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We Are Revealing All Our Email Marketing Secrets Here! (Our Anniversary Give-Away!!)

Here is our Email Marketing Automation template, that creates high subscriptions and returns visitors to our website. To download our automation template, click the below button. What you have to do is download this template and import it into your GetResponse email marketing tool. You will get the workflow there.

Download Our Automation Template

(Create a free account on GetResponse Marketing automation

& import this to file to your automation)

GetResponse Email Marketing

We are using the GetResponse Email Marketing tool for our Marketing Automation. It is a pretty simple and easy-to-use marketing tool. Because of its high deliverability rate, it won’t end up in the spam folder. GetResponse has so many cool features like advanced automation, Email Marketing, Autoresponder, Chats, Paid Ads, etc.

You can see our GetResponse Review here.

We are getting more traffic through our Sign up form automation. The automation template that we are using is given above. You can go and download it.

We are using ConvertPro popups for capturing the Emails. You can create attractive popups and forms using ConvertPro. In, we are using Exit intent popups and on-click popups. When somebody is about to leave the page, the exit intent will appear and the visitors will stay a little longer. And, the onclick popup is used for the eBook.

The ConvertPro is connected to GetResponse. We didn’t use any in-built automation workflows. We created the workflow from scratch. If somebody signup, they will be added to the GetResponse Contacts. And they will enter into our automation. Given below is one of our automation. Here I am going to reveal our automation secret. Make sure that you didn’t miss anything.

If somebody subscribed via any method, we will send them a Welcome message. And we will wait for 1 day. Then we will circulate our research. If somebody clicks any link, we will send the research according to their interested area after someday. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is don’t try to send messages continuously. It will be a little annoying. And, there will be a chance of marking us as spam.

According to their interest area, we can create different contact lists and we can copy them to that list. So that, we can track them and we can send them targeted emails. If nobody clicks any link, we will send an eBook to them. If they downloaded the eBook, they will enter into another automation. This is one of the flows of automation. You can see the progress from the automation dashboard itself.

GetResponse Segmentation

In the contact option, you can see the email address, Name, Autoresponder day, Subscribed date, Updated date, IP Address, and the origin from they are coming.

Given below is the method of Segmenting people. From the contact session, you have to click the search option. Then all the contacts will be listed there. Then you have to click the “Advanced Search” option. Then you have to click Add Condition or Save as a segment. Then you have to select a category. There are so many categories available like Contact details, Contact action, Geolocation, Tags, Ecommerce, Event, Lead management, etc.

Here I created a Segmentation for US visitors by selecting the category Geolocation and selecting the county. Then using the IP address, the visitor’s country will be taken and then the segment will be created. And then, if somebody signup from that location, they will automatically be added to that segmentation.


You will get a clear report of your Automation, Newsletter, Autoresponder, eCommerce, etc. The report will contain the Delivery rate, Open rate, click rate, bounce rate, spam rate, etc. You will also get a graphical representation of the report. You can see using which device the people are visiting.

Given below is the graphical representation of this report.

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