketing  Automation in Getresponse is a drag and drop builder, the below screenshot shows the flowchart on the left and all conditions on right.

GetResponse Automation work flow

GetResponse allows you to create a customized workflow for a better customer experience. You can set up a flow chart using this builder, which has 3 key elements

  • Condition: Diamond shape with Basic, Tags and Scorings, E-commerce.
  • Actions: Vertical rectangle with Basic, Tags, and Scorings.
  • Filter: Circle

you can easily Drag and drop the conditions from the right side and create flow, this will instructs GetResponse to how to flow if a user is performing predefined conditions created by you. As we have Filter condition this provides a unique way to reach customers, like if you have offered then you can filter the offer for the first 100 peoples and the rest will be on a different path.

Moreover, if you don’t want to create it from scratch no need to worry, you can take from the pre-created template according to the category, if you need improvisation you are allowed to customize it. Else you can import the template.


As the name depicts autoresponders are newsletters that will be sent to those subscribers at particular intervals of time chosen by you. you can send a responder to follow you on social media, welcome messages, and offers on your products, etc…

It’s very easy to create an autoresponder in GetResponse, click on create a button on the top bar you will get a list of features, select create autoresponder you will land on this page. you can edit the name of Autoresponder, select your list for whom you want to send newsletters, select the interval of time when you want to send it, Fill in the subject line and preview text, design your message save and publish.

Getresponce autoresonder creating screenshot

Autoresponder is key selling functionality that provides comprehensive features. you can Either send an autoresponder of time-based or action-based

A time-based Autoresponder can trigger at the day or exact time given by you. you can send the autoresponder day-wise.

Action-based Autoresponders will get triggered when the user performs some actions like open, close, clicks, when he entered some part of a webpage, and many more.

Email marketing: Design your Message

We all want our work to become as easy as possible, no one wants to sit and code the entire news template, that’s a hectic job, Getresponse comes with 110+ pre-designed templates (free trial) which are elegant, beautiful, and responsive. moreover, you have categories like celebrating, educate, promote, welcome, templates set, and so on. which helps you to choose the perfect template for your use. The below screenshot shows some of the templates out of the collection.

GetResponse message templates

You can choose predefined templates, blank templates, or if you are very good at coding you have an HTML editor to create your own template.

If you are choosing one from the predefined template you will be dragged to this page. you have basic building blocks to create your template you can change color, add images, change text, add a logo, add e-commerce widgets, and so on. you can also try massage style you can set width, customize header, and footer section. once you’re done with your design, you are allowed to send text messages, preview and inbox preview, spam check. Preview is for both mobile and desktop versions, inbox preview can show how your messages will look on webmails. Even you can do spam-check so that your message will not land up in spam and your message will get more chance of opening.

Getresponse message builder

Split Test

A/B testing or split testing is sending the different variants of newsletters or messages to variant subscribers of your list. Once done monitor the performance of each variant find out the best and send the best version to your remaining subscriber list.GetResponse Splitetsting screenshot

GetResponse provides 5 variants compared to other tools like Mailchimp and Aweber where that tool provides 3 variants. you are allowed to use different subject headers, from the field, sending times, etc. but you can select only one message template. This feature may improvise in the future according to the need.

GetResponse splittest


Landing pages

Landing pages are the clear-cut pages of your advertising campaign. Instead of rolling your subscribers or customers to some fully loaded website, you can provide all the details about your campaign on the landing page hence you get more leads. Normally online advertising campaigns use landing pages for more visibility.

GetResponse provides an extremely useful and cost-saving feature: a responsive/device-friendly landing page creator. if you want to include tools like Unbounce and Instapage it may cost around $80 and $199 respectively. As the landing page feature is available on all the plans this is a huge saving.

GetResponse landing page template

Getresponse provides professional templates which count around 180+ and you can choose the template base on your industry or service with the filter. It includes the signup, download, promotion, sales, Webinars, videos, etc. it also provides thank you page. If you are willing to create your own landing page you can build it from scratch.

When you select any of the templates a popup window will appear, you have to provide your landing page name over there. and you can see your landing page as well as thankyou page. once you click next you will be redirected to this customizable drag and drop page. where you can customize the content, preview in both mobile and desktop devices. once you are done with editing you can go to the next step.

Getresponse landing page editor

Here you can make settings for your landing pages like an SEO page where you can provide page title and description for SEO purposes. Set your URL where your landing page needs to be added. subscription setting and many more.

GetResponse LAnding page setting


Analytics is an integral part of the business. When you send your campaign you will monitor it to know how good it performs. Getresponse has a very neat and great way of providing analytics. You will find the same kind of feature with Aweber but Getresponse stands a step forward from it.

GetResponse analytics provides basic analytics reports like clicks, unsubscribe, location, open rates so on, along with the below features.

  • one-click segmentation‘: This is to identify those people who haven’t engaged with your newsletter. once you select those people you can segment them into some subscriber list and send different versions of the email.

  • metrics over time: Here you can predict future mailouts based on the users engaging their time with your newsletter.

  • email ROI‘: Adding some tracking code to track your sales effectiveness.

  • per-user information — find out the location

  • e-newsletter performance comparison

conversion funnels

This is a new feature of Getresponse, unlike other tools mere email marketing provides a complete E-commerce solution. you can create a product catalog, landing pages, subscribers and autoresponders, sales page, payments, Facebook campaigns, and so on can be done without leaving the environment. Getresponse FunnelResponse 

This feature is available on all plans but basic has limited access, you are allowed to create only one funnel and doesn’t permit to use of abandoned cart recovery. If you have extensive e-commerce requirements you can involve Shopify, big commerce Etsy.

Getresponse funnel selector



This is the recently introduced new feature of GetResponse, which is hosting a Webinar. This is a fairly new feature where you can host an unlimited number of webinars along with emails under the same roof. you can send webinar invites to the segmented email list of your contacts.

It has a limitation on attendings and grows directly proportional to the price

  • Basic: Need to purchase add-ons $40/mon for 100 people and $99/mon for 500 people
  • Plus plan: 100 participants
  • Professional plan: 300 Participants
  • Max plan: 500 Participants

The functionalities included in webinar functionality are:

  • Record of your webinar with one click
  • No need to install any software to attend the webinar
  • Screensharing  and video sharing via youtube
  • Allowed to upload files
  • Free online storage
APP and integrations

Getresource API Screenshot

GetResponse provides 150+ integration to add this tool into a third-party platform or tool. you can integrate using Zapier, or with API.

If you want to go with API this allows you to receive and send data from GetResponse.


  1. eCommerce – Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, WordPress
  2. Sales – Esty, PayPal, amazon
  3. CRM – Highrise and Capsule
  4. CMS – WordPress
  5. Social – Facebook, and Twitter
  6. Analytics – Face book and Google analytics
  7. Advertising – Facebook and so on
Additional features
  • Chats – chatbot functionality on the front end.
  • Paid ads – Buy and manage ads inside GetResponse.
  • Web push notifications – Alert, inform or notify your subscribers with web push notifications.
  • Stores and Products – create the new store inside GetResponse or connect with the existing store.

GetResponse Pro’s and Con’s

Overall rate: 4.5/5

As per GetResponse, the overall email delivery rate is 99%

Pros Cons
User-friendly interface No free plan
30 days free trial Complete automation is not available at the basic plan
Huge discount on 24- month plan 500 people are the max who can participate in a webinar
Conventional funnel feature phone support, dedicated support, and slack support is only available with the max plan
Webinar functionality The basic plan need to pay for add-on that you get free on the plus plan
comparatively good at split test Split test message template cant be changed
Third-party integration So many tools have to be integrated with Zapier
Chat functionality Darg and drop functionality seems to be a little hassle
Meets GDPR Requirement Complex email automation structure
Best customer service with 8 different languages SSO is only for max plan

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